17 thoughts on “Further Adventures of Omer Gershon and the Flotilla Haters – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Omer Gershon appears briefly in another video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW1cX7UFP-k This promo for XL Energy Drinks shows a man beating a person in a burka, which is to say beating a Muslim woman, with a (soft) stick or bat. Gershon is visible just for a flash at the beginning. Later in the video, he’s performing a kind of tango maneuver where he licks down his female dance partner’s leg.

    I don’t dwell on the details of these videos. Youth all over the world distinguish themselves from the older generations by offending and disrupting moral and aesthetic sensibilities. It’s not a universal phenomenon, but it is a global one.

    1. Yes, but I think there’s a sort of slick degenerateness about Gershon’s behavior that is very Tel Avivi & very indicative of a society corrupted & morally anaesthetized by its “predicament.”

    2. It looks like a man under the burka, but the “bat” is some sort of stuffed mace with little stuffed spikes.

      The ad has a real Weimar 1932 quality about it.

  2. Might the new flotilla’s organizers be persuaded to call a press conference and offer Tel Aviv an ironclad quid pro quo? The entire world faithfully promises to recognize Israel’s right to exist within its pre-1967 borders, if Israel recognizes the flotilla’s (& indeed all Good Samaritans’) right to exist.
    I recommend Yonatan Schapira as bearer of these good tidings.

  3. But the worst part is that one day he might be FM or PM of Israel following in the steps of the club bouncer and no doubt his idol, Lieberman.

    Since anyone can be PM or President in Israel: terrorists, rapists…Begin, Katsav…hey, there’s hope for this guy too!

  4. Richand,
    How is a stupid Puma campain is translated into:
    “to witness the depravity of the Tel Aviv club scene”
    This has nothign to do with Tel-Aviv club scene and everything to do with Puma.
    Since Puma is a German company you may claim it to show the “depravity of the Berlin club scene”.

    But hey, if you think that a couple of teens jumping on mattress is a “depravity scene”, so please have fun with it. All the other people, the degenrate people who like to have fun, come, visit Tel Aviv and have fun.
    You can be hetro/homo or xeno, as long as you want to have fun, come over.

    1. How much do you want to bet that those featured in this wonderful bit of depravity are Gershon’s & Magdasi’s friends fr. the Tel Aviv club scene where they are so prominent? And these people were NOT teens. If you spent any amt of time around teens you’d know that these people are older than that. In fact, Gershon, who’s featured briefly is I believe 24.

      You can be hetro/homo or xeno, as long as you want to have fun, come over.

      You can be paleo too as in paleo-Zionist. But you definitely can’t be Pali, as in Palestinian. Because Palestinians, unlike girls (tip of the hat to Cyndi Lauper), just don’t wanna have fun.

      1. Actually I have seen many young secular Arab Israelis in Tel Aviv clubs. They seem to love it. Richard, you cannot be serious in thinking this is unique to Tel Aviv. Do you have any idea what goes on in the nightlife of New York? Or in places like Ibiza? See for yourself footage from a typal Ibiza night club http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-cbUKkS4Lk&feature=related

        Since you are a citizen of a country which has the biggest porn industry in the world, if you have a problem with sexually explicit videos you might want to start right at home. Seen MTV recently? Your hypocrisy and selective venom at Israel is totally absurd.

        1. What do I care about Israeli Palestinians in Israeli clubs? That’s a non sequitur & completely off topic.

          I never said that a degenerate druggy club scene was unique to Tel Aviv, but T.A.’s scene is particularly unique to Israel & any Israeli who’s ever been in one of these clubs would recognize the club promoter Gershon & the actors, models or whatever you want to call them in the video. Right out of the T.A. demimonde.

          And as for porn industry’s around the world, again fully off topic & non sequitur which you seem especially good at.

          The point was that Gershon comes right out of that scene & that his truthfulness & credibility in the fake Flotilla video can be measured by the content & quality of his other “work.”

    2. I don’t know how anyone in Israel can have fun especially this kind of “fun” when next door people are suffering as a direct result of Israel’s oppressive policies against them and throwing them out on the street and stealing their homes and land.

      I’m sorry, I just couldn’t have fun in a country that’s doing this to people on whose land they’re having “fun”.

  5. In a comment on Gershon’s flotilla video on Mondoweiss site I left this comment:
    —-Gershon says “be careful who you go to bed with. It could be Hamas” Next thing you know Netanyahu will send in prostitutes who will complain they are not being allowed to go to bed with any one on the flotilla.—-

  6. If the choices are the social degeneracy of Tel Aviv vs. the Theo-Fascism of Jerusalem, all things being equal, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.

  7. Yes. Exactly. I knew I heard that somewhere, but for the life of me I just could’nt remember where. Mea Culpa Mr. Fields.

    1. The original joke goes something like this for those who don’t know or remember: “You’ve won 1st prize, a week in Philadelphia! And you’ve won 2nd prize, TWO weeks in Philadelphia!” The inimitable W.C. Fields.

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