3 thoughts on “News Flash: New Israel Fund Refuses to Fund Hamas – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Much has been written about the meaning of this ineligibility criterion:

    7. Works to deny the right of the Jewish people to sovereign self-determination within Israel, or to deny the rights of Palestinian or other non-Jewish citizens to full equality within a democratic Israel.

    What’s even more vague is this one:

    8. Engage in activities at odds with the positions, principles, or vision of the New Israel Fund.

    What are those positions and principles? NIF still hasn’t adequately addressed how they’re going to respond to rightwing calls for ideological purity. I guess we’ll have to reserve judgment for a year and see whom they de-fund.

  2. thanks to im tirzu millions of israelis became aware
    of nif and the anti israel terror groups it finances

    a new law in israel will force nif to open up its
    sources of revenues in full and its final usages

    it will lead to private israelis and jews support
    european ngo who give trouble to establishment
    and even push the muslims to violence (which
    is so easy considaring their jihad business)

    im tirzu is just the beginning

    nif is being exposed daily and its 5th colomn
    guys are exposed and dealt with

    there is no room in israel for foreign money being
    pushed elsewhere

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