5 thoughts on “Israel’s Attorney General Signals Dissatisfaction With Shabak’s Abusisi Interrogation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As I wrote earlier, the nation is not yet ready for the prime time of European democracy. Everything appears for sale there including justice

    Its amazing how the only index/way to measure “justice” and “readiness for democracy” for u is the israeli-arab conflict.
    I wonder how come uve never had the urge to write that Ukraine shouldnt host the euro cap finals BEFORE abu sissi was arrested/kidnapped there.
    I wonder if we will see u writing about the olympic games that will take place in China, Brazil and Russia during the next few yesrs (or the world cup finals which are supposed to take place in brazil in 2014).
    Actually i dont really wonder. i know the answer is “no”.

    1. Um, you have a little problem in that you don’t seem to understand that the subject of this blog IS the Israeli Palestinian conflict. And when a nation particpates in the kidnapping of a Palestinian that this makes that nation a part of the Israeli Palestinian drama & therefore a subject for discussion. If/When Brazil, China or Russia kidnap an Israeli or Palestinian on their soil you can be sure I’ll be covering it.

    2. The Palestinian, pro-palestinian and Jewish pro-peace organizations in France are trying to put pressure on Michel Platini, the newly reelected president of the UEFA to cancel the European Under-21 Championship supposed to take place in Israel in 2013.

      In the autumn of 2010, Platini already had considerations of excluding Israel from the European Zone for its treatment of Palestinian sport generally and the difficulties that Palestinians have of travelling freely.

      When Palestine played its first official international match in Ramallah two weeks ago, most players from Gaza were not allowed to leave ‘the open prison’ to join the team in the West Bank.

      During the qualification to the World Cup 2006, a filmmaker followed the Palestinian team. Palestinians players from Chile and Argentina – more than half the team – were simply not allowed to enter the TO, and the others were not allowed to leave, and still they nearly made it. We may not have many Nobel Prize winners, but out football team would beat the Israelis anytime 🙂

      After the killing of the people playing football in Gaza, I hope the cancelling will go through.

  2. Does anyone know anyone at the Assembly of the CoE? The Assembly will convene next week and maybe there is a chance to get this on the agenda as a special item?

    Or how about EU readers of this blog faxing letters to embassies of EU states in Kiev, Tel Aviv and Ramallah/East Jerusalem and the EU’s delegations there too, demanding that the matter be looked into?

    I could draft something this afternoon that we could use as a template and maybe Richard can post it?

    How about approaching AI and HRW by writing to their HQs and through our respective chapters?

    Or how about an online petition? I am not usually in favor of these as I don’t think they are very effective but maybe someone here has a different experience with this?

    Has the Guardian reported on this yet? If not, does anyone have contacts there?

    1. I don’t know anyone at CoE, but perhaps a reader might. The Palestine Human Rights Fund suggested contacting Memorial in Russia, which I’ve just done. UNHCR’s local rep in Ukraine is involved. I’ve been in touch with Edith Garwood of AI and Bill Van Esveld of HRW, but nothing has been forthcoming yet fr. either group. I have also sent an e mail to Kenneth Roth & heard no response. Perhaps we need higher level intervention fr. people other than me with more personal relationships.

      I will of course post anything you prepare, Steffen & appreciate whatever you can do.

      I’m not keen on the CiF folks at the Guardian, but perhaps someone knows people on the news side. I’ve tried to interest Tim Franks of BBC & Sheera Frenkel of the Times in the story, with no success.

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