21 thoughts on “Israeli Government Hand in Hoax Anti-Flotilla Video – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It was a stupid trick, but the fact is that the most hated people in the Arab – Israeli society are the Homo Sexuals.
    a Survey made by The Israeli democracy institute, about the racisem in the Israeli society shows the the most hated group among Arab – Israelis are the Homo Sexuals.
    70% of them don’t want to live next to a gay person.
    infact the racisem among Arabs is almost 20% more then in the Jewish society. this institute is an extreem left wing institute so i guess you can’t blame them in racisem against Arabs (but i can promise you the are racist against jews).

  2. I’m curious why you think Stand With Us is “far too classy” to produce this kind of video. Are you being facetious? The Bay area Stand With Us activists have even more crude antics online and offline, including (I suspect) their own pro-Israel, Arab lesbian sockpuppets and astroturf groups on Facebook.

    The eyebrows are real. The actor is at least 35. He’s no spring chicken–listen to that voice–freshly graduated from college. Given his (apparent) age, it doesn’t make sense that he was a college activist to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” LGBT activists in the USA were not very organized around DADT until the G.W. Bush administration.

  3. The hoax about Marc Pax reminds me of the Caroline Glick “We Con the World”-video after the Mavi Marmara Massacre. Due to the many protests in the days after it’s release, a parrot for the Israeli governement, denied any official involvement. As if we would have dreamed of that …

  4. You can tell that a large part of the Israeli population originated in Easter bloc fascist and Communist countries because their propaganda “hits” are so vicious, and so devious and conniving in their deception.

    They definitely brought the tools of their environment with them and play dirty better than anyone in today’s society. The best examples of this are the fascist takeover of the West Bank by illegal squatters complete with encroaching Wall and hundreds of military checkpoints and of course the imprisonment and strangulation of Gaza.

    You definitely need expert deception, media manipulation and propaganda to keep this Apartheid operation going under the gaze of the entire world and Israel’s busy hasbara minions extend from Washington to Brussels always ready to crank up the pressure on politicians and spew their scripted lies.

    The EU must be quite distracted not to notice these growing fascist tactics and interference with their sovereignty and democracy (sabotage/ propaganda/influence peddling/passport theft…).

    Zionist lobbies and their Mossad agents have no concept of external sovereignty and International Law means squat to them – the world is their oyster.

    1. You can tell that a large part of the Israeli population originated in Easter bloc fascist and Communist countries because their propaganda “hits” are so vicious, and so devious and conniving in their deception.

      This is an unfair slur on Russia and the Eastern bloc countries.

      American anti Zionists seem to use this line for some reason. The anti Palestinian propoganda coming from Israel pales into significance when compared to that which is emanating from the USA.

      It is the USA that has the most vicious anti Palestinian propoganda and Islamophobia. Even Shurat HaDin gets it’s funds from Hagee.

      Take the worst Israeli extremists and compare them to their American counterparts. It’s the American ones who will win hands down.

      1. I totally disagree with your assessment. Israel and its lobbies are much more vile, devious and dangerous. Americans are willing, duped enablers.

        It might be unfair for the countries in question, but Lieberman and the birther queen, Orly Taitz (both originating from Eastern bloc countries) are prime examples representative of the fanatical norm in the West Bank.

        But, if we compare American Zionists to West Bank Zionists, West Bank Zionists win hands down in doing justice to their fascist tendancies.

    2. I think your comments are hypocritical, and that too because you’re American so you want to hide behind a comfort blanket.

      Rabbi Kahane was made in America. Right wing extremists in the USA cannot exist without USA support. This is a fact whether you want to face it or not.

      There is no such thing as “willing enablers” as the USA is a FREE society. Nobody is forced to do anyone’s bidding.

      1. Sorry, I meant to say “right wing extremists in Israel cannot exist without US support”.

        That is why Netanyhu comes to boot lick the CUFI cult in the USA.

        I dare you to say they are “willing enablers”

      2. This is a silly discussion. I think you’re taking this way too personally.

        How do you explain for instance Congress jumping up and down for Netanyahu? Seems to me that Congress is as much “Israeli Occupied Territory” as the West Bank.

        There is obviously an ignorant, fanatic American mass; I never denied that.

        But honestly, the U.S. may be involved in two wars that I oppose, but its not oppressing a entire nation of people and holding them hostage denying them all their rights. I believe these are fascist tactics.

    3. Kalea, I’m afraid your assessment is not entirely correct. Although it is true that many Israelis and many of the Israeli establishment come from Eastern Europe or are direct descendents of Eastern European Jews, most of these people left Eastern Europe before or shortly after the advent of communism and fascism.

      The overwhelming majority of immigrants from the communist countries came after the fall of communism in the 1990s and had until recently very little political power. Liberman & co are a recent fenomenon. It’s true that they brought with them a lot of Soviet mentality, but I don’t think they play a significant part in the settler enterprise. Most of them are not religious at all and if they settle in the territories, it is mostly for economic reasons. My understandint is that most of the squaters are fanatical religious settlers, mostly from the US, the West, and from Israel itself.

      On the other hand, the current hasbara minister is Yuli Edelshtein, an immigrant from the USSR. Although he had been imprisoned and treated badly by the Soviets for his Jewish activism, it is quite possible that due to his mentality he may have less scruples in employing dirty tricks in order to influence public opinion at home and abroad. By the way, his father Yuri Edelshtein is a respected Russian Orthodox priest and human rights activist in Russia.

      1. looooooool Priceless!!

        Andrew’s next comment will be 6 words! Idea’s? Now you’re asking for trouble, Richard. 🙂

        Thank you for this update, you and Max are spot on. It’s reassuring to see more and more people being swayed by this. I see no reason why the flotilla should not be allowed to go into Gaza. I also see no reason why Israel cannot request monitors to go there and see the aid being unloaded, instead of making these unsubstantiated rumours of sulphur bombs, and nuclear bombs (sarcasm) and what not!.

  5. sulphur is used to protect against snakes, warts, and vampires.

    of course, the israeli terrorist force can be all three.


    sulpher is an all round protector.

  6. They ‘may’ carry chemicals, they ‘may’ be connected to terrorist groups, they ‘may’ be planning to kill soldiers. What is next?

  7. The Israeli Hasbara, whether it’s official or private, should really get some of those numerous Nobel Prize Winners to work for ‘the case of Israel’.
    I just read Yossi Gurvitz’ article on the Gay-hoax at 972mag, and as he rightly points out in a comment: you can see the Hebrew letters on the keyboard of our ‘Marc Pax’ at min 1:00 😀

  8. RE: “the MFA’s Danny Ayalon has declared the Flotilla to be Israel’s Public Enemy #1 and that his sworn mission is to ‘delegitimize’ it by any means necessary” – R.S.

    INCIDENTALLY: Glenn Beck to address Knesset panel in July ~ by Lahov Harkov, 06/28/11

    Conservative pundit Glenn Beck will advise MKs on fighting the delegitimization of Israel abroad during a trip to Israel in July.
    Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee chair MK Danny Danon (Likud) invited Beck, a Fox News and radio host and an outspoken supporter of Israel, to address the committee on how to recruit friends of Israel in the US to defend Israel’s right to exist.
    “When we face an international wave of hatred of Israel and Jews – which is expressed in Facebook pages and films calling for our destruction – it’s good that Israel has talented friends that can contribute to our public-relations efforts,” Danon said…

    SOURCE – http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=226855
    P.S. Danon and Beck are truly “birds of a feather”, so it comes as no great surprise that they will “flock together”. But Israel should be forewarned that there is no telling what someone like Glenn Beck might do whilst trying to satisfy his messianic complex(es)!
    Lots of luck, Israel. With friends like Beck, you’re certainly going to need it.

  9. Will the hasbara industry ever tire of “using” gays for propaganda purposes? Can’t they find some other group to “use” for a change? What about the handicapped? Or the disabled? Or ‘little people’? No, I’ve got just the ticket: the transgenders would love to share the limelight (be “used” for pro-Israel propaganda)!

  10. What really gives the lie to the video is that Leslie Cagan is on The Audacity Of Hope, the US boat. She is a gay activist.

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