7 thoughts on “Germany to Prosecute First Mossad Agent Implicated in Dubai Assassination – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The appeals process with Euro warrants is essentially empty: there are NO grounds for appeal against extradition that actually work, so all he’s been doing is delaying the inevitable and feeding the lawyers.

    That being said, German courts can produce surprisingly (astonishingly) lenient sentences for killers.

    The jurisdiction to fear is Greece.

  2. It is rather sickening to exploit the Holocaust in such a way even though it is not surprising.

    The very least the German state should do is to protect the fast-track facility it has established from further abuse so that actual Holocaust survivors and their family members can continue to benefit from it – out of sheer respect for those who suffered this terrible atrocity.

  3. I am living in the south of Germany, but my parents – esp. my father – have american forefathers. So I believe to be German with some Anglo-American impact. Your thoughts about the German people seem to be extremely pessimistic for my ears; I’d strongly believe, American people could learn a lot from how Germany is handling its problems so far.

  4. A few years ago noticed Mr – lets call him -Bodenheimer on an international flight with two of his friends.
    You know what is weird? When you see them you suspect they are Mossad at first sight.
    Cool that Dubai government confirmed this suspicion.
    Lets face it there always will be people above the so-called laws which commons shud follow.
    this is all about elite versus non-elite.
    nothin different from thousands of years ago.

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