10 thoughts on “In Fit of Pique, Israel Cancels Strategic Dialogue With Britain – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “Though the new Tory led government appears to want to buckle to Israeli pressure…” – R.S.
    MY COMMENT: But Nick Clegg not so much.

  2. I voted for Clegg and I wish I hadn’t. The Liberal Democrats have a campaign called ‘Anti-Apartheid for Palestine’ – website last updated in 1982, by the looks of things – and now he is watching Hague come out with this and saying nothing. Not only is he without a spine, he would appear to be without a functional set of vocal chords as well.

  3. Honestly, William Hague should have stood up directly after that picture, scoffed, and said, “WTF is this illegal settler doing here?”

    1. You’re so right. I’ve never thought about it this way, but of course, receiving Lieberman knowing that he lives in the OT is just another sign of international hypocrisy when it comes to IsraeL.

  4. good for them…to feel the pain for a change. Maybe then a TRUE CHANGE of HEART can happen….keep it up!! let the eyes of the world be focused on their atrocities for a change!!

    Have a Blessed Day

    – john

  5. Hague doesn’t even see the ultimate insult – intended or not.

    In the photo above the Union Jack is upside down. I personally find this extremely offensive, worse than making Hague sit below his host. This is an insult to Britain, and protests should be filed on behalf of H.M. Government.

  6. Look at the bright side – Gamliel didn’t get to go to Dubai, but at least she’s not risking arrest for cooperation with Hizbolla agents when she gets back.

  7. After what Avigdor pulled, it would not surprise me to see the Brits engage their ‘slo-mo’. Tea time! Haste makes waste! The Queen is reviewing the matter and she takes her own sweet time. Cricket, anyone? A game can last for days. And remember, London also was not built in a day.

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