5 thoughts on “Justice Captain George-Style: Excusing ‘Family Honor’ Violence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. They might be his goons or guys he wants to turn into goons/informants. The Israeli fuzz remind me more of Russian cops or Turkish narco officers than the sort of police you see in Western Europe.

  2. ‘It seems that Israeli policing is about 20 years behind that of other western countries.’

    Yes, it does appear that a more enlightened policing policy here would be of some advantage in the matter.

    The same might be said of the larger question regarding violence and intimidation sanctioned in the wider context of both Palestinian and Israeli society.
    In this particular case, the law has been invoked and its response would indicate that a measured and impartial handling of the circumstances is in the best interests of all concerned. If the verdict goes with the plaintiff, as seems likely, the law must take its course and some settlement or penalty be imposed.

    Now, if only such an arrangement could be made to regulate the wretched state of affairs between Palestinians and Israelis, the result might then have considerable impact on how such communities conduct themselves in future.

    What a pity that the law, which can be so clear and capable on smaller issues, has so little dominion where matters of life and death are almost an everyday occurrence.

    Perhaps, one day, there will be laws made of sterner stuff, more than equal to a task which now seems so insurmountable. Otherwise, this saga remains set to continue, unabated and unresolved. Only when our common humanity rouses itself to impose some final judgement will the nightmare finally be ended.
    Until then, what cannot be cured, must be endured.

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