20 thoughts on “Rightist Ben Gurion Professor Derails Faculty Candidacy of Peace Activist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “The legal political activism of activists is under assault as never before. Astute individuals like David and Carmi understand this. The first exploits it and the second acquiesces to it.” – R.S.
    MY COMMENT: So, perhaps Netanyau is partially correct when he says it is 1938.

  2. So in other words, everyone is happy.

    Israel David has his way.

    And Asaaf Oron is happy where he is-certainly he won’t have to serve in any part of the IDF anymore.

    There aren’t too many stories out of the ME where everyone get his wish.

    1. Ha ha.

      I am 44, and so would be exempt from IDF reserves, since I served in the infantry reserves until coming to studies in the US in 2002 and field units end their service around age 42.

      But that is besides the point. The point is that you tried to make a joke of my smearing, but your joke falls flat on its face.

      Try again.

    2. So in other words, everyone is happy.

      You can’t be serious. YOu think that Assaf Oron, a young faculty member just beginning his academic career is “happy” having his name & reputation smeared in Israel’s leading newspapers by this scumbag???

    1. wasnt snark…it was a moral question

      i have gone through prof oron’s writings and see that he supports bds, and i was wondering if he supported bds to israeli educational institutions

      if so, he should do as those in south africa did…refuse to teach in the institutions….not try to gain tenure

      if he doesnt, i apologize, and he should not be denied tenure, as i see no problem in an academic holding political opinions that include boycotting goods and services

      i do find it strange that someone would want to work in an institution he feels the world should shun, which would jeopardize his own position in the states

      1. if so, he should do as those in south africa did…refuse to teach in the institutions….not try to gain tenure

        300 Israeli professors including the rector of the Univ. of Haifa disagree w. you & wrote to the Education mininster warning him not to punish any Israeli academic who supports academic boycott. They wrote saying this is a totally legitimate form of academic discourse. So you’ll have to pardon me if I grant an actual Israeli academic more credence than a poseur such as yrself.

        he should do as those in south africa did

        What do you know about S. Africa during the apartheid era. The chutzpah of people like you is amazing. You don’t even know about Israel, let alone S. Africa.

        Oron wasn’t getting tenure. Another error on yr part. He was applying for a tenure track position. Do you understand what that means?

        Finally, Israel is HIS country & he has every right to participate in its life as he sees fit. If he refused to teach in Israel he’d be leaving it for the likes of you & your “friend” Doctor Moskowitz.

  3. Good point! This is why the treat of academic boycott is such good idea. Otherwise the Israeli Acadima will turn into some sort-zain shteitl yeshiva.

  4. Sorry, I missed an ‘s’. Besides its a transliteration of a non-English name anyways.

    Oron says he’s 44. Silverstein says he’s ‘a young faculty member just beginning his academic career’. Hmmm.

    If I erred in saying that Oron is happy-but then I just went by his own website where he and his family appear very happy.

    Perhaps he should changed it.

    1. Yes, generally I and my family are quite happy, thank you. As Richard wrote, the bully is not succeeding in ruining my life so far.

      Does this mean we should all just shut up and not call out the bully and the lack of leadership at BGU?

      1. If you look at the very first words I wrote on this thread:

        ‘So in other words, everyone is happy’

        So in other words I was right (the level of ‘happy’ remaining in some dispute)

    2. In the academic world it is very common for people to be forced to live out of a suitcase for years on end, going from one temporary appointment to another, in different parts of the world. This means having to drag your family with you, which is a terrible strain on everyone (if you can afford to have a family at all). Getting into a tenure track position is what everyone dreams of. Dr. Oron is at a critical moment in his career right now. Being cheated out of the possibility to get tenure at this point is certainly not a laughing matter.

    3. 44 is young for a faculty member esp in an Israeli context where college doesn’t begin until you are 23-24 yrs old. How much do you know about academia & how many yrs it takes to complete a PhD? Very little clearly.

      I despise snark. So keep a lid on it. And it’s not cute, not funny & not witty.

      1. snark you dont like

        but you have no problem with someone calling another poster a prick

        good one

        of course this is a snarky comment and will never see the light of day….so im posting it rhetorically

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