4 thoughts on “Live Blogging Mubarak’s Speech – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I hope that President Obama and the Pentagon are pushing tonight on the Egyptian military, suggesting that Mubarak live out his days in, say, a mansion near Shal al Sheik, with nothing more than a title.

  2. I believe that unless Mubarak gets on a plane and gets out physically and Suleiman promises to meet with all opposition leaders to have them form an interim coalition to begin taking over the reins of government and prepare for elections; then the Egyptian people will not give up or give in because they don’t trust Suleiman any more than Mubarak.

    I believe Egyptians want to see Mubarak LEAVE THE COUNTRY; they need to see that image to feel vindicated.

    As for President Obama. What will he say? He’s been dithering since Jan. 25th, and today Ehud Barak met with U.S. officials. I’m sure he was cranking up the pressure to ensure Obama supports Suleiman or at the very least keeps sitting on the fence.

  3. It does not appear that Obama cares much what the Israelis say. (How many Israeli troops are in Afganistan? When Netanyahu threatens to bomb Iran, the Pentagon just laughs, politely).

    AlJazeera reporting now (8:09pm, EST) that Obama administration is requesting that both Mubarak and Suleiman step aside. Want to see “concrete steps”. Talking to the Egyptian military, which appears to be the only entity that the US government can directly influence.

    Big question: tomorrow. If (when?) the pro-democracy protesters march on Mubarak’s palace, what happens? Can the US influence the military? I think, yes. The US Army cannot detach a division from Kabul, but they can certainly cut all funding. Is that enough? I hope so!

    I’m watching / listening to AlJazeera…the most reliable and thoughtful source.

    1. Read yesterday that King Abdullah of S.A. threatened to replace all U.S. aid if we withdrew ours fr. the Egyptian military. He’s “all in” for Mubarak. But I think it’s a case of too little too late. It doesn’t matter any longer what anyone does. It’s in the hands of the people of Egypt. And I believe they will earn their proper destiny.

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