14 thoughts on “Mossad Recruiting U.S. Muslims, CIA Poll Ranks Israeli Intelligence Most Aggressive Within U.S. – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. giraldi is a paulbot richard

    paul supporters are neonazis and troofers

    that the article would use him as a source makes the entire thing very questionable

    “an internal cia poll” rofl

    wonder if it was conducted by the same guys who helped cheney cherry pick the intel for going to war with iraq

    1. giraldi is a paulbot

      A former CIA officer, that’s what he is professionally which is why his view is important.

      As for Ron Paul, irrelevant. Besides, I don’t even know that what you’re claiming is true since as usual you don’t provide any support.

      “an internal cia poll” rofl

      I’m tiring of you rapidly. Keep up the snark & yr shelf life here will be short.

  2. ROckville MD – or other DC neighborhoods- backgammon tournaments seem like a good place to make friends. Well, later the israeli gov will blame a “rogue” organization that will be dismantled wink wink, and we know the rest.
    The question is why does the CIA allow that, if they are so much against it.
    i guess the CIA has a problem with american “rogue” agencies which are not loyal to the new administration.

  3. I can’t imagine why any American Muslim would be inclined to allow themselves to be recruited by the likes of the Mossad.

    Besides, shouldn’t there be something illegal about such a thing as a foreign intelligence agency attempting to recruit American citizens for spying? Isn’t this called espionage? Or is this part of the “special relationship” enjoyed by Israel with the US?

  4. BLOG: “There have been a number of cases reported to the FBI about Mossad officers who have approached leaders in Arab-American communities and have falsely represented themselves as ‘U.S. intelligence,’ ” Giraldi wrote recently in American Conservative magazine.”

    MARY: “I can’t imagine why any American Muslim would be inclined to allow themselves to be recruited by the likes of the Mossad.”

    WELL, with FALSE FLAGS fluttering everywhere, I can easily believe that ANYBODY can and will pretend to be ANYBODY ELSE in order to seek clandestine help.

    I am quite sure that the Saudi folks who performed the 9/11 aircraft crashes BELIEVED they had been recruited, paid, supported, etc.,by Al-Qaeda (or the like). I am equally sure that there is little way they (or anyone else) can now (or could then) determine who ACTUALLY organized 9/11.

    The organizers of 9/11 either CALLED OFF MILITARY INTERVENTION WHICH WOULD OTHERWISE HAVE SHOT DOWN THOSE PLANES or benefited largely from someone else (Vice President’s office?) calling off the normal military response.

    Who do I think organized 9/11? CIA (or some fragment of it) or (Vice-President’s office or some fragment of it) or MOSSAD (or some fragment of it) seem as likely to me as Al-Qaeda, and each of these seems al lot more powerful than Al-Qaeda– and FAR MORE ABLE to call off the military response which should have prevented the destruction of the Twin Towers and the deaths of almost 3000 people.

    1. I think you could possibly be right. But I also believe that we’ll never know what really happened on 9/11. Maybe our great-grandchildren might someday know the truth but I doubt it will be revealed in our lifetimes.

      1. Ahem, what I meant was that so much of the information is classified that it’s impossible to know the whole scenario. I’m not an afficionado of “troofer” conspiracy theories.

      2. Mary, I expect Richard was commenting on and distancing himself from my post. If so, he would not be alone in the characterization “Loonytunes”.

        Some people are not comfortable with FALSE FLAG allegations/suppositions even though we know about many in history including American ones.

        1. there are two reasons to distance oneself from conspiracies such as 9/11 truthies. one is practical and reasonable, and that it is a huge waste of energy, and usually even when the truth comes out, it has little effect on political realities. The ability to carry false flag operation speaks for itself, and the victims dont count. One such example that did come out was the Isaeli “parasha”, when Israel meant to bomb American targets in Egypt and frame the arabs etc. Despite the “earthquake”, nothing really changed. There were rumors in Israel w/r to several terrorist attacks, in and outside Israel, as being “false flag” (one famous theory claims that Argov assassination was such), and these events were meant to spin public opinion and prepare for larger moves. The tragedy, besides the victims of the terror, lies with those who are manipulated and framed, but they are considered “broken eggs” on the way to make the big omelette. This is just a form of military cunning, nothing else. In such case, I would not call the theory “looney” in respect to memory and history and the many dupes who lost life and name in such events. Its enough to pass the subject and move on.

          the other reason is less innocent and more self serving. The main cadre of Jewish progressives is part of a larger cultural phenomenon, I jestfully call “the Jewish brigade of the State department”. The boundaries of this critique are very clear and marked, and false flags of sorts are way beyond that, given the role of Israel and Jews in the USA in the campaign against Iraq, from the Bush era (even Ragen) and till now.

  5. It would be fascinating to see the results of a similar internal Poll at MI6.

    One suspects that Russia would easily make first place for aggression, Iran second, Israel indeed third and China fourth, if that.

    (Iranian Intelligence did get a double agent into the post of translator to the British general in charge in Afghanistan a few years back, on the basis of his being “the only fluent Pashtoon speaker in the TA.” However, the double agent, who used the name “Garry James”, only became the “only fluent pashtoon speaker in the TA” when Jonathan Kitulagoda happened to be one of the first British soldiers deliberately killed in the country. Up till then, there had been almost no systematic attacks on British soldiers. I have wondered for several years, if Jonathan was singled out precisely because he could communicate with ordinary Afghans and not leave his unit dependent on dubious outsiders for translation services. There was a newspaper article, where Jonathan said that it was immensely helpful that he could speak to people and that all sorts of problems had been averted – and then he was dead. I know people die on the battlefield, but it wasn’t a battlefield in that area prior to the attack which killed him. I just don’t see how the Taliban could have managed the feedback, and it wasn’t THEIR cause that was advanced by his death, either.)


    Chinese intelligence may be present in the UK, perhaps on a large scale, but they are not killing anyone. Which is courteous of them.

  6. I want to make a difference in the world. At the moment I have only language skills, but I would like to learn more. I do not question commands but to tell you the truth I am 27 and I don;t have an idea what to do with my life. I am not an agent for any agency, all I want do is something significant

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