11 thoughts on “J14 Tent Protest Movement Israel’s Wave of Future? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Here’s hoping that the Israeli public becomes sick of the settlers and the religious right; even a fraction of my loathing for them would be appreciated.

  2. Also, before you make the “occupation” the image of everything, you should watch Israel’s Former Accountant General Dr. Yaron Zelicha’s talk about the state of corruption in Israel. He gives a pretty clear explanation about the fundamental flaws in Israel’s current economic structure. The core issue is that Israel is not a free-economy, and is largely controlled by a families.


  3. As similar as they are, Israel is even more f**ked up than the US. But at least their young people are ahead of the curve and trying to do something about it. I can’t wait to see these tent cities strung across Washington, DC and New York. Until that happens, neither Israel nor the US will be seeking peace.

    Here is Uri Avnery’s view on the tent cities:


      1. Yes. Thanks, Linda. I received Chris Hedge’s invitation to join this party, and I am seriously thinking about it. Health problems might inhibit me, but I’ll be rooting from the side.

  4. With respect to the Israeli “existential threat” concern and its need for a sense of security, which state exactly is a threat to Israel?

    The Lebanese know that they will suffer another massive bombardment of its civilian areas and infrastructure; the Syrians know that their feeble army will be demolished; Jordan is acquiescent and Egypt is unfriendly but not militarily hostile.

    Iran perhaps? Not a chance as they are aware that the US would be drawn in to any hostilities and their state would be devastated.

    It comes down to the occupation and the land theft – Hamas and Hizbullah would disappear as menaces if the Israelis abided by international law and settled the WB question.

    Netanyahoo and his ilk have been to quell political discontent by a ceaseless “security and fear” propaganda campaign and failing to disclose the economic burden caused by the occupation and the settlements – if the Israeli populace became aware of the true state affairs, these protests could cause a massive change.

  5. The cottage cheese protest was a tiny little crack in the matrix. This tent campaign is opening the floodgates. It is unlikely that violent revolution will ensue as most Israelis are reasonable creatures, but the various powers that be should not pay lip service to the protestor’s demands. Any nation can explode if the pressure builds up too much. Believe it or not the protests are part of a bigger picture. All the various leaders must choose a long term program to increase the general welfare of their resident populations. The Middle East is seething with aspiration, intent and purpose right now. How this energy is channelled is the key.

    The current GDP of the areas of Israel, Judea and Samaria/The West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia is approximately $1.6 trillion. This region can grow by at least 5% p.a. over the coming 38 years. If the right command structure is put in place the Holy Land will be a platform of peace, stability and prosperity. The whole world will benefit from this centre of unfolding potential. This is not blue sky thinking. There are concrete benefits to the correct plan and vision prevailing.
    Time for an International Peace Conference in Jerusalem perhaps ?

    1. Last I checked Judea & Samaria were ancient Israelite kingdoms that ceased existing a millenium or so ago. The commonly accepted terminology is “Occupied Territories” & I’d ask you to use the commonly accepted terms unless you wish us to expose you for the right wing Chabadnik you appear to be.

  6. I am new to this site and its traditions. I am delighted, however, to hear from Israelis who are at least observing, if not participating in, the tent protest. The West Bank costs Israelis a fortune, at least twice what the green line Israeli society costs. Something less to the Settlers and something more for the green liners and we may get a balance with which to start addressing the Palestinian state that is surely coming to that Mideast neighborhood soon.

    I think Israeli reparations shoudl take the form of help to build the new Palestinian state. It can be funded from the land confiscated for Israelis from Palestinians. Real help from Israel in building the new Palestinian society next door.

    Bibi says he will talk from the ’67 borders that were unacceptable just a month or so ago. Palestinians see this as another gambit, without reality, and they are unlikely to take the bait. Bibi has no credibility when the word “peace” comes up. He doesn’t want peace: He wants Judea and Samaria forever.

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