7 thoughts on “Netanyahu to Oust Mossad Chief – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. what kind of an utter BS is that ?
    Dagan had been the head of the Mossad for the last 8 years.
    that’s why he’s begin replaced.

    1. I don’t know if the article has been published online. I was sent the article as a jpg file. I translated the salient parts of the article for you. What more do you want? Once again, any Yisrael HaYom reporter is going to know the real thinking of Bibi better than you.

  2. The flotilla stuff is a convenient but bogus excuse to dump Dagan. In real life, it doesn’t make any damn sense. Dagan was supposed to identify the *terrorists* who are only designated as such for face-saving and political purposes? For starters, anyone with a clue would kinda expect that the Turks would resist a commando-style boarding. Theirs IS a true warrior culture, after all.

    It’s rumored that both of the “B”s were influential in the choice to mount the commando boarding operation in order to vicariously relive their glory days in the IDF. Barak should have known better; Bibi’s just faking it, IMO. Jaws were dropping among American military types who are in a position to know how and when, to carry such things out successfully. They were shocked and bemused.

    The Dubai tradecraft was both sloppy and abusive of allies.

    According to Anshel Pfeffer, Dagan favors continuing intl efforts to sabotage Iran’s nuclear related capabilities rather than attack. This could be a reason for getting rid of him if such plans are being seriously contemplated and his opposition is considered problematic. So where lies Amos Yadlin on the bombing runs to Iran continuim?


    [OT. Here’s yet another Israeli soldier of conscience, Ariel Chamish, who will pay a price for telling the commonsensical truth on FB]:

    “Saturday, September 4, 2010
    They murder because you build: Request to put soldier Ariel Chamish on trial for supporting terror organization and inciting to violence
    Press Announcement

    Tadmit wrote to the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday afternoon regarding the remarks of IDF Radio sports reporter Ariel Chamish.

    In the wake of Tadmit’s application, the posting of the IDF Radio broadcaster in the NIF facebook, where he wrote “they murder because you build” was removed.

    Attorney Hila Cohen of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel has applied to the Chief Military Prosecutor requesting that the soldier be prosecuted for
    violating the Staff Orders that prohibit “public expressions on military and state matters without the authorization of the COS, head of the IDF Personnel Directorate or IDF Spokesperson.”

    The letter also say he should be prosecuted for “violating the prohibition on supporting terror organizations in accordance with Section 4B and 4C of the Order to Prevent Terror, 1948, as well as violation of Incitement for
    Violence or Terror in accordance with Section 144D2 of the Criminal Law 1977. Likewise it is possible that his comments even fit the legal definition of sedition.”

    To see the remarks of Chamish:

    “You don’t build because they murder, they murder because you build. Continue to build and they will continue to murder you. Just don’t come afterwards with claims that the underdog occupied people that have no possibility to have human rights are trying to fight you in its


    The credit for the scoop goes to Lurker – from the scoop forum of Rotter.

    Chani Luz, Coordinator Tadmit


    Who are these people/orgs?; Tadmit & The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel.

    1. Who are these people/orgs?

      They’re the lunatic pro-settler Israeli right.

      And yikes, they even dug up some of Chamish’s prose writing and exposed it for all the world to see! Harsh. I’m glad they haven’t dug up any of my early attempts at creative writing.

      Thanks for alerting me to this story, which I just posted about.

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