7 thoughts on “Roger Cohen to Obama: ‘Break Some Bones’ to Get Extended Settlement Freeze – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I wouldn’t call Abbas a wimp for doing that. I’d call him desperate. And I don’t see anything wrong with that. The man is just tired of all the nonsense and wants a peace agreement, even if it means he has to put up with something as ridiculous as this.

    I think he just wants to keep the talks going if it means there’s the slightest chance for actual results. I actually appreciate him a lot for that. Maybe the attitude will save us from ourselves… and then again, maybe not.

    As for what the Palestinian people would allow or not… honestly, if Bibi followed what the people from the street wanted, there would be no negotiations at all, let alone talks about an extended freeze. So maybe disregarding popular opinion, and willing to go through some sort of self-sacrifice (Bibi would lose almost all support) is the only way things can work out.

    1. Abbas is not so much a wimp as a tool. I’m getting reports from the refugee camps that the PA is conducting more night raids than the Israelis. These negotiations are bound to run off the cliff; more importantly they are a sham because with Abbas at the table the Palestinian people are represented poorly or not at all.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more on every point. The PA is the latter-day Middle Eastern equivalent of the Vichy government, and then some.

        This is really nothing new, though. It was the same when Arafat was alive. The “government” of the occupied and colonized people is made responsible for the security of the occupier and colonizer, and for keeping the people quiet and docile in the face of outrageous and brutal daily injustice.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised that Bibi would announce atleast partial freeze on sunday. He is between rock and a hard place. He has to continue the talks for the sake of his credibility. on the other hand his coalition might crumble if he continues the freeze. Bibi has a card in his sleeve: kadima might then join the coalition.

    Some Likud members are planning to present a new law to Knesset that would force the coalition to accept the peace deal signed by the PM.

  3. when are we going to see it for what it is? Abbas is NOT a wimp. He’s just a MossadMole acting as a MossadMole should act. AbuMazen the MossadMole is very much like Aldrich Ames … remember him? he was russia’s mole at the heart of one of our US intelligence agencies … google him and see what he did …

    1. I’d prefer you support any such claim you make with evidence. If you don’t have any then don’t speculate & don’t grandstand either. I don’t much like it when either side of the political debate does that.

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