14 thoughts on “Tasini Files Class-Action Suit Against Huffington Post on Behalf of Unpaid Bloggers, I’m Movin’ to the Head of the Class – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What did you expect seriously.

    That she did this out of the goodness of her heart. it was always a business.

    your naivety astounds me.

    AND you will lose the suit.

  2. You were a guest in her house and knew the rules about pay before you entered.

    I can well understand your frustration at not having your writing featured in her house or even never emerging from the basement.

    But no “We know in whose pocket she is.” not at all. All we know is that she chooses to publish, in her house, pro-Israeli stuff.

    That she chooses to do that isn’t a good thing, but that choice does not make her “pocket-lint” any more than your choice to get giddy over getting published in the HuffPo meant that you were in her pocket.

    Your views still belonged to you and it’s a tad churlish to suggest that her views don’t belong to her.

    1. I don’t know who does the banning there. Weiss says no more than that he didn’t ban me and a friend of his does the banning and indeed banned me.

      If it’s Annie that is entrusted with the moderating and banning, I guess that I’m not as perplexed as I have been by their action to suppress my comments.

      I always had the impression that I wasn’t writing in a manner that Annie much understood.

      1. Yep, Annie did it. Anyways, I don’t want to abuse Richard’s hospitality by harping on that subject, but I just want to add that the moderators at Mondo allow extremely abusive and racist comments to stay if made by anti-zionists. Reasonable Pro-Israel supporters are routinely attacked,insulted, and often banned for expressing their opinions. The hatred of anything Israeli is over the top. It is toxic. I can’t imagine hating any nationality that much.

        1. You’re right & this does begin to abuse the privilege. I doubt Phil Weiss would relish comments about this site in his comment thread. I try to run things here as best I can. But I really could care less how things are run anywhere else. Follow the rules & you won’t run into trouble. That’s my motto.

        2. This is NOT true at all. Ruth is at an advanced state of paranoia. If Richard Witty could stay around at Mondoweiss for years, that’s proof enough. And we’ve all noticed that Ruth never has anything to say about the articles or the general debate here, she’s only nagging about other people. Maybe she should go see the shrink she has advised to others here regularly … or find a social club in her neighbourhood.

          1. We all have our differing threshholds of what we’ll tolerate. I think I may’ve banned Witty here once or threatened to.

            As for shrinks, I too find Ruth’s comments annoying at times, but people tell me all the time that I need mental help & it’s just a downer so I suggest we not go there. But on the other hand there are a few people who’ve stalked & are stalking me & those people are truly mentally ill (no names so as not to stoke their pathology).

      2. In my experience most mainstream blogs and the mainstream press and worst of all, the US Congress, are all places where harshly critical statements, some of them bordering on racist, are made about the Palestinians on a regular basis. Mondoweiss just has the problem on the other side of the spectrum and it’s nowhere near as severe as what you find in the places I just mentioned, especially our Congress (though again, obviously the bias is aimed in a different direction). Our UN Ambassador Susan Rice recently said that Israel committed no war crimes in Gaza. At another blog I visit, a liberal Zionist one, people complain about Mondoweiss even while harboring some rightwing Israelis with truly noxious views in the comment sections. It’s actually sort of funny seeing this complaint pop up in that venue.

        At this blog Richard enforces a pretty strict code regarding the sort of offensive nonsense that can be posted. Outside of here it’s a nasty cruel world whenever the I/P conflict comes up.

  3. “Maybe she should go see the shrink she has advised to others here regularly … or find a social club in her neighbourhood”

    Excellent advice for you to follow! You send way too much time online!

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