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  1. i take it that you havent been to lgf lately…or even in the last 2 years

    he no longer caters to the wingnuts…in fact, they have gone out of their way to attack him and he them

    in fact, its strange that gellar would be linking to him, as he attacks her regularly

        1. I don’t know who you’re referring to: Johnson? I’ve referred to him in the past as neocon & pro-Israel. But his politics have changed slightly for the better & on this issue we’re on the same side. Though he hasn’t replied to my message & may not think so.

  2. Great digging Richard, you’re a wonder. Thanks for showing this hatefilled woman for what she is. A liar.

    YOu said here

    “Interestingly, Atlas Shrugged is ranked 13,000 in Israel. This blog outranks her at 8,000.”

    What does that mean? That Atlas Shrugs is unpopular in Israel?

    1. No, it means that despite her far-right anti-Muslim, pro-Israel views she doesn’t draw as large an Israeli audience as I do. That’s prob. because the main subject of my blog is Israel-Palestine while her subjects are more diffuse & tend toward American politics.

  3. You don’t even have to dig that hard or extrapolate. Her exact, directly measured site stats are publicly available here at quantcast. They show that over the past year the site received an average of 283.5K unique visitors. bizinformation.ca’s info is just an estimate.

  4. Richard,

    Nice work, and I’ll have more to type about it shortly, but one small flaw.

    This link fails to work:

    You can see her “backlinks” (those who link to her) here.

    Please correct it. Thank you.

    I will add that I found Charlie Johnson’s take on Geller’s “profile” and the actual Q-and-A text to be hilarious.

  5. Sorry. let me be more specific, her site received an average of 283.5 thousand unique visitors a month, not the 1 million unique visitors she claims. She gets an average of 820,000 page views a month and September generated 1.1 million page views. But on average she doesn’t have 1 million anythings a month.

    Another interesting thing is that Alexa has her at 1.46 pageviews per visitor, whereas the directly measured quantcast has her at an average of 2.9 – this demonstrates how inaccurate Alexa often is.

    Finally, in the interests of accuracy, according to Alexa your site ranks at 8,615 in Israel, 95,545 in the US and 153,819 globally. Geller’s site ranks at 7,529 in Israel, 8,674 in the US and 23,552 globally. But it’s Alexa so, you get what you pay for.

    Bottom line? Geller was off. Was it an honest mistake or did she simply not really know? I don’t know but the NYT fact checking department should have caught it.

    1. No, I don’t think the problem is just Alexa. I’ve studied this before. ALL of the free sites & programs that measure statistics & rankings (Compete, Alexa, Quantcast) are suspect. That’s why I never believe just a single source in examining these issues. I always try to compare at least two separate ones, which is why I used Sitemeter as well as Alexa & Bizinfo.

      Bizinfo ranks her site 13,000 in Israel. I couldn’t cross check how it ranks my site in Israel since it offers far fewer details about my site than hers (since she’s higher ranked).

      1. Quantcast may be free BUT of all the services you mention it is the only one that directly measures site traffic if the webmaster puts in the Quantcast code. I checked the code on Geller’s site and the Quantcast tracking code is indeed on every page. Thus if a site is “Quantified” and the traffic is directly measured, as opposed to estimated, then the figures are pretty accurate. And Quantcast is indeed much more accurate then the demonstrably inaccurate assertions of Pam Geller. But that’s not really a surprise is it…

  6. as much as i do not approve of her politics, since she did have 1.1 million combined in one month, you really do not have a certified gotcha going against her. and why play the gotcha game anyway? the point is her wrong ideas are bad for humanity. better to stay with that than to let the wing nuts draw you into a gotcha pissing match.

    1. she did have 1.1 million combined in one month

      First, I don’t know what you mean by “combined.” She never had 1 million visitors whether unique, combined whatever phrase you wish to use. Second, she’s made this claim all over her blog & the internet & it should be debunked as every other lie that comes forth from her mouth should be. Third, the article claimed that she gets around 1 million visitors EVERY month, not just one.

      As Pea wrote, let’s be clear about our terms. Page views are very diff. than unique visitors. If she had 900,000 visitors in a single month it’s certainly possible she had 1.1 million pg. views. But that’s not what she or the Times claimed. They said she had 1 million visitors, which she didn’t.

        1. No, I’m just playing the game you’d like me to play. I’m playing my own game. I don’t know what “they all lie” means.

          She lies about everything. That’s self evident. But no one has ever pointed out that she lies about this specific issue, hence it is newsworthy.

          Sorry I just have a diff. editorial sense than you. You’ll have to live w. it.

  7. Unfortunately, appealing to people’s worst emotions draws more attention and support than appealing to their finer instincts. You are no more in competion with this demagogue than you are with a porn site. nothing against porn sites which unlike Geller provide an honest service.

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