27 thoughts on “Chernick Funds Horowitz-Spencer Attacks on Park51 Mosque – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. nothing illegal in the donations, so i dont know what the big deal is

    and richard…i love watching the right and left fight over this non issue

    the cordoba house will cost somewhere between 100-200 million to build

    the foundation has 29k in its bank account

    they dont have an architect, they dont have plans, they dont have an environmental impact study (even with the commission’s ok, you gotta have one of those), they dont have any unions signed on to work the project (ny…union town)

    what they have is an idea…and a building

    so you are all fighting over an empty building and an idea

    its great theater…but thats it

    1. Not quite, unclejoe:

      “The Cordoba Initiative estimates that the community center and mosque at Ground Zero will cost about $100 million. The building would be funded by the Initiative, the American Society for Muslim Advancement and donations. The land for the Cordoba House is already owned by the Cordoba Initiative and does not involve any zoning changes. Even though the building does not require approval by the Community Board, the Initiative chose to discuss the plans at the Community Board Meeting voluntarily. The Cordoba House would be open to all and would aim to help promote Muslim-American understanding through offering needed community services.”


  2. Can you confirm that the Robert Spencer mentioned here is not the assistant Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police? Otherwise, it reads as if you’re making a much more startling revelation than usual.

    This is the day your supposed Israeli Intelligence sources had fingered for the start of Ragnorak, isn’t it? Seems fairly quiet, so far…

      1. Never actually mentioned in any UK, UAE or South African media that I’ve read, up till now.

        Interesting, though. Spencer is the second most definitively Norman surname around, after Norman.

        1. Ah, I see:
          Anyone repeating Robert Spencer’s current views in print in the UK, or South Africa, would be at some risk of prosecution for incitement to racial hatred, which may explain why I’ve got this far without hearing about him.

          You’d be amazed how little coverage American extremists get in the Gulf Times, too.

          I suppose he’d take that as proof that he was right…

  3. Medawar, what are you talking about on Robert Spencer? This Robert Spencer that Richard is writing about is an American. To make it simple for you here is the Wiki on this Robert Spencer.


    Now if you could explain to me how he could possibly be the assistant Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police in Great Britain I would be most interested.

  4. It’s a Sufi mosque.
    There are large parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan where anyone opening one of THOSE would be taking his life in his hands. That they should encounter similar dangers in New York is testament to the truly stunning ignorance of America, about friend and foe alike.

    Osama bin Laden is not a Sufi, he’s not even really a Wahhabi like his father, because the creed he was preaching in the illiterate backwaters of Afghanistan, sounded to UAE soldiers on peacekeeping duties there like pure Manichaeism. (They weren’t too happy when they read through the “Korans” he’d distributed, either.)

    If America was wise enough to give Muslims space enough to realize that neither Osama bin Laden nor Ali Khamenei are actually preaching from the Koran, the terrorists would soon be gone, probably in a wisp of smoke.

    But if America indulges in psychotic idiocy, such as this weekend’s proposed public burnings of Korans, then it will drive Muslims into the hands of men whom they would in any other circumstances perceive as heretics.

    It is up to New Yorkers, and nobody else, what is built in their city, but let them make their own minds up in possession of the facts and not hysterical propaganda.

  5. Medawar, It’s a mosque – simple as that – not sufi, not wahhabi.

    What makes you such an authority on Islam so as to split such esoteric hairs?

    If anything its pitched as a community centre open to all, which is indicative of the egalitarian ethic underpinning it as it does Islam.

    For the avoidance of any doubt, it’s construction was already approved according to the relevant zoning laws – it’s up to the people there in the immediate vicinity and no-one else – and they approved it, virtually unanimously!!!

    That’s up until the pajamas brigade et al jumped on the bandwagon claiming the whole thing as a political hot potato then milking it for events transpiring two blocks away – aaah gotta love it – psychotic idiocy indeed, as befits a Land of the Freak, Home of the Depraved!!

    1. Medawar, It’s a mosque – simple as that…

      No, it is not a mosque. Nor is it at so-called “ground zero” or even visible from there.

      And by the way, it does not take an authority on Islam to know the difference between Sufi and Wahhabi, nor is it splitting hairs to note the difference.

      As for the rest of your comment, we agree completely.

  6. Don’t tell me that Medawar who is spewing Islamophobic “truths” about Muslims and Islam has never read the trash being published by Jihad Watch whose founder is Robert Spencer, which is not a unique name. May be he has never heard of Cassandra being impersonated these days by Pamela Geller who has taken over when Orianna Fallaci died. Sounds to me those modern Cassandras must have been jilted by some Muslims boyfriends and found revenge in Islam bashing 🙁

  7. FYI bin Ladin follows the Qutbism school, NOT Wahhabi

    Read the Wahhabi Myth available free online as an ebook and also Karen Armstrong’s explanation.

    1. Robin, there is no such thing as the Qutbism school; Qutb was a poet and teacher who wrote several good books and one or two bad ones. Some so-called radical Muslims follow some of Qutb’s teachings but there is no School per se.

  8. i fail to see the big deal, all non profit organizations are getting contributions, in Israel that includes Taayoush, Betzelem, Gush Shalom, Adalla, The Association for civil rights, Agenda, The association of forty, Bezchut, Arab Association for Human rights and many others.
    it is an orchestrated effort to change the inner structure from a Jewish state to something else.
    so what’s the difference ?

  9. Mary, please read at least the short version of the Wahhabi Myth to understand that bin Ladin is not following Wahhabi Islam. This misinformation is critical to understanding where he is coming from because it leads to such MISINFORMATION concerning Saudi Arabia. I am not here to defend Saudi Arabia, but I certainly will point people in the right academic direction concerning misinformation. Bin Ladin is NOT Wahhabi in his actions. Hearing over and over again from nut-cases that Saudi Arabia should have been attacked because Bin Ladin is Saudi and 11 of the hijackers were as well is just plain nonsense. (on the other hand this is off topic from Richard’s post so I apologize-but again, read the Wahhabi Myth for better understanding on this subject-and NO I am not defending Wahhabism! Just pointing to academic understanding of this pure misinformation held by so many)

      1. There was an article in the Guardian, just after 9/11, which analyzed Osama bin Laden’s teachings at some length, and the convincing conclusion was that not only were these not Wahhabism, but they bore far more resemblance to the pre-islamic Manichee religion than anything else.

        Since when, even The Guardian has proceeded to ignore all this and present the man as an Islamist.

        The UAE military detachment in Afghanistan spent several years teaching Afghan Imans to read Arabic, because this hadn’t been done during the Russian occupation, and Osama had exploited this, because he realized he could teach them almost ANYTHING by rote and they’d pass it on to the next generation. Life expectancy is not high there, and what look like old men to us are actually in their forties. There are very few people left who can remember before the Russian invasion. The culture became almost entirely oral during the occupation. Osama deliberately corrupted it. This was very important, but American policy makers completely ignored the UAE army when they said this was very important and key to turning the population’s loyalties. In the past few months they have sort of realized, but they were told seven years ago.

        It is key to why the Taliban subsequently fell out with Osama; they had trusted him to look after the villages near his training camps and it never crossed their minds that he would do this.

        It’s not the “Wahhabe myth” really, it’s the Islam myth, because Osama was teaching against the religion of most of those who now follow him. Identifying this is not “splitting hairs” it’s paying attention to a key part of everything.

        There’s a similar split between Shia leaders in Iraq and Ali Khamenei in Iran, because some of his ideas sound dodgy to them. The Ayatollahs in Sadr city cannot plausibly be accused of being pro-western, but they have expressed grave doubts about what is being taught by their Shia co-religionists across the border.

        As for your Robert Spencer: he appears to be a committed communist who has become an equally committed capitalist and virulent islamophobe. Exactly the same political and spiritual journey that has been made by practically all of Russia’s political and business leaders in the past twenty years. His master’s voice?

  10. Just out of curiosity-have there been any Muslim funders of absolutely anything who have used proceeds from the sale of their technology business(es)?

    1. What the hell are you talking about? There are 1.5 billion Muslims on the planet. Do you think someone distributed a questionnaire?

      1. Richard Silverstein, without a questionaire, did a little digging and found one Jew who used the proceeeds of the sale of his technology business to fund a whole lot of groups.

        With so many Muslims, as you point out, it should be easier to find at least a few who have done the same.

        1. Your comments aren’t even intelligent let alone communicating a serious point of view. You have not read my blog if you think that Aubrey Chernick is the only right wing American Jewish extremist who uses his wealth to fund groups hostile to Islam and supportive of settlers. I’ve written literally scores of such blog posts, maybe even 100 or more about such people.

          “Philanthropic” or didn’t you notice the quotes around the word every time I used it except perhaps the last one? Let me put you on notice that if I ever use the word associated with him it’s meant in quotes even if I don’t use them. This isn’t philanthropy, it’s anti-Muslim racism drenched in dollar bills.

          1. 1/ I asked a simple question asking the name of a single Muslim anywhere who sold his (or her) tech company and used the proceeds for anything, and look at the abuse I get.

            2/ I don’t write Richard’s comments. He does. Don’t blame me for his lack of quotation marks.

  11. today, george soros pledged 100 mil to hrw…and the right is up in arms

    guess what…when you are rich, you have earned the right to do anything with your money you want

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