9 thoughts on “Amnesty International Condemns Makhoul Sentence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. By the time the Palestinians realize that you can not be non-violent with Nazis (yes Israelis are Nazis). They will be completely destroyed, then you can all give them the Ghandi award.

      1. I would never disagree with you on anything but this: ….Meron Benvenisti writes:

        Atrocities and acts of brutality characterised this period: summary executions, rape, blowing up houses along with their occupants, looting and plundering, and leaving hundreds of villages to their own devices in the fields, without food or water. The most serious atrocities were committed in the village of Al-Dawayima on the western slopes of the Hebron Highlands. This large village, with a population of some 3,500 was taken on 29 October, 1948. The occupying forces indiscriminately killed between 80 and 100 males villagers, blew up houses together with their occupants, murdered women and children, and committed rape. According to eyewitness testimony, these acts were committed “not in the heat of battle and inflamed passions, but out of a system of expulsion and destruction. The fewer Arabs remained — the better.”

        NAZIS, Sir

  2. The truth is here: “On October 27, 2010 Haaretz reported that Ameer Makhoul, the director of Israeli-Arab NGO Ittijah, “confess[ed] to charges of spying, contact with a foreign agent and giving information to the enemy.” Makhoul, as head of Ittijah, has a background of anti-Israel activities characterized by demonisation and hate rhetoric. For example, an Ittijah email during the Gaza war claimed, “the IDF is turning Gaza into kind of an extermination camp, in the full sense of the word and with the full historical relativity.”
    Amnesty International in London has had a succession of Israel-bashing speakers such as Ben White. I have offered them Ruvi Ziegler – an Israeli lawyer studying in Oxford who is an expert on the security fence – but they have stonewalled.
    Shame on Amnesty International for its Israel-bashing biased agenda.
    A Hebrew article shows that he passed on the names of six potential spies for Hezbollah as well as other information that was encrypted – showing that he had something to hide in his “innocent contacts.”

    But when someone hates Israel and pretends to care about “human rights,” it appears that Amnesty will automatically side with him, no matter who it is.

    1. Your comment is full of nonsense. I making an official warning which I will enforce. We’ve expended thousands of words on Makhoul. I will accept no more arguments presenting his alleged confession as a genuine, voluntarily offered statement of guilt. The next person who advances this argument which already 10 or more previous commenters have, will be moderated.

      Saying that Gaza is an extermination camp is not grounds for imprisoning someone for nine years. Only in Israel or North Korea is that sufficient grounds for a prison sentence. And once again & for the 10th time, Shabak alleges that he passed on names. It never presented any evidence whatsoever that this actually happened. It never presented any evidence that he encrypted anything. If you have real evidence I invite you to present it. Not claims. But evidence. Proof. You know what this is & the diff. bet. the 2?

  3. You wrote: ‘In the United States, Amnesty International USA urged President Obama to call on Israel to end the harassment of human rights defenders.’

    But I don’t think you can trust President Obama:
    On November 15, 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for urging his cabinet ‘to accept’ a U.S. proposal to extend a freeze on West Bank settlement building for 90 days. Obama also said that Washington would block UN resolutions critical of Israel, and supply Israel with fighter jets worth $3 billion. The US government also promised Israel that after the 90-day moratorium, they would not seek an extension, and settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (all of which is illegal under international law) could continue unabated.

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