14 thoughts on “Memories of a Palestinian Wound – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think Samir alMaghribi who posted this video – and many others that I recommend – got something mixed up.

    I’m pretty sure as Richard mentioned that this is the Lebanese singer Oumaima al-Khalîl and I don’t know the song.

    “Diary of a Palestinian Wound” (Yawmiyyat jurh filastinî), the famous poem by Mahmoud Darwish is sung by Amal Murqus here:

    The English translation is also hidden in the ‘plus’ beneath.

    Another beautiful song by Amal Murqus:
    Lâ ‘ahada ia’lim (No one knows)

    1. I forgot. Be patient:-) She only starts singing around min 1:40 in ‘Diary of a Palestinian Wound’

      1. The name of the song and the poem is diaries of a palestinian wound. I think they meant to say memoirs not memories.

  2. Amal Murkus has two versions of the song, in two separate albums that she has recorded. Both the video posted above and the one added by Deïr Yassin feature renditions by her.

    1. In fact I listened to the version posted by Richard once again, and you might be right though the voice sounds very much like Oumaima al-Khalil as someone mentioned.

      On the Baghani album, Amal Murqus is singing the version that I posted and that’s in ‘myspace’ too. In that version she’s only singing the first part of the poem by Darwish.

      The version posted by Richard contains another part of the poem starting out by:
      “Oh, my intractable wound
      My country is not a suitcase
      I’m not a traveller
      I’m the lover and the land is the beloved”

      I’m not a very musical-minded peson, but I would say that it’s not the same melody, even rearranged. Rather two different extracts from the same poem, on different melodies.
      “Ala hadhihi al-ard iastahiqu al-hayât” (On this earth is what makes life worth living), another famous poem by Darwich has also been put into music on various melodies.

      I encourage everyone to read the poem by Darwish. Another great poem from the ‘national voice of Palestine’, and even translated into English, you still fully feel the love and sorrow of Darwish.

  3. Now…now…let’s tone down the drama please. Indeed, Amal Murkus has been having a hard time signing up with a mainstream record company, as do many other Israeli musicians. She’s been a regular on stages and had aprogram on Israeli TV. This song appeared on her debut album from 1998 titled AMAL, was produced, indeed, by herself and her husband (Nizar Zreik) and came out in the mainstream market through the distribution of “Highlights” Want it? Two clicks and you purchase it from Amazon. Enjoy!

    1. Amal has been singing since the 80s and the fact that her only album is from 1998 says much. If she were in any other country she would have been a very successful artist. This is true about many arabs in Israel even mahmoud darwish didn’t became really famous till they left the country back in 70-71.

      1. Now…now, tz. Let’s tone down the drama! If you paid attention to what i wrote, you would have noticed the words “debut album”. But, hey, let’s not ruin our agenda with facts!

        1. I guess you already know Rim Banna from Nazareth. If not, here’s is “Sârah” that she wrote in memory of a little girl who was killed by a settler close to Salfit some years back:
          The text in Arabic, English and French at 00:15
          Amal Murkus and Rim Banna are both ’48 Christian Palestinians but their attitudes to the State of Israel could hardly be more opposed. Murqus is ‘integrationist’ whereas Banna hardly, if ever, works with Jewish artists.

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