14 thoughts on “Recruiting Brecht to Whitewash Occupation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: Nachman & Hagee
    ALSO SEE: Worldwide Biblical Zionists, By Rachel Tabachnick, 10/19/09 (excerpts) Worldwide Biblical Zionists (WBZ) is a project of World Likud and its evangelical arm, World Evangelical Zionists. It was developed to aid Christian Zionists who wish to make aliyah (move to Israel) with the stated goal of providing assistance for housing, employment, legal services, and pre-military training…
    Christian Zionist financial support for the West Bank has been ongoing for years, and Ariel has been a favorite for donors and adopt-a-settlement programs marketed to churches. However, some Likud party members and Christian Zionists are now taking even more extraordinary measures to populate the West Bank, showing just how far the concept of Christian Zionism can be taken.
    In January, 2007, Christian Zionist Joel Bell became director of the World Evangelical Zionists (WEZ), the evangelical department of World Likud. Bell states that in June of 2007 the “Jewish Zionist Congress and other Zionist organizations began supporting WEZ’s affiliation. This launched Biblical Zionists activities together with Governmental Institutions.”
    A joint Board of Governors Conference with WEZ and World Likud leaders was held in Texas in July 2007, and a new organization was launched in November under the under the name Worldwide Biblical Zionists. Danon and Bell were joined as keynote speakers at the Texas conference by Sagiv Assulin of Likud, and Christian Zionists William Koenig, former White House correspondent in the George W. Bush administration. Morton Klein of ZOA was also listed as a speaker in the promotional materials including this flash presentation. Other guest speakers listed in the promotional material were Keith and Jodie Anderson. Jodie Anderson heads the Battalion of Deborah, an organization which works with the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus and has, according to Public Research Associates’ RightWeb, received funds from Irving Moskowitz… ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.talk2action.org/story/2009/10/19/175932/60
    P.S. I wonder if “Reverend” Hagee is keen on the works of Bertolt Brecht.

    1. I wonder what Jewish Zionists are making of the fact that the move of Christians to Israel is now called “aliyah”.

      1. If they are encouraging “Christians” to “make aliya”, then he term Jewish State should be replaced by Zionist State.

  2. Is it possible that there can be an Israeli actor, producer or director who cannot blanch at the irony of performing Brecht in a theater built on land stolen from its indigenous inhabitants?,/i>”

    “Land stolen from its indigenous inhabitants” describes the overwhelming majority of the land in Israel, not just land in the colonies of the West Bank and Golan Heights.

  3. The theatres in Israel have sold out long ago. They heavily depend on government money for their survival, and this money is not given without political demands.

    The major theatres put up entertaining plays and sell them at a discount to corporates for their employees or customers. Everyone’s involved has been covering up for the government for years, there’s nothing new there.

    Still, this is another step downward and a sad one.

    1. From someone who criticize others in the name of “fixing the world” – “uncover the truth” – and “fighting for the freedom of speech” I didn’t expect to block important knowledge about the creation of Jordan only because a Jewish word that pinpoint about negative aspects of one’s behavior or self integrity.

      1. First, you’re seeking to score points rather than engage in debate or discussion, a comment rule violation. Second, the subject of this blog is not the creation of Jordan. Third, I find your nickname offensive. Fourth, if you think you possess “important knowledge” about anything you’re sadly mistaken.

        1. My comment replied to this suggestion from this specific post:
          “Perhaps he should invite Jordan’s King Abdullah to the inaugural concert since the center’s purported geographical reach goes all the way to Amman.”

          I thought its part of the discussion:
          and since very few people know about the above (100% fact) I thought it would be helpful. You know… to uncover the truth.

  4. Animal Farm is alive and well in Colonial Israel, and up is down and black is white and God has surely willed it thus.


    I studied a prior version of Brecht’s “The Caucasian Chalk-Circle” in high school, i.e. the 1940 play “Der Augsburger Kreidekreis”

    which by my then German-teacher and Brecht-specialists is considered a modern version of the Judgment of Solomon

    Ironically, the metaphor of the Judgment of Solomon has been widely used by the advocates of a One State-solution, but I guess neither the mayor nor the inhabitants of Ariel are specialists on Brecht and modern political interpretation of his work.

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