19 thoughts on “Shabak Removes Gag Order Concerning Alleged Nazareth Teen-Age Terror Cell – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So I guess Israel should have wait until they will succeed building a pipe bomb, get some M-16 and maybe let them kill a person or two.

    Yes, you are right, these are just kids having fun. So cute.

    1. I agree. We’ve already seen what happens when a couple of kids with the potential to kill act on their intentions- whole families are murdered, babies are stabbed. A knife is much easier to operate than a gun or a bomb. Maybe is doesn’t seem like much from the East Coast Richard, but I for one prefer not to get stabbed/bombed/shot/etc. If someone has the potential and the will to commit murder he should be locked-up. It doesn’t matter whether he’s from Nazareth, Bat-Yam, Tel-Aviv or Haifa. Being of Arab descent doesn’t necessarily mean you are a victim of the authorities. There are dangerous people in the Arab community too, people with the intentions to kill.

      1. Maybe is doesn’t seem like much from the East Coast Richard

        Get yr geography straight bud. I’m not from the east coast.

        Being of Arab descent doesn’t necessarily mean you are a victim of the authorities.

        It gives you a pretty good crack at being such a victim, especially if you cross the secret police in any way. That includes becoming a community leader engaging in purely political work.

        1. You havn’t addressed my point. They weren’t political leaders, they were teenagers with the intent to commit a crime. Stop hiding behind the semantics and adress the issue.

          Sorry, didn’t intend to offend your Seatle pride 🙂

          1. Find you claim I live on the “East Coast.” Then you can’t even be bothered to spell the name of the city where I do live correctly. At least I know the difference between Eilat and Tel Aviv and can spell them correctly in both Hebrew & English.

            Whether or not they were political leaders was immaterial. If you were the uncle of a Jewish boy in the Yishuv period who asked for a gun to commit an act of violence on behalf of the Jewish cause, you would NOT have reported him to the British authorities. Plain & simple. You know this to be a fact. The fact you can’t admit it shows yr bad faith in debating the pt.

          2. @richard
            First of all, it’s so lame on your part to pick at Job about spelling mistakes. This is not 7th grade.

            And second of all, I want to be sure I understand, should this people be arrested for their activity or not? would you accept terror cells planing to kill people in the USA?

          3. it’s so lame on your part to pick at Job about spelling mistakes.

            Not lame at all. Where do you live? Petak Tichvi? How does that look to you? Does it make you feel that I respect your town or yr language? Besides, he’d already mistaken where I lived assuming I lived 3,000 miles fr. where I actually live. How would you like it if I said you lived in the “northern reaches” instead of the Middle East? That is if you’re Israeli.

            Three teenagers who tried to plan a terror attack with the amateurism of these 3 individuals would likely be arrested, investigated & perhaps charged with an offense. But given that most of them were minors, the charges would be considerably less than if they were adults. In Israel, they will likely do 10 yrs in prison with hardenened adult prisoners, who will teach them to become really good terrorists. Or else, with any luck, they will mature as adults & becomes advocates for peace & reconciliation. But this will only happen if they can transcend the hate they feel from the Israeli judicial & intelligence systems.

          4. Once again Richard, you’re hiding behind semantics, which is a childish thing to do. My point wasn’t that Ben-Gurion was or wasn’t a political leader. It was that the acts they committed were against civilians. Any intentions of that sort should be reported to the authorities. You keep missing my point (or deliberately avoiding it as you have no real answer). Stop pretending to know me or the situation. The fact that you insist your views is the only truth is not only disappointing but also immature. There is no convincing you because you are to proud to be convinced. Take your time, find another semantic typo to crawl behind, avoid my valid points. You are only embarrassing yourself.

          5. Any intentions of that sort should be reported to the authorities.

            Any intentions of the sort BY PALESTINIANS (you mean) should be reported to the Israeli police by Palestinians whose land & lives have been constantly threatened by thuggish residents of Itamar. Again, this simply doesn’t pass the smell test. If it was a pre-state Israeli Jewish boy intending to get a weapon to possibly harm a civilian who you saw as the enemy, you wouldn’t report your nephew to the British & see him go to prison for years. If you say otherwise you’re either a hypocrite or a liar. You can tell us which one it is.

          6. By the way, I have the utmost respect both to you and especially to the English language, so stop rushing to conclusions. Typos that are done by a non-native speaker in the heat of the moment are not proof of anything. I’ve already wrote a comment (which u didn’t post) on your conveying speculations as facts. I also commented on your bad translation of the Abu-Sisi indictment. I was more forgiving 🙂 Try to be more mature, it will respect us both.

          7. Actually (& I explained this) I didn’t mistranslate the Abu Sisi document at all. I wrote a post conveying the translation with the help of Dena Shunra entirely accurately. The next day, while on trial in L.A., w/o full access to my blog interface or PC desktop, & using my Smartphone & referring to the previous post fr. memory, I mischaracterized the indictment in 2 relatively small details.

            Don’t tell me to be “mature.” I find that offensive.

            You don’t have respect for accuracy or the English language if you countenance someone saying I live on the East Coast when I live 3,000 miles away and when the same person attempts to recitfy his first error while misspelling the name of the place I live. This wasn’t a typo. The guy just couldn’t be bothered to look up the correct spelling as Seattle isn’t name easy to spell if you’re a non-native speaker. Which is why you should look it up before writing the word. He didn’t bother because he was lazy & didn’t care. Think about it, would you approve of my spelling Yerushalayim in Hebrew without a yod or saying you live in Eilat when you live in Kiryat Shmona??

          8. Yes, frankly I wouldn’t care. I certainly wouldn’t be so taken aback and hurt.

    1. For the record, You were acting abit immature(richard).
      But a valid point is a valid point.

      Job- Thier(US) justice system is way more corrupted than ours, which affects the people’s judgement as well.
      Debating this issue from an abstracted point of view while trying to be logical isn’t productive.

      1. You mean you didn’t enjoy the ridicule I heaped on your security services? Thought I was being mean-spirited perhaps? Tant pis.

        At least you understood the pt I was making, which I do appreciate.

  2. “There are dangerous people in the Arab community too…”

    Not enough apparently. They couldn’t prevent the forcible theft of their country.

    They have a right to resist the colonial occupation of their land.

    Israel must pick one: either recognize everyone’s equal rights or get off Palestinian land.

  3. Don’t forget 2 18 years old “kids” that kill 2 year old baby in his sleep @ his home with his family.

  4. 18 years old , it is not a boy. it is a man!
    they are not the first arab from central israel whom commite a teror act

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