14 thoughts on “Shabak Modifies Abu Seesi Gag, Extraordinary Rendition as Act of War (By Other Means) Against Hamas and Gaza? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Your hunch is wrong,
    The power station in gaza was built in 2002 while the strip was under israeli control, since the power station integrated with the israeli power system (that still provides 50% of the gazan consumption)
    so there is no need for israel to kidnap anyone to understand how the system work, Israel is familiar with the plant to the smallest screw level. if Israel would like to deny power from Gaza there will be no power in Gaza.
    Apparently the fuel to generate the system is purchased in Israel but…. the bill isn’t being paid in full due to the dispute between Hamas and Fatah, so the stupid Israeli’s whom you criticize for being cruel etc. are paying part of bill.

    let me say that one more time, get yourself familiar with the material prior to posting such nonsense.

    1. No, you’re wrong. The power plant was TOTALLY destroyed & rebuilt. Israel may not even have the plans of the rebuilt station & certainly may not know how it works unless it was rebuilt as a virtual copy of the old one, which I strongly doubt.

      Israel is familiar with the plant to the smallest screw level.

      You’re a lawyer living in Detroit? What are you, a Shin Bet or Aman agent as well. YOu personally know to a certainty what Israel knows about the power plant? Nonsense. If Israel could shut the spigot that easily it wouldn’t have bombed & destroyed the plant during Cast Lead. You know, I guess there are a lot of dumb lawyers, but I kinda though most of them were a little more intelligent & thoughtful than the nonsense you’re spouting here.

      Who’s paying the power plant bill is completley OFF TOPIC. This is not a propaganda outlet to score pts for Israel. If that’s what you need to do do it elsehwere. Stay on topic.

      And don’t tell me what I need to become familiar with. If you were half as familiar as I am with the issues you wouldn’t come across the way you do.

      1. Nehh wrong again, Israel attacked the transformers limiting the damage to the power station, not quite the same thing as destroying the entire power station.

        “And don’t tell me what I need to become familiar with. If you were half as familiar as I am with the issues you wouldn’t come across the way you do.”

        is this is a joke or what ? first time i came around was 6 days ago on march 4. the first thing i ever read on your blog was this,

        i even read the reply which was posted by the guy you accused in doing all that, a reply which your most cowardly deleted, a reply which the user “Castellio” was referring to. so, spare me the righteousnesses about your so called “Knowledge”, i know you don’t know much.

        1. Nehh wrong again, Israel attacked the transformers limiting the damage to the power station, not quite the same thing as destroying the entire power station.

          That’s not quite right either, as the following quotation proves. The transformers were knocked out along with the transmission lines including most of the power transmission sources from Egypt & Israel. Unless you’re an electrical engineer (since you’re a lawyer in Detroit that seems unlikely), you have no idea whether the damage described below required completely revamping the internal systems of the plant or not.

          I note that as of one year after the war, the damage had still not been completely repaired to the plant. Further, I note that the turbines and presumably the command and control system which operates them is manufacturfed by Siemens. Surprise, surprise. Guess which company’s command & control system was used by Israel to infiltrate Iran’s nuclear plants via Stuxnet??

          The military operations, which combined strikes from the air and sea with a ground assault, damaged transformers and several of the transmission lines that brought power from Israel. Gaza also lost a line from Egypt during the offensive. Lacking fuel, the power plant shut down completely. Vast swaths of Gaza were left once again to fend for themselves in massive blackouts.
          The Israeli offensive also knocked out three of the four remaining lines from Israel to the Gaza Governorate.

          …Because some of the plant’s transformers were damaged during the war, it cannot handle full output from even the working turbines. Siemens, the turbines’ manufacturer, sends its technicians to work at the plant…

          1. Your statement above shows how little you understand what you read. the transmission lines are part of the transformer station. go look at the nearest transformer station next to where you live.

            Siemens, your statement shows how little you understand both about PLC’s, Stuxnet, and computers.
            All PLC’s in the world are working around a computing standard known as IEC 61131-3. it really doesn’t matter who’s the manufacture. Siemens was able to get the biggest market share of industrial PLC’s. Again pay a visit to the nearest public utility company around where you live and ask them.


          2. No I’m afraid again it’s you whose comprehension is deficient. The power plant tranformers & transmission lines are ea. separate entities. There are pictures at Google Images showing that they are separate entities & that they were ea. destroyed except for the plant. If you’d bothered to read the linked source you’d also see that the infrastructure allowing access to almost all the power coming fr israel & Egypt was destroyed.

            Today’s AP story also suggests that Abu Seesi’s arrest may’ve been due to the plant developing a way of bypassing Israeli fuel sources, which would anger the Israeli besiegers.

          3. [comment deleted for violation of comment rules]

            Ira: you’re done in this thread. Don’t publish another comment here. Move on.

        2. Ira, I would not base any criticism of Richard on that post. I saw it too, and was perplexed by how the author was trying to use Richard’s lack of Arabic as proof that he isn’t qualified to speak on these issues. Firstly and most importantly, you don’t have to speak Arabic to read a history book, follow politics, or know the difference between right and wrong, so it made no logical sense to bring that up. Secondly, the commenter’s knowledge of the language can’t be that great either – s/he claimed that al-Baladi is quite obviously a false name to anybody who knows Arabic, because ‘baladi’ means ‘my homeland’. But it also means ‘of the town’, and this really is a surname. (I suppose the English equivalent would be ‘Townsend’ or something like that.) This is why I didn’t notice anything amiss when Richard posted the fictitious torture story. It seemed strange to me that the hoaxers would try to use his lack of Arabic as the central proof of his ignorance when they don’t seem to speak it either.

          As for cowardice, personally I think that it is more cowardly to commit anonymous hoaxes than it is to delete comments that gloat about them. I have disagreed with Richard in the past, but I have always challenged him under my real name. There is something wrong when people feel the need to adopt dishonest strategies in a discussion – especially if the dishonesty involves a subject as serious as torture. That’s not something to be lied about and used for point-scoring.

          1. Vicky
            reading your comments is always a pleasure regardless of content.
            first something i owe you from our discussion over the Shaikh Jarrah residents, The Fauzia El-Kurd (hopefully i spelled it right) states on the website that she has an ID.

            since you are fluent in arabic, what’s the meaning of the name El-Kurd ?

            as for your statment above, i do not recall to the latest detail what was said in the post richard deleted. If you wish to dicuss that, ask richard to repost it.

          2. Ira Schlussel is of course trying to hint that with a name as al-Kurd, you’re not really Palestinian.
            But you can of course be named Lieberman and be 200% native, though you’re born in the present-day Moldavia.
            And with the name “Schlussel”, you could be another key-wearing Palestinian, longing to go home 🙂

  2. you know whats even more sad?

    This source reveals that the turbines at the Gaza power plant were manufactured and serviced by Siemens

    check out this link:

    Today, Siemens leads the energy market in Israel. In fact, more than 30% of the country’s electricity supply is produced with Siemens turbines

    Im not an engineer, but im assuming siemens didnt develope a completly new technology for Gaza. Makes ur theory even less logical/possible.

  3. Richard,
    Posting the kidnapping is good work. You don’t need to add the newly fantazy conspiracy theory. It does not add you any credit and actually serves to discredit you.
    Lets try logic:
    You claim that Israel was able to shut down the Iran nuclear plan. If it was able to do that with a computer program, why would it need to kidnap an operating engineer to shut down a simple electric plan 20 miles from the border.
    It makes no sense. In addition, Israel is supplying electric to Gaza, again kidnap does not make sense.
    Had he been done by Israel, there would have been a reason. It does not have to be something you, or I agree for such an action, but they would have had some reason. Shutting down the plant Surly is not that reason.

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