15 thoughts on “Mavi Marmara: the Massacre That Will Not Die – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Haaretz also reports that the IDF investigation of the attack headed by Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland may be more critical than expected.”

    Oh, please, you mean like all those other IDF investigations?

  2. The boat seems to be in very good condition. Luisitania its not.

    Looks more like a small version of a luxury liner, actually.

  3. It is a cruise ship, Dave. It’s not a leaky fishing boat. It would be interesting to see the forensic evidence on the boat, if it hasn’t been obliterated.

  4. “Even in Biblical Sodom there was at least one honest man.” I so enjoy your writing as well as the informantion.

    Question — Does Israel keep all of the ships?

      1. There no reason whatsoever. One would think that in a normal investigation there would be – forensic evidence on the ship should be examined – but this bogus investigation is neither going to do that, nor interview witnesses (unless Tirkel gets his way).

        1. There no reason whatsoever.

          Well, yes, Mary, actually there IS a reason. After all, if they returned the ship to its rightful owners there might actually BE a forensic examination. The only way they can prevent that is to either keep the ship in their control, or destroy it.

          1. There is not reason to think they have a right to hold the ship, which they do not.

            Also, they are responsible for about $2 million dollars worth of passengers’ personal property which has not been returned to its owners.

          2. Well, we were not talk about whether they have a RIGHT to hold the ship, were we? We were talking about whether they have a reason.

          3. One can speculate as to why Israel has so far returned none of the boats it has stolen. The major reason probably, certainly with regard to the Free Gaza boats, is that Israel wants to prevent us using them again to break the blockade. Which of course we certainly will do if we get them back.

            They probably figured after they stole DIGNITY that they would break not only our spirit but our resources. The Israelis don’t seem to get it that every time they confiscate or destroy a boat, or kidnap, attack, even murder our passengers, there are fifty others standing in line to take each passenger’s place. I think the fact we refuse to be intimidated is very confusing to them. Personally I don’t consider the IDF to have shown much bravery in many years, since they rarely send their soldiers into situations where their adversaries are equipped with equal or any weapons. The fact they whined that they themselves were victims of the MAVI MARMARA passengers because they didn’t expect any resistance when from unarmed passengers shows me they thought they could safely do whatever they wanted without risking injury to themselves.

        2. Strange also, that the bodies of the 9 victims were washed, so that the distance of the shots -among other things- could not be determined by the Turkish forensic experts. You would think that in such an important case a proper examination of the bodies would have been carried out before they were washed. (Or was there actually an examination before the bodies were washed? And if so who did it and where is the report? And who washed the bodies and why?)

          And off topic: I finished watching “Aisheen. Still alive in Gaza” just now, which was broadcast on Dutch television tonight. I wish it were broadcast by the networks in America. (Very slight chance of course, but maybe it has been broadcast in Israel. Does anyone know?)

          1. Elisabeth, I believe all nine of those murdered by the Israelis were Muslims. When a Muslim dies the body must be washed as soon as possible, and it is traditional to hold the burial within 24 hours. However, I doubt that is the real explanation in this case, although it very likely will be used as an excuse. My bet is the bodies were washed, and almost certainly not in keeping with proper Islamic procedure, in order to remove forensic evidence. In most cases where foul play is suspected the requirement of washing can be delayed until the evidence is collected, although that can be controversial for some people who are very traditionalist in their observance.

      2. The DIGNITY was attacked in international waters and forced to Ashdod over a year ago and so far Israel refuses to return our boat to us. Now they have DIGNITY plus CHALLENGER 1 and RACHEL CORRIE, plus all the other boats from the flotilla. They are pirates, murderers, thieves and liars. Hope that language is not too strong, Richard, but I think we can verify that all these accusations are true.

  5. So when the Somali pirates hi-jack ships, the US Navy is sent out to patrol the waters. When Israel hi-jacks ships it is OK? I have not heard one word from the US about this theft of property on the high seas. Oh that’s right, the Obama administration was “dismayed” over the murder, hi-jacking and theft.

  6. Israel’s murderous attack on the American ship “The Liberty” in 1967, killing many US sailors, lingers in the background consciousness of alert Americans when they evaluate Israel’s murderous attack on the Mavi Marmara. The US tucked its tail between its legs instead of confronting Israel about the Liberty attack. Sensitive Americans must admire the Turks for not being cowardly, as we were, in the face of Israeli atrocities.

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