12 thoughts on “The Terror Industry and Anti-Jihadism, Who Benefits? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Horrible as these anti-Moslem fanatics are they are not the real problem. As Juan Cole pointed out recently in his blog, about half of the nation’s 400 billionaires are in favor of attacking Iran. And although Cole did not say so, most of these war mongering billionaires are almost certainly Zionist Jews who account for something like 50% of the nation’s billionaires as a glance at the Forbes 400 will quickly reveal.

    Just as the support of key German industrialists was a key factor behind Hitler’s rise to power in 1930s Germany, the drive to attack Iran and perhaps set up concentration camps for US Moslems would not get anywhere without the tacit support of many billionaire Zionist Jews and a few gentile billionaires like Rupert Murdoch as well.

    1. Whoa, did you forget the comment rules?? If so, go back & either read ’em for the 1st time or read them again if you already have. I don’t go for conspiracy theories nor do I go for such jingoism. If that’s yr game you can play it elsewhere. You’re on moderation till I can sure that you understand the rules & adhere to ’em.

  2. Richard-
    Crimson Ghost says “Zionist Jews” want an attack on Iran. As a “Zionist Jew” what do you have to say about that?

    Regarding the Communist “menace” which you put into quotes-did you mean to imply that there was no such “menace” in reality? If you were to talk to people from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Khazhakstan, Uzbekistan and what used to be East Germany, do you think they would say there was no such thing as a Communist “menace”?

    1. The Communist menace was a vastly overrated phenomenon which our CIA & politicians used for their own partisan purposes. Such overrating has been verfied by policy wonks who’ve gone back & reviewed the actual estimates of Soviet power in CIA reports fr. the era. Hence the term “menace” in quotes. The same holds true for the “Muslim menace.”

  3. They might be Zionists (whatever that means), they might be billionaires (they are), but at least to me they are first and foremost criminals.

    A common criminal will break the law – and in this case his victim(s) may be, normally, one or two persons.

    Other criminals (such as the ones pushing for never ending ‘war on terror’) don’t break ANY law but their victims numbered in thousands and millions.

    People tend to demand quick justice for the 1st kind of criminals yet are totally confused about what to think about the 2nd type. Too many don’t see them for what they are; they can’t bring themselves to acknowledge it. In these cases people need a lot of time to adjust and change. This is such a sad fact about human nature. Just a bit.

  4. Itanian-Americans who oppose the clerical regime still very much against a US attack on their country.

    I got this mesage today

    “My name is Reza Aslan. I’m an Iranian American and like you, I care about my family, my community and my two countries – the US and Iran.

    I am writing you because I’m very concerned about the risk of war between our two countries – a war that some say is necessary in order to keep the peace.

    War cannot keep the peace. War would be devastating for the Iranian people. War would be devastating for America and, indeed, the world. And the first victims would be the human rights and democracy defenders in Iran – those same people who inspired us so much last year.

    Each day, this situation becomes more serious. There is even a resolution before Congress to “green light” a first strike on Iran by Israel. This is the first step toward enabling an all-out war. Now that crippling sanctions have been passed, war hawks are openly advocating for what has been their objective all along – an attack on Iran.

    We need to make our voices heard. We must act now and not wait for war to start to then try and stop it. We must prevent it.

    But are our voices being heard in Washington? Is there anyone representing us?

    Fortunately, there is. The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) is the leading voice for our community in Washington DC.

    Just two years ago, NIAC worked with leading Jewish-American and peace groups to defeat a Congressional resolution that would have paved the way for a US-Iran war. Our communities stood together and helped avoid disaster.

    NIAC is once again leading the way. I’m proud to be a NIAC supporter, and I want you to be a part of this movement too. We need your help. Please make a $100 donation today. Help us raise $50,000 by October 1 and make our voice stronger.

    We need to stand together to stop this madness now. That is the least we can do for those fighting for their rights in Iran.

    Join us today. Thank you”

  5. Richard,

    Thank you for addressing the “terror industry.” This is also an issue of considerable concern to me, as you will see should you visit my site.

    (Speaking of which, please consider adding Moralintelligence.net to your blogroll, and after I learn enough about your site to write informatively about it, I will similarly add you to my “Allies” link pages.

    I think we’re examining the same problems and coming to similar conclusions.)

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