8 thoughts on “Tikkun Magazine Celebrates 25th Anniversary, Honors Judge Goldstone – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What a pity the celebrations had to end in the vandalization of Rabbi Lerner’s home. He’s been vandalized three times now over his support for Judge Goldstone. Have any arrests ever been made? Or doesn’t America go after Jewish American terrorists?

      1. If I were him I’d mount video cameras around my home & allow the police to catch these idiots & prosecute them. Unless the police are as incompetent & uncaring as the Seattle Police Dept. when their residents’ lives are threatened.

        1. RE: “If I were him I’d mount video cameras around my home…” – R.S.
          MY COMMENT: I would certainly make a modest contribution towards a fund to do something like this.

          1. P.S. Also, I think Tikkun, JVP and others should apply for some of the ‘homeland security’ grant money to beef up their security. And pressure should be put on Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi to support the application(s) by Tikkun (and other’s). And [begin snark alert] I’m certain Haim Saban will be more than willing to help by using some of his immense clout in Washington. And who knows, perhaps Sheldon Adelson will take a break from his efforts at promoting more outsourcing of U.S. jobs to China and help recruit some Republican support for Tikkun’s application. I mean, we’re all against terrorism. Right, Shelly? [end snark alert]

            SEE: Los Angeles Jewish Voice for Peace activist targeted at home, Jewish Voice for Peace Press Release, Los Angeles, 02/04/11

            (excerpts) On Wednesday February 2, Jewish Voice for Peace Los Angeles chapter leader Estee Chandler discovered a “WANTED for treason and incitement against Jews” poster on her front porch. The poster featured her picture, workplace, and most disturbingly, names of nieces and nephew as well as charges about “anti-Jewish” activity.
            The poster specifically targeted her for her work with Jewish Voice for Peace…

            Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak, Rabbinic Council of Jewish Voice for Peace:

            The “wanted poster” is a translation in English idiom of the villainy unleashed by the violence prone settler movement in Israel and now, their supporters in the United States. Jews who speak for peace and reconciliation are not traitors to their people…
            …The charge of “traitor” and the designation of “race” as Jewish on the poster bespeak the ideas of people who spread fear as their only tool.

            SOURCE – http://jewishvoiceforpeace.org/blog/los-angeles-jewish-voice-peace-activist-targeted-home

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