16 thoughts on “U.S. Military Attache in Israel: Ahmadinejad Like ‘Little German Guy With Moustache’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, The one main difference between the US military attache in israel and yourself is:
    that he actually gets to read intelligence reports about the Iranian subject, i will take his analysis over yours and given day.
    both of you are speculating, his speculation is based on substance, your speculation is based on wishful progressive thinking.

    1. The one diff. bet. the U.S. military attache & me is he’s paid to lie in service to his country (the famous defintion of a diplomat) and I’m not.

      No, first I don’t speculate unless I specifically say that I am. When I say I have a source I have one & the source has real information that is solid.

      I’m really tired of droning on & on about this subject, so if you have something substantive to say, you’re welcome to continue participating. But if you’ve come here to spout ad nauseam about how lame my commentary is, then you’ll find yrself rapidly relegated to my special netherworld of those who waste my time & everyone else’s with nonsense & get moderated or worse. So take yr pick, but change your subject now.

      1. I find it intresting that unending comments are made on an article that has been miss quoted and lie’d on are taken as factual. Knowing the person giving the interview and knowing the talent of reporter to have an agenda I am very confident that this whole article needs to be reserched for accuracy in it’s reporting of what the US Defense Attache said. If the trascripts or more importanly the recording of this interview were to come to light I beleive this article would have looked very differently. A loyal US military member may be finishing his carree with a very black blight on his 31 year record because one reporter choose to write an article that accomplished his personal agenda but did not report acuratly what the Military Member said to him. For the moment, tell me what that says about two career officers from two friendly nations? Maybe we could have a new conversation when the real interview ever gets published. I have to wonder if the US Defense Attache to Israel was set up to take a fall for someones agenda? If he losses a wonderful 31 years of service to his country over someones petty agenda then shame is a word that the author must wear for the rest of his life!

        1. I’m having trouble understanding whether yr problem is with the Israeli interview or with my interpretation of it. IF the former you’ll have to take it up with Ba’Machaneh. If the latter, then what was wrong with what I wrote?

    2. What intellgence? The US and Israel don’t claim to have reach in Iran and they truly do not. The best they can do is pay terrorists to do their bidding like jundullah and the mujahedin, and poorly. The “intelligence” you speak of are the mistranslations Richard pointed out a few entries back right here on Tikun O’lam.

      Get to know what the words phony and transparent mean. 😉

  2. Haaretz is reporting that WikiLeaks is ready to publish Israel cables on the Second Lebanon War and the Dubai assassination. So, it remains to be seen if Israel can “turn that it into a positive”.

    AFI 51-902 prevents members from discussing or endorsing political causes. So, I would hazard a guess that the Colonel is pretty much restricted to repeating what he has heard, while pointing out that he is not involved in the US political decision-making process. The US government really has no business objecting to attempts by Iran to become a leader of the Islamic world or any other establishment of religion. Hopefully the views he expressed in that regard are personal observations and not those of the Air Force or DoD.

        1. The first story is borderline ridiculous as the alleged Iranian defector claims Iran recruits nuclear scientists from “Africa.” THere is no nuclear scientific work done in Africa unless perhaps he’s referring to S. Africa. Where are they recruiting these scientists from? Togo?

          1. Maybe? That would make the most sense. I’ve no idea. But I wouldn’t so decisively choose to disregard this just because it sounds a bit weird & silly.

      1. Prior access would make you a member of the group of people that Sarah Palin wants to hunt down and kill: is it an honour to have so much in common with reindeer?

        1. Sheeple can’t hunt. Let them come rushing. I have my friend George ready with the tzatziki for some souvlaki.

      2. Richard you don’t want access to this one while the government is blurring lines between free press and “high tech terrorists”. Let others have the scoop and be the rear general with the good analyses you do. Remember, laws are only good if the authority that is supposed to enforce them isn’t under undue influence and acting with belligerency

  3. “Confirmed what the U.S. and Israel have been saying [about Iran] for a long time: that there are other nations [in the region] as concerned about it as we are.”

    What’s this “we”, white man? It may well be that the governments of those nations are worried about Iran, but I don’t believe for a second that this is true for the people of those nations – exceedingly important difference.

  4. RE: “From the looks of it,the job of the U.S. military attache in Tel Aviv is to echo the views of Israel’s leaders, generals and spymasters.” – R.S.
    MY COMMENT:I’m guessing Lt. Col. Rick Burgess is a “fudie” (Fundamentalist Christian, Evangelical Christian). Isn’t it reassuring to know that the military is in charge of U.S. foreign policy? Gog and Magog, anyone?
    MY SNARK: (spoken zombie-like)
    “I believe in the inerrancy of the Hasbara.”
    “I believe in the inerrancy of the Hasbara.”
    “I believe in the inerrancy of the Hasbara.”
    “I believe in the inerrancy of the Hasbara.”
    “I believe in the inerrancy of the Hasbara.”
    “I believe in the inerrancy of the Hasbara.”
    [ad nauseam]

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