16 thoughts on “Israel’s Channel 10 Tzinor Layla Interview on Eilat Terror Fraud – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. But now, that facts were publicized by the Israelis in accordance with the Egyptians, your funny theories about lies by the IDF become, uhhm, refuted funny theories. Are you going to apologize?

    1. I have no respect for commenters who make blanket statements unsupported by any evidence. If you have a link to whatever you’re claiming offer it. SHort of that, I’m going back to my morning nap.

  2. BTW in Hebrew the common meaning for the word TZINOR is pipe (as in waste pipe) – this actually fits very well with the substance and quality demonstrated by Beavis & Butthead from above video.

    1. You missed the point Ex Israeli, Tzinor in Hebrew is “tube” (as well as pipe) as in Youtube, hence the name.

      And I wouldn’t put them down so quickly, very few mainstream Israeli media outlets are willing to counternance the ideas that Richard puts out, let alone interview him in a positive light.

      1. “interview him in a positive light”? they?
        Trust me, shmuel, there was no “positive light”.
        (I can elaborate if you must have an explanation)

        ‘Tube’ in Youtube comes, I think, from the old style TV sets (C.R.T.) If the creators of this program wanted to use this meaning in the title of the show – the word “Shfoferet” is the correct one, not Tzinor. Unfortunately I know hebrew, I wish I didn’t.

        1. Ex Israeli – your wish has come true! You don’t know Hebrew (maybe you did but must have forgotten a bit)

          YouTube is correctly from the tube of the TV, but this used to be called simply a “menorah” in Hebrew.

          Tube in English has many meanings:
          TV tube (Heb: menorah)
          Toothpaste tube (Heb: shforferet)
          Subway tube (Heb: minharah)
          Cylindrical tube (Heb: sharvool or tzinor)

          I think it is obvious that the choice of the name for the channel 10 programme “tzinor” was intended to imitate youtube, albeit not the best translation.

          I still believe that the interview and presentation of Richard’s blog was positive and welcome, and even enjoying the idea that Bibi wasn’t truthful and that the Israeli spokeswoman stuttered through the recording.

          But as you probably remember in your knowledge of Hebrew, we say “על טעם וריח אין להתוכח” – one can’t argue about (liking) a taste or smell”

          1. Not really important but:

            TV tube is not really menorah.
            TV tube = ‘Shfoferet Keren Katodit’ (CRT)…
            (‘Menorah’ is any light fixture and ‘Noora’ is a light bulb).

            Btw, ‘Tzinor’ is also used for ‘Channel’ (as in, Ha’Tzinorot Ha’mekubalim, for example). It’s hard to say what was exactly on the minds of this program producers in choosing this name, possibly a word play on Tzipor Layla – (Night birds – the people who stay up late). I suspect that another (Israeli) association with ‘Tzinor Layla’ can be, and yes as strange as it may seem, is ‘Seer Layla’ (Baby’s Potty)… 🙂 as I said initially … toilet stuff.

            Trust me, there is no way whatsoever that (without prior knowledge) “tzinor layla” could ever be assosicated, by Israeli person, with the Youtube video shaering site(??) unless someone pointed to him of such (strange in Hebrew terms) idea.

            Anyway to the point, there is no question of Taam Ve’reach, those 2 clever clogs (uber choochems) aim look to me more to ridicule than anything else, and possibly you need to be Israeli to see this, but hey I could be wrong – don’t really think so).

    2. I translated it as Nightline because that seems what the originators of the name were after. Calling it Night Pipeline (or worse, Night Waste Pipe) seemed weird, though it may sound diff. or better in Hebrew than in Eng.

  3. Israeli air strikes test Gaza truce

    Three Palestinians killed, amid calls from Hamas for the international community to intervene.

    Last Modified: 24 Aug 2011

    During the hunt for Thursday’s attackers, Israeli troops shot dead an Egyptian army officer and four soldiers – causing a diplomatic rift between the two countries.

    On Wednesday, Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Alyoum reported that Egyptian authorities have identified three of the people responsible for the attacks in Eliat. The report claims that the attackers were from the Sinai region of Egypt, not Gaza as Israel suspects.

    The Israelis and Egyptians are currently conducting an investigation into the matter.

  4. About one hour ago I was informed by my twitter contacts in Gaza that they are being heavily bombed. It is in retaliation for 5 grad rockets that landed in open area in the Beer Sheva region earlier which resulted in one minor injury of a toddler in a car, not serious according to information obtained. I’ve been searching every wire that carries M/E news but no word about the bodies being blown apart in the area of a major sports complex, many casualties, many are children.

    If I get more info I’ll post it…my sources are journalists there.

  5. Richard –

    Your learned analysis can serve as a fine example of pilpul – the rabbinical art of Talmudic hair-splitting.

    Your basic premise seems to be that there MUST be congruence between a terrorist’s nationality and his organizational affiliation. Thus, if a terrorist is Egyptian by nationality he cannot be a member of the Gazan based PRC. But why does that have to be so? Terror in our time is a multi-national production. As far as I am concerned the nationality of the terrorists involved in the Eilat massacre can be Palestinian, Egyptian, or Norwegian. As long as they receive orders from the PRC they are PRC.

    As for the 3 Egyptian policemen killed during the terror attack, results of the IDF investigation handed over to Egyptian authorities (and predictably leaked to the Egyptian press) paint a very different story then the one you theorized. The Egyptian policemen where killed by a bomb trap planted by the terrorists (probably intended to hit pursuing IDF forces). In fact, the IDF’s commander’s voice can clearly be heard during the firefight instructing the gunship to aim away from the Egyptian policemen. I guess that was the reason the Egyptian backed away from there initial demand for a formal Israeli apology.

    By focusing on dubious conspiracy theories you are ignoring the larger picture – the gradual turning of the Sinai desert into a terrorist haven as a result of woeful Egyptian negligence. This is a most worrying development that has the potential to destabilize 2 countries (Egypt and Israel) and to hamper efforts to normalize Gazan society once the Hamas regime will be over (inshalla). Cairo must understand its responsibility to combat the anarchy in Sinai. Otherwise the consequences for regional stability will be dire.

    Yours truly

    1. I’ve told you I don’t like your fake Arabic nickname. Until you change it to reflect who & what you really are, you will not publish another comment here. You’re a fake Arab, an Israeli or Jewish false flag. That prob. goes over well at pro Israel sites where it appears stylishly snarky & anti-Arab. I don’t abide fakes.

      And no, you completely misunderstood what I claimed. Nationality has nothing to do with this. There were no Gazans involved with the attack because Israel has not proven there were and no Gaza families have betrayed any hint of mourning, which ALWAYS happen in these situations. Always. I don’t know whether all or only some of the attackers were Egyptian. But the operation was clearly & largely if not completely Egyptian in origin.

      If you read Amira Hass’ story in today’s Haaretz, she knew the PRC chief well. She has told me that while he was a major figure inside Gaza, it wasn’t at all for his prowess at terror, but rather because he helped resolve internal disputes within Gaza. Some terrorist mastermind. Even the PRC chief’s family & friends concede he couldn’t possibly have masterminded such a complex operation. And believe me, given the tone in Gaza if they believed he could’ve, they would’ve gladly attributed the attack to him.

      And if you think the IDF claim–which you haven’t provided a single link to verify, that the IDF didn’t kill the Egyptian soldiers, when Israel’s own defense minister implicitly conceded it had–is credible then you’ve been imbiding Yulie Edelstein’s hasbara wonder cure for too long.

  6. It’s strange that they have to rely on an American for news which is supposed to be from Israel.

    By the way, what happened to the plans for a Jewish Al Jazeera?

      1. No, and Haim Saban wouldn’t be allowed to invest in Al Jazeera, for a number of reasons which I wont’ go into here.

        I was talking about the Eurasian oligarch, Maskevich, who is also the President of the Eurasian Jewish Congress. He announced plans to set up a Jewish version of Al Jazeera. He claims it would be for the benefit of the world’s Jews, and to put forward the news about Israel. His mission was to counter the anti Israel bias as he sees it, in the worlds’ media.

        He also said, it would not be propoganda but news, and that he intends to use the “worlds best talent”. He is trying to put together funders. It will be interesting to see how his plan pans out.

        Al Jazeera can do what it does as it has oil wealth funding it, and no advertising, so they answer to no-one. The BBC is funded by the British public. That is how theser two media giants can maintain quality.

        A business that relies on advertising cannot help but be affected by the advertisers whims, political leanings and bias.

        How is he going to be able fund a channel without advertising? It will be money down the drain.

        Maybe that’s a story for you to uncover, Richard 🙂

  7. Israel caves to new Middle East order

    Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

    While it might attempt to spin the new reality of the new Middle East, events as a whole do not serve Israel, writes Khaled Amayreh in the occupied Palestinian territories

    There is little doubt that the “new reality” in Egypt in particular is having a clear restraining impact on Israeli behaviour towards the Palestinians. One Israeli newspaper quoted former Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa as saying that “Israel must be aware that the days when it kills our children without getting a strong, appropriate response are gone forever.”

    Moussa’s remarks are likely to reflect public opinion throughout Egypt, as thousands of Egyptians have been demonstrating against Israel, demanding stringent action against the Zionist entity for murdering five Egyptian border guards near Eilat last week.

    More to the point, Israel is especially worried that “this is only the beginning” and that the upcoming Egyptian elections will bring to the fore in Cairo a decidedly anti-Israeli leadership that would hold Israel to account every time it behaves characteristically.

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