14 thoughts on “Mubarak’s Game of Chicken – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If Mubarak refused to step down after all of the hullabaloo over his expected resignation last night, you can be sure he knows something more than we do. I suspect it is full support by the US, Israel, Saudis, et al. The Egyptian people will get about as much democracy as did the Chinese students in Tianenman Square. This will all be forgotten in three weeks, when Iran becomes headline news again.

      1. Three weeks? How about this morning? I suspected last night (gave up and went to sleep after midnight, EST) that Mubarak’s speech was a bluff. President Obama’s comments were as clear as can be: the US does not suppport Mubarak. More important, Egyptioan pro-democracy activists were already spreading to surround government buildings. Score: democracy 1, despotism 0.

        Oh, and, no, this was not all about Israel.

      2. Apparently, Richard, you don’t read before you reply. See my below and check the times. Nevertheless, let’s see where we are in three weeks. Mubarak may be gone, but Egypt is still under the iron heel of US and Israel.

        1. Gene – stop dreaming! Israel never had an “iron heel” over Egypt.

          Israel gave back every inch to Egypt (except the Gaza strip – what a mistake!) in the peace agreement, and all it got for it was a piece of signed paper. I’ve never seen a single Egyptian tourist in Israel, the embassy has been closed for god knows how long, and the Egyptians cynically failed to stop smuggling arms through tunnels to Hamas.

          the only reason that there is no beligerence between the countries is that both sides tired of blood and tears, there was never any love here.

          If that’s our “iron heel” then the metals bourse has collapsed totally.

          And lets play guessing now. The new regime will cancel the peace agreement with Israel? Close the Suez canal for Israeli shipping? Do all those who demonstrated want to go for a full scale war wilh Israel?
          No, my guess is that the peace agreement was and is the best strategy for both sides and will not be unilaterally annuled. They will keep the border with Gaza under strict supervision (so as not to have mass immigration from there to Egypt) . They will spend a long time dealing with their many internal problems and won’t bother themselves with the neighbours for a long time.
          That’s my guess.

          1. the embassy has been closed for god knows how long

            Can you tell me one thing Israel ever offered Egypt after the peace treaty was signed? Why should it maintain an embassy when Avigdor Lieberman tells Egypt’s president publicly he can “go to Hell???”

            Egyptians cynically failed to stop smuggling

            Can you tell me why it’s Egypt’s job to be Israel’s junior cop & do Israel’s bidding & supports its interests?

          2. Richard:
            What did Israel offer Egypt?
            Israel offered massive Israeli tourism to Egypt, especially Sinai.
            It withdrew from all the territories it occupied – no small feat considering the West Bank and Golan Heights, thus giving major honour back to Egypt after the losses of three wars (losses to both sides).
            It has been at peace for 30 years without incidents! (cf. the film “life of Brian” – “what have the Romans ever done for us?”)
            The embassy has been closed long before Lieberman.

            Egypt agreed by the treaty to lookafter it’s borders, it has failed regarding contraband (but succeeded concerning human passage). That’s not being “junior cop” it’s keeping an agreement.

          3. Israel offered massive Israeli tourism to Egypt

            Isaeli tourism to Sinai was fueled by a massive need for Israelis to find cheap close-by tourist alternatives allowing them to exit their own claustrophobic existence in Israel. I don’t know that this was such an altruistic endeavor on Israel’s part.

            As for returning territory, I asked what Israel did for Egypt AFTER the treaty was signed.

            As for borders, very few borders in the world are air tight. Many are downright porous. Israel hasn’t offered Egypt or the Arab states any real reason why they should do Israel any favors. So why would you expect any?

        2. Richard:
          The withdrawal was after the signing of the peace treaty and part of the stipulation of the treaty. The final withdrawal took place from Taba after arbitration many years after the signing.

          “Altruism” is not the point, Egypt has gained financially from Israeli tourism whatever the motives of the Israeli tourists. One of the Israeli peoples dreams is “to wipe hummous in Damascus” – when there will be peace there (probably after a revolution there) Israeli tourism will probably flood the area.

          I don’t expect any favours from Egypt – just to keep to the terms of the treaty as signed. It’s ABC of international law to abide by your commitments even when the government changes.

  2. RE: “If we can, we must not let anyone take it away from them.” – R.S.

    FROM FIREDOGLAKE: Please sign our petition to Congress to immediately vote to cut off any American military aid to the Egyptian government. – http://action.firedoglake.com/page/s/egyptfunding

    FROM USAction/TrueMajority.org
    SEND AN E-MAIL: Tell Congress to invest in civilian, not military aid for Egypt – http://act.truemajorityaction.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=182
    If you want to help Egypt, start by asking Congress to invest in its people, not it’s military. ~ Congress is about to set a new budget for 2012, and how much and what kind of aid we give Egypt and other countries is under discussion.

  3. Nearly every global player must be involved in the meantime in the Egyptian-mess behind the public scene. Obviously the US, Israel, the EU as “the West” but also the Russians, the Chinese, the Turks and, last not least, the Iranians. All these as “outsiders”. The arab neighbours like Syria, Jordania and Saudi Arabia as well. Iran for example, must not fear an attack by USrael as long as the egyptian case is not solved…
    This makes me very pessimistic about the possibility of success of this street-revolution in Cairo. But I wish them all the best!

  4. Well, this is already yesterday’s news – Mubarak did play chicken and escaped the coup!

    He wasn’t so stupid after all, waited for the opportunity and planned how to export as much as possible of his property before resigning and running away from a trial.

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