1 thought on “The Israel Project on Arab Revolutions: ‘Good for the Jews?’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As to “Is it good for the Jews”, I reject that entirely. If, as I suspect, there are, among the big-money fellows on Wall Street — you know, the fellows who brought on the recent banking collapse — some Jews, then I say that nothing that is “good” for them is also “good” for me.

    Is anything good for all Americans? Things that are good for the at-large criminals may not be good for the rich (or for the poor). Things that are good for BIG OIL and BIG COAL may not be good for likely-sufferers from global warming (that is, the children of just about all of us). Things that are good for BIG PHARMA may not be good for folks on Medicare. And so on.

    Are the electoral politics carried on by large corporations in the USA (thank you, Supreme Court!) at shareholder and perhaps also at taxpayer expense “good” for every one of those shareholders? Even for most of them? Doubt it.

    Interests differ, and nothing is good for everybody in a sufficiently large class. Therefore, let me point that up by reforming the “Is it good for the Jews” question: “Are the policies of the USA good for Americans?” and “Are the policies of Israel good for Israelis?”

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