12 thoughts on “Isaiah Weeps: Jewish National Fund, GOD-TV Erase Israeli Bedouin Village to Bring Jesus’ Second Coming – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, this a great, informative, post. I will happily share it with everyone on my list of correspondents.

    It is not a question of lying down with fleas. The Israeli Zionists have made a true Faustian Pact with the devil of Christian Zionism. And, like Faust, they will suffer for it.

  2. This is a story that would never pass muster in the wildest type of fiction. I have great difficulty in imagining any such genre in which it might actually find a home.

    It just goes to show that ‘there’s nowt queerer than folk.’

    And yet I seem to detect that a common theme is present here; a willingness to be too selective, to concentrate on the fine print to the exclusion of all else, cherry-picking scripture from motives of self-interest while a much wider context goes unseen. I am of the opinion that God’s affection for the biblical land of Israel cannot be confined exclusively to its surface area.
    Surely the people of that land, past, present and future, must represent the greater priority. To ignore, indeed to actively conspire against the well-being of any minority resident upon it cannot be compensated by the planting of any number of trees, no matter what their quantity or how pleasant their form.

    But, before too harsh a judgement is rendered, we might do well to consider how others approach the subject.

    Richard’s blog, for instance, has planted quite a few ‘trees’ in its time. Each post and, to a lesser extent, each following comment, represent a seed of hope, a train of thought that one day might bear fruit. So far, that day has yet to arrive; the ground remains almost barren, it will not yield up the harvest that is so urgently needed.

    There again, it may not be so much the trees that are at fault. It could be that the soil has become poisoned, refusing to nurture the first green shoots of change, killing off whatever small growths have managed to make it to the surface. But should this always remain so?

    Perhaps a specific additive, an antidote is now required, a catalyst capable of sustaining ideas and concepts well beyond current capabilities.

    So, keep on with the planting. But first, make sure the soil is ready to receive the seed, has sufficient motivation to take the process forward towards full formation of the tree.


  3. Nothing can surprise me anymore about nutcase Christians. The spraying of the crops with herbicide on the other hand really shocked me.

  4. RE: “When the Jewish National Fund and Israeli government lie down with dogs like this is there any doubt they’ll get up with fleas???” – R. Silverstein
    MY COMMENT: As far as I’m concerned, it’s already too late. This has been going on (mostly behind the scenes) since the mid-1970s. Consequently, they have all become flea infested. Irreversibly, I suspect.
    P.S. Great article, Mr. Silverstein!

    1. This is not a case of the JNF and the Israeli government picking up a flea infestation from Christian Zionist dogs, it’s rather an exchange of fleas by two heavily infested sets of dogs. The JNF was born with fleas, and every Israeli government has been heavily infested as well.

  5. Richard, I read this entry several times now to digest the information before sending it on to some of my more “sensitive” friends, many of whom had gone on the Birthright trips, consisting of a last day amongst the Israeli Bedouins, which many of them said was the best night of all. Your information is quite revealing of the treacherous alliances and back-end dealings between ideologically opposed or unmatchable factions, and the reality of what is happening to Israel’s Bedouins. Indeed, my friends were angered that the hospitable people they met were the victims in this case — and shocked, too. It’s the first time I’ve (you have) gotten through to them. Thanks for that!

  6. “GOD-TV”?? After reading this post, one can only conclude that Satan has triumphed over God and is firmly in command.

  7. Let me clarify one very important point! God TV features Dispensational theologists AND they also feature “apostles and prophets” who are teaching a significant deviation from Dispensationalism. My quotes about the “end times warriors” are about the latter theology.

    I know this sounds like a small theological detail, but it helps to explain how Christian Zionists are getting away with claims that their apocalyptic teachings are not dangerous to Jews. In the Dispensational timeline believers are to be snatched from the earth (Raptured) before the horrors of the end times (the Tribulation) begin. They must wait for this divine intervention. In the end times theology that is currently becoming popular and replacing Dispensationalism, believers are taught that they will remain on earth and become the “end times warriors” who fight the Antichrist and purge the world of evil.

    This is significant because the latter theology leads to more aggressive activism than Dispensationalism. Youth are being taught that they will be the end times army and no longer wait for divine intervention – humans make it happen! God TV is promoting, and closely associated with “apostles,” like Mike Bickle, who are teaching this end times theology or eschatology. Currently there is no simple label to identify this rapidly growing belief system. (Most versions of this narrative are mid-Tribulation or post-Tribulation premillennialist belief in which born again believers must take “dominion” over the earth and over Israel before Jesus will return.)

    This “dominionist” theology is rapidly growing among Christian Zionist activists and should serve as a warning that the movement is becoming more aggressive.

  8. This is all so strange. Like Jonestown magnified exponentially. This is a marriage of convenience, injustice, delusion and religious zealotry stretched to the point of insanity. As self-fulfilling prophesies often morph into bad luck or a curse; this too is morphing into something twisted and dark, with a frightening element of inevitability. It’s like a genie is being unleashed to wreak havoc at a later date.

    These Zio-Christians state that God instructed their spirit to prepare the way for the Messiah, but Andrea Yates also claimed that God instructed her to drown her children to protect them from the evil that surrounded her, but collective insanity is much worse.

    Zio-Christians are fond of Isaiah because most of the prophecies regarding Christ, or the Messiah come from Isaiah. What’s interesting is the fact that these Zio-Christians actually understand that the Jews in Israel are doing wrong, and it’s so stated in their comments on the video, but because God instructs Christians to bless the Jews, they feel it’s not their place to judge or intervene, but instead to encourage aliyah so that prophesy may be fulfilled. So in other words they neglect their primary Christian duty which is to condemn every instance that evil is inflicted on the powerless (i.e. to exercise righteous indignation), and to shelter and protect the oppressed for a self-fulfilling prophecy to return the Jews to Israel.
    All this makes me feel very pessimistic about the future and our efforts. How do you fight the marriage of Jewish and Christian Zionism?

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.” I don’t mean to add to scripture to offend anyone, but when you look at what’s happening here, “in my name”, belongs in brackets after this sentence. This is the point where humanity gets lost; where it breaks away from God if you will.

    This is the point where a self-fulfilling prophecy becomes a curse because our common humanity is being destroyed and with it all the good that we were destined for, because the place where God exists is precisely somewhere between our humanity and faith but when this bond is broken we unleash the genie, the curse, karma if you will.

    So right here we have a snapshot of what we’re fighting. We should use the past as a moral compass and remind ourselves of other times in history when zealotry, supremacy and self-delusion blurred the line between good and evil, dominated reason as is happening with Jewish and Christian Zionists, and forced upon us the darkest chapters in the history of mankind.

    I refuse to submit to Zionism and will condemn it every chance I get because it’s based on a terrible injustice. All who have true faith know that it’s wrong to hasten prophecy especially when it separates us from our humanity and therefore all that is good.

    1. Very well said! The world would certainly be a much better place if more people espoused your call for consideration and compassion for one another!

      What I find quite intriguing about the Christian Zionists is their perception that their endeavours will expedite the second coming of Christ. However, given the unholy alliance with the Jewish Zionists and the pernicious activities this relationship endorses, the Christian Zionists are, in fact, facilitating the establishment of the Antichrist world order!

  9. “It will be like the thick Central American jungle blotting out the Mayan ruins”

    Forests are not going to grow in the Negev without a LOT of irrigation; Israel is short of water already.

    “If you read the GOD-TV site, you’ll find the convenient and miraculous discovery of an ancient Christian monastery in an internal Israeli settlement dubbed Givot Bar”

    Monasteries are Catholic/Orthodox. Usually these kinds of Protestants don’t consider them real Christians.

    “…advance the prophetic clock.”

    What I’ve long suspected Bush was up to with his invasions.

    Zhu Bajie

  10. [I just spied the following on the net – Goldie]

    Google “End Times Passover blog, Dec. 14” & read “Pretrib Rapture & Demons” for a 4-alarm earthquake!

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