3 thoughts on “Shin Bet Releases Accused Jewish Terrorist, Pearlman; What About Makhoul? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Great post. Just look at how the Ha’aretz piece begins, where if you changed the name, it could be about Ameer:

    Shin Bet fanfare on arrest…denied basic rights under interrogation…prevented from seeing a lawyer…tortured by shackling and sleep deprivation…

  2. very simple answer Richard, the right wingers practice solidarity and fearlessness. The “left” …?
    I asked you to condemn the New israel fund for NOT standing up to their obligation to Makhoul, you said “i will not join the critics of NIF” or something pretty lame as that.
    New Israel fund has high court justices on its board, and other important people, they can stick their neck for makhoul, but they dont. did you see any israeli blogger who does ? no. Most of them were happy to pile on Perlman.
    the new israsel fund, the bloggers you collaborate with, where are they ? Makhoul, shamai leibowitz, the list is long, the silence longer.

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