4 thoughts on “IDF Implies, Then Retracts That U.S. Approved Gaza Hit – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It took me till the end of the article to understand what you’re aiming at: What does it matter if the IDF shot the missile on its own, got an OK from the U.S. or even if the U.S. shot the missile from a warship as Debka claims?

    Finally, it dawned upon me that you believe that killing this person is a bad thing.

    I think the basic issue is a matter of trust. You say you’re against terror. So, if you consider the IDF and the Shin-Beit (and the US Army) are triggers happy irresponsible villains aiming to kill civilians, you’re correct. If you assume, as I do, that these are responsible, credible civil servants who wish to fight terror, than you’re wrong.

    Whom would you trust if you don’t trust the guardians?

    Avi, your enthusiastic reader.

    1. Finally, it dawned upon me that you believe that killing this person is a bad thing.

      A little slow on the uptake aren’t we? Do you know anything about what this man has allegedly done? Do you have any real proof? Are you prepared to take the word of your secret police who lie to you at every turn about matters large & small? Apparently you are. Apparently you’re prepared to live in yr mini police state with its veneer of democracy & be happy being led by the nose to God knows where.

      Am I in favor of apprehending, prosecuting terrorists & imprisoning them for their crimes? You bet. But Israeli as well as Palestinian terrorists. Not just Palestinian. But am I in favor of cold blooded state sponsored terrorism that is embodied in the targeted killing tactic? No, no, never.

      If you assume, as I do, that these are responsible, credible civil servants who wish to fight terror, than you’re wrong.

      You have absolutely no evidence to prove that any of these moral cretins are responsible, credible civil servants. You have made a pact w. the devil. The pact is that they agree to root out terror for you, you agree to ask no questions. They agree to do so showing no mercy, no morals, & no control, you again agree to ask no questions.

      The Israeli secret police are guardians of nothing but their own power & perogatives. If they really cared about doing their job the way it should be done they would do it the way intelligence services do in other western democracies & not the way its done in N. Korea or Iran.

  2. The timing of the “hit” is interesting. It came on the day after Obama and the Democrats took a “shellacking”. Is this an example of Netanyahu “marking his territory”.

  3. Well, whatever the pros and cons of such an assassination /murder/execution, it’s a fair bet this one won’t be the last we’ll hear about.

    This deed is done, the consequences awaited and are probably already in train. But life, as they say, goes on; no break in this cycle of death, no means of slowing down its all too familiar frequency.

    You’d think, what with all the attention and political manoeuvring that’s gone on over the years, some sort of mechanism might have evolved by now to deal more effectively with the subject.
    But no.
    We sit. We wait. We fulminate against the conduct of this side or that; we plead, we curse, we castigate.

    But never does it seem to get us anywhere. The conflict continues apace; the positions becoming more and more entrenched, as inflexible as ever. Although we might wish it otherwise, Death still visits where and when he wills. As in the case of the unfortunate Mr.al-Nimnim (or Nemnem), his fate was sealed, not by blind chance, but by the failure of everyone else to forestall his untimely exit from this world. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this incident, it still reflects badly on the rest of us that no alternate course of action was deemed available.
    It seems our much vaunted expertise in all the ways of dealing death counts for nothing when faced with the real prospect of having to put a halt to such an industry.

    The IDF may indeed have pulled the trigger on this occasion. But are we no less guilty because we permitted them to do so? Didn’t we do that? I think you’ll find it’s not so much the hatred some men may have for others that causes so many casualties along life’s path. Rather, it is their seeming indifference to those casualties; an inability to grasp the enormity of what confronts them, an unwillingness to do what is necessary.

    Then is Mankind inherently evil? No, we’re just too damn lazy to work the thing out for ourselves. That has always been our real crime where such matters are concerned.

    And, as the saying has it, in the end, it’s ever the lazy people who have to take the most pains.

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