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  1. I am not a full-fledged techie but I’ve done some WP hacking in my time… Depends on what you need, I might be able to help you out. Can’t promise anything, though.

  2. post a story praising the rabbis who donated sets of the koran to the vandalized west bank mosque and i will be happy to help

    if you note that not one arab sent words of condolences to the families of the four jews who were massacred in their car, i will do it gratis

    1. Go take a flying leap. I wouldn’t want your help if you paid ME for it.

      If you’d only bother to read the comment threads you’d see that a resident of Kiryat Arbah spoke of the efforts of his community to do precisely that. But unlike you, he doesn’t have an axe to grind & isn’t either an apologist or propagandist. And I praised Myron for his efforts publicly in the comment threads. So an apology is in order you bleepin’ creep. And you make me sick.

  3. RE: “this individual has decided that attacking Geert Wilders is a hanging offense and disowned me” – R.S.

    …Lord Pearson of Rannoch and Baroness Cox, members of the House of Lords (the upper chamber of the British Parliament), invited Wilders to a 12 February 2009 showing of Fitna in the Palace of Westminster.[101] Two days before the showing, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith banned Wilders from entering the territory of the United Kingdom, labelling him an “undesirable person”.[11][102] Entry was denied under EU law, and reportedly supported under regulation 19 of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, an EU law which allows a member state to refuse entry to individuals if they are regarded as constituting a threat to public policy, security or health.[41] A Home Office spokesperson elaborated that “The Government opposes extremism in all its forms … and that was the driving force behind tighter rules on exclusions for unacceptable behaviour that the Home Secretary announced in October last year”.[41][103][104]…
    …After being declared persona non grata by Jacqui Smith, then the Home Secretary, in February 2009, Wilders appealed the decision to Britain’s Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.[112] In October 2009, the tribunal overturned the ban.[113][114][115] Wilders subsequently praised the ruling as “a triumph for freedom of speech” and stated that he plans to visit the United Kingdom in the near future.[12][113]
    The ruling was criticized by the British Home Office, which stated that an appeal of the tribunal’s ruling is being considered. A spokesman stated: “The Government opposes extremism in all its forms. The decision to refuse Wilders admission was taken on the basis that his presence could have inflamed tensions between our communities and have led to inter-faith violence. We still maintain this view.”[12][113]

    SOURCE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geert_Wilders

    1. Yeah, maybe this guy would like to hang his own Home Secretary. I’m sure he disagrees w. her decision. He really seems to believe that Muslims are all terrorists & evil. But he’s not a flaming extremist like David Horowitz. He’s quieter about it.

      A local Pakistani American I Know attended a local talk by Hirsi Ali & described a sold out house of over 1,000 ea. of whom paid $45 to hear her & applauded her wildly as a hero for standing up to the big bad Muslims who perpetrate female circumcision. That’s the kind of person my former consultant is. He’s kind of a fellow traveler who sees this as a battle bet. good & evil with him being on the side of the good guys.

      I thought we could just ignore the politics, but he let it get in the way.

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