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  1. Well, the background is that they didn’t charge him with anything serious to begin with. The minor document offense they did charge him with will, at best, result in a fine – although the prosecution could have pushed for a prison term, they declined to do so.

    The whole thing seems to have been a charade from the very start. I doubt any of the German decision-makers ever entertained the thought of seriously investigating the matter.

  2. This is not surprising. As Koshiro says, he wasn’t charged with a serious offense anyway. He’ll go back to Israel and it will be business as usual. In fact, until the US is forthcoming on the matter of who arranged for the credit cards used by the agents in the murder plot, we’ll never know anything.

  3. It’s funny how everything Israel-related is always assumed on this blog to be part of some huge conspiracy theory. It’s also nice if you can push in some holocaust action a-la-Finkelstein.

    Surely you are not accusing the German justice system with foul play. Germany has one of the most proper justice systems in Europe. No need to look for dirt if where their is none.

    The problem here is a technical one. Poland only agreed to hand over Brodsky regarding the fraud charges. The Polish court probably determined that there was not enough evidence that he participates in any espionage activities. Therefore by law the Germans cannot give him any more than a fine (which is why he is no longer in custody). That is how proper justice systems work (as opposed to Israel’s for example where people are held in custody even though there is no adequate evidence.)

    Now, one may think that the Israeli diplomatic network was somehow involved with an interference to the Polish/German justice procedures. These people will probably find a warm home with their fellow looneys in a conspiracy theory forum.
    The reason for this is simple, 3rd grade logic: even if Brodsky did lie/falsify documents in order to fraudulently receive a fake German passport, he is in no way involved with any aspects of the Mabhouh killing (again, assuming it was done by the Mossad to which there is currently no proof). These organizations and operations are highly compartmented…no one is aware of what the others are doing. This guy in Germany did not have any idea of what is happening in Dubai because his sole mission was to help others receive European identities (or some similar mission like that). Even though his actions may have resulted in illegal activities committed by Michael Bundheimer in Dubai, he was not responsible for that and should not be accused with this.

    And third, regarding the stolen identity of some kid in SF. Do you have any proof of this? I feel like you are insulting our intelligence. They have the same name. I had two classmates named Yoav Stein. I just googled and there is a Psychiatrist in Israel names Ori Brodsky. Please don’t spam us with this nonsense.

    1. “The Polish court probably determined that there was not enough evidence that he participates in any espionage activities.”

      And you PROBABLY made this up on the fly? Or do you happen to have any proof whatsoever?

      In any case: The German law against this kind of forgery (Mittelbare Falschbeurkundung, StGB §271) includes a maximum penalty of 3 years prison in normal cases. In cases where – pay attention – the guilty party worked for money or to harm another person, there is a minimum prison term of three months and a maximum of five years.

      So, in short words, the prospective sentence was only limited to a fine because the prosecution wanted it to be. And of course, German prosecutors are not elected, nor are they independent from the executive branch. They are appointed by, and subject to orders from, the ministry of Justice (on either the state or the federal level.)

      1. “And you PROBABLY made this up on the fly? Or do you happen to have any proof whatsoever?”

        As long as no proof of foul play has been brought forth I assume the wheels of justice in Poland and Germany are working properly. If you (or anyone) can provide evidence of some “divine intervention” than I will gladly “eat my hat” (as we say in Hebrew).

        I do not know much about the German laws, neither did I bother to look it up. I am relying on the various news reports that wrote what the maximum penalty for such crimes was a fine (and I didn’t see any reason why they wouldn’t tell the truth in this case). Even if one can indeed get prison time for such felonies, I still stand behind my above statement.

        1. “Even if one can indeed get prison time for such felonies, I still stand behind my above statement.”
          You make a statement based on false assumptions, then after being told that these assumptions are indeed false (feel free btw to look up StGB §271) you ‘stand behind’ that statement? Oookay…

          1. ma lo hevanta habibi?
            My above statement is this:

            “As long as no proof of foul play has been brought forth I assume the wheels of justice in Poland and Germany are working properly.”

            The spectrum of penalties for falsifying documents may include jail sentences. Even in this case, I believe that the German/Polish justice system made the right decision to release him based on the evidence they reviewed. This assumption is correct unless proven otherwise.

          2. This assumption is correct unless proven otherwise.

            Look, you can claim the moon is made of green cheese for all I care & then say yr assumption is correct unless proven otherwise. But I don’t view my role as disproving ideas that are patently wrong on their face. You’ll have to go elsewhere for that. And we don’t allow people here to say their views are correct till proven otherwise. YOu haven’t proven yr views were correct & they will stand unsupported & disbelieved until proven otherwise.

          3. Nice amnesia.

            “Therefore by law the Germans cannot give him any more than a fine”

            This statement is false. Simple as that. So that’s not part of what you ‘stand behind’?

            “This assumption is correct unless proven otherwise.”

            Typical ‘logic’ of the true believers. ‘Wild, unfounded assumptions are true unless proven wrong’. Awfully convenient for those who can’t be bothered to back up their opinions with facts. And in the case one does disprove their assumptions – as I just did with yours, as shown above – feign ignorance.

    2. The Polish court probably determined that there was not enough evidence that he participates in any espionage activities

      As usual, you are misinformed. THe N.Y. Times gave the strange but true explanation that spying against Germany is not a crime in Poland, therefore Brodsky could not be extradited to Germany on that basis. Therefore, again for some strange reason, Germany could not prosecute for espionage because that charge wasn’t in the extradition papers. Bizarre stuff. But you’re peddling horse manure as far as what the Polish court determined or didn’t determine.

      These people will probably find a warm home with their fellow looneys in a conspiracy theory forum.

      I find this comment deeply offensive. If you continue in this vein you will be moderated. Most of the world’s media & experts on intelligence issues are firmly convinced that Brodsky & Bodenheimer committed fraud & misused German passports in killing al Mabouh. Don’t you dare call such people loonies. Don’t you dare. Discussion at this blog is to be precise, accurate & factual–none of which that stupid statement was.

      he is in no way involved with any aspects of the Mabhouh killing

      More utter stupidity. In any reasonable justice system he would of course be an accessory to the murder since his fraudulent acts were instrumental to the success of the crime. It doesn’t matter whether Brodsky knew he was engaging in fraud on behalf of an assassination. What matters is the outcome & role that Brodsky’s crime played in that larger conspiracy. Look, if you’re not a lawyer & know nothing about German law, don’t open yr big mouth. When you do every word makes you look like little more than a pontificating idiot.

      Do you have any proof of this?

      All you have to do is read the posts & articles to which I linked. The story was published in a major Israeli newspaper, parents interviewed confirming the identity theft crime, etc. Do me a favor, before you ask such questions would you do yr homework & read what I’ve written including following the links & reading them?

      Please don’t spam us with this nonsense.

      No, the nonsense is on yr side. And for this inanity you will be moderated. And any further violations of my comment rules will result in yr losing privileges to comment here.

      1. Well said and thought out Richard. Obvious there is major cover up. I notice Britain dropped the subject of its passports quickly!!!

      2. The New York Times doesn’t appear to understand the new EU extradition process:

        You can be extradited for anything that’s a crime in the country asking for extradition, even if it’s not a crime, or is even a constitutional right, in the country you are being extradited from. You do not even need to have ever visited the EU country demanding your extradition.

        Tony Blair AGREED to this. Peace in Israel is his new mission. Enjoy.

  4. If obtaining a passport with false information is a minor offence, then Germany is well out of step with other EU states, such as the UK and Spain, where any manipulation of passports is taken very seriously.

    Since Germany aspires to common borders with her EU partners (and has open borders with France etc), failing to take passport fraud seriously may create some considerable friction with those partners, to make up for any easing of the relationship with Israel.

    I’m not sure that “Brodsky” was the best bet for penetrating this affair anyway: there are twenty odd apparent Mossad agents whose biometric data is now known to Arab, Irish and British authorities and they will have to move around the world very nimbly indeed, for the rest of their lives, to avoid arrest.

    I’d be amazed if the Polish police failed to pass Brodsky’s DNA and other biometrics onto MI6 and SOCA, too.

    1. Well, as I wrote above, this was only possible because the prosecution went for the absolute minimum punishment possible. I haven’t bothered, but I’m certain German prosecutors have pushed for prison terms in §271 cases with far less nefarious purposes, such as illegal work permits.

  5. well, nice speculations. more likely germany received a generous “ransom” for this guy. Most important for Israeli gov was to save face domestically ! and prevent israelis from knowing who was caught. Regretfully, this goal was achieved in full, the citizens are still in the dark, no higher up assumed responsibility, nobody was compensated here, and most likely, the next “operatiop to steal identities from same countries” is underway.
    No journalism as well…

    1. It may be that German judges and prosecutors are frightened by the Euro Extradition laws that German politicians successfully pushed for. There’s a political dimension here that’s not to do with Israel and which Americans don’t appear to understand.

      “Bribing” Germany? What with?
      Germany is Europe’s largest economy and has just logged substantial economic growth. It is very difficult to see what Israel, an economy which exists on charity from the heavily-indebted United States could do to bribe the Germans. Threaten, maybe, bribe, no.

      1. large countries have dealings with smaller ones, bribe is usually personal, namely bribing a person, and its always available, no matter how small israels economy is.

        From personal mishap experience i know germany has been on this passport situation (plus identity theft and methods of manipulating innocent dupes) for some time. I can think up many reasons, my guess as good as anybodys, mainly to gain access to US secret etc. There are also numerous factions within each government and intel org, and so it could be a game within germany to influence policies re the Israseli situation with Iran and what not.

        The facts prove that Israels small economy is quite efficiently used, because locating, bribing an extorting individual officials can be very effective, and everyone has a price, and this price can always be raised.

        adding the organized crime nexus, sky is the limit.

        1. but i have to add here MW, and others, that my confidence in the sudden int’l law enforcement spree v israeli mossad/nuke, is limited, here in this blog and elsewhere. given experience, as well, i’d say all the crimes were known and covered for, and now uncovered for not so holy reasons. That too is not important of course, but as far as individual israeli victims, i don’t see anyone rushing to their aid, namely, the discourse of late is also partly honey potted or baitful.

          I know politics is dirty, but the one concerning israel tends to be particularly tricky. so pls refer to comments on israeli thugs with this caveat. they were raised and groomed by the very countries who now feign surprise and disgust.

      2. Israel, an economy which exists on charity from the heavily-indebted United States

        Not true at all. Israel’s economy may have many aspects that can be criticized. But it is not weak & doesn’t exist on charity. Israel does however receive a great deal of aid & military support fr. the U.S. of course.

  6. In this Haaretz article about a German journo/spy, the author reveals another aspect of the cozy relationship between Germany and Israel:

    ‘The BND was established at the initiative of a general, Reinhard Gehlen, an intelligence officer who served the Nazi regime faithfully and was responsible for running spy networks in Eastern Europe and, particularly, in the Soviet Union. After the war, the Americans decided to utilize his skills and his services. Gehlen brought with him in the service of the United States and the West his web of agents in Eastern Europe. Following the creation of West Germany, Gehlen and his staff became the infrastructure on which the BND was founded. Gehlen headed the organization until 1968. During his tenure the relations between the BND and the Mossad were consolidated, and ever since then, the BND has been the friendliest intelligence organization to Israel.”

    1. nice can of worms, the nazi-israeli alliance of “post war germany”. who will dare open and take a long gaze without turning into stone ?

      1. Within the past several months, I read in Haaretz) that the Mossad is also quite tight w/their Italian counterparts.

        1. indeed, old time fascists dont die…
          same thing.

          so who were the best buddies….italian fascists, german nazis and afrikaner nazis…great ! oh and stasi.

          my quest, sorta, is to find out what were the costs in terms of gross human rights violations against Israelis by mossad in “trade in” deals. for instance mabhouh case points to chronic identity theft, and even now, to the best of my knowledge the matter was not investigated, victims are intimidated into silence etc. What else has to happen so that ANYONE does anything about it ?

          i salute this blog for being almost the only voice for the real brodsky. However the guy didnt show up, right ? the abuse of Taglit for kidnap and laundering, same.

          This has to point you to the volume of intimidation levelled against israeli “third party innocent victims”. The violence is there, insidious and mostly covert and underhanded. regretfully, our american cousins are not helpful and many times, they are the perps as well.

          1. For many Germans, the Stasi -and the present day organised crime groups evolved from it- are as big a skeleton in the closet as the Nazi regime.

            The identity theft link is interesting, because the Russian Mafia boss, Semyon Mogilevich whom the FBI lists as one of their ten most wanted, enjoys the safeguard of an Israeli passport. Mr Mogilvech is believed by the FBI to have become a billionaire largely through identity theft and associated fraud. I’ve been intending to do a blog on what I’d call identity farming for some time. Let me sleep off the beaujolais and I’ll get to it.

            Nearly all the synthetic narcotics reaching the UK via the Netherlands, appear to have been made in Israel, too.

            Mossad would appear to have cultivated its contacts in organized crime for so long, that they have gone native.

          2. See:

            This may not be entirely what you are thinking of, but it’s partly based on what’s happened to contacts in the USA, Canada and Australia, whose association with Israel ranges from slight to none.

            If someone is actually going to live under a stolen identity and not be caught out, then the real owner of that identity has to be kept under control.

            It isn’t possible to become a billionaire by doing identity theft in a dot and carry, internet cafe in Lagos sort of way: it must be very large scale and efficient to make Semyon Mogilevich as rich as the FBI say he is.

            What I think is that this was what the KGB and GRU were doing when the wall fell, and some of their operatives commercialised the process!

  7. It is time for the UAE to recall their ambassador and suspend trade with Germany. Bar German citizens from stepping foot on UAE soil. In fact all Arab countries should do this. This double standard when it comes to Israel has to stop.

  8. Medawar, i once dropped in your blog and felt I cannot handle the darkness, without any getaways or some promise of hope.

    My impression from experience, again, is that those who know of the mechanisms, are usually in the loop, and I am not saying anything about you coz I dont know you. The loop has no values, only agendas, and so usually for the victims its not a safe haven but a sort of false promise for justice or validation. since i’ve been there too, i speak from experience. Not that there are only bad people, not at all, but within the knowing community the chances are slim, even if only because of workplace demands and practices. I therefore make it a habit not to go into rabbit holes, because I am no Alice.

    To your point, I’ve mentioned that “sleeper” farms earlier in some post about same subject. Its a vicious and apparently rampant form of slavery, perhaps imported from East Eruope (I tend to agree ), yet another one, and when governments do it, well, what can we do ? its like parental abuse. I dont see any of the foreigners who are interested in israel’s organized crime-intel do ANYthinG for the victims, such as grant asylum on the basis of mafia etc., what is usually done is a bait, in order to trade the victim for some goodies, and israel (and jews) have a lot of goodies, it could be a weapon, a charter to mine diamonds in africa, or a slice of some trafficking business. While that’s the case, what’s the point in the preaching ? from what I know, several opportunities existed to expose the practice (in relation to israseli gov abusing its own), but eventually some “deal” has been stricken like here with brodsky, and I suspect some of the exchange related to palestinian prisoners etc. Although that’s nice to release prisoners, why shoudl that be done at the expense of slaves’ lives ? god knows, that’s only re victimizing and securing the practice for the future.

    So, who has the higher moral ground ? if you know that place, tell me and i”ll rush …

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