17 thoughts on “Taglit-Birthright and Birthright Unplugged to Merge – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Man, that was just the analogy I was searching for in my final “note” but I didn’t think of Purim. That’s why we have real Jews like Jerry around, to remind us of our tradition when we need it most.

      1. Well, I had fun w. my little hoax. Sorry if anyone was taken in (except for Jhornet & I’m not sorry he was taken in). One of the JVP folk in New Orleans said he too had fun giving an interview to a settler media outlet in which he valiantly maintained JVP’s Birthright for All hoax & I think they believed him!

  1. Great news, in theory. However, in practice, how many children will make it through customs? Sure, the Jewish children will be allowed into Israel but I’d be willing to make a wager that Palestinian children will be put right back planes.

  2. I’m sure my friend who will soon be starting to do tours in Yad Vashem will be delighted to hear this. Perhaps I will finally participate in a Birthright group myself. I missed that opportunity as a soldier, unfortunately.

  3. Judging by the number of words you wasted on the issue, and the footnote that wasn’t originally there last night
    i assume that you actually believed this BS.
    this would show us all how much time and efforts irresponsible bloggers are “devoting” to actually read the news prior to publishing “information” on their blogs.

  4. I excitedly announced it to my entire family-in-law….on the eve (literally) of my oldest brother-in-law making aliyah……was happy that there was something to be pleased about – GAH. I’ll get you next time, Silverstein.

    1. My most abject & profound apologies. I have a bit of the devil in me when I get on a tear with these hoax posts. And really JVP put me up to it because they first introduced the spoof, which I embellished upon.

  5. Astonished but trustful in human capacity of chaging I swallowed it all until my inner bell started ringing by the name of Dr Mieskeit and his wikipedia entry.

  6. FYI,

    An Israeli settler rag called us to confirm if the Taglit Lekulanu announcement is true. This is after we admitted it was a spoof. I paused, and said “Yes. First trip is next spring”. They have a really bad website, so it’s hard to tell if they printed it.

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