6 thoughts on “Seattle Conference: Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis and the Failure of U.S. Policy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard Silverstein,

    I was at the Seattle Conference on ‘Crisis in Gaza’ and found your blog and decide to make a comment. I am not sure whether it was you or Steve Niva that said that you are disappointed with Obama because he could not overpower the lobbyists of Israel and the Military Industrial Complex. I voted for him expecting him to end both wars and establish sustainable capitalism. If Obama could not change the course set by the US government, I think no one else could. I think executive branch is controlled by military industrial complex ever since WWII. Eisenhower worried about it, but did not do anything about it. The military industrial complex would not permit any Presidents to reduce its power. Obama realized that the military industrial complex control the executive branch but could not do anything about it. Anyone who try to reduce the power of the complex would be accused as Un-American. Unless we change our debt driven capitalism to a sustainable capitalism, the life we enjoy in the US could not be perpetuated.

  2. I am interested because I am in regular communication with a young man and his family in Gaza. He has a painful and chronic disease for which he has received excellent care from a doctor in Israel. However, the conditions under which he is forced to live exacerbate his problems. I am hoping that by attending this conference I may learn something that will let me help him better. I plan to be present June 25th.
    I agree with the comment that President Obama has probably done the best he could given the circumstances.
    Thank you

    1. We do periodic conferences on various subjects connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We just did a conference on Islamophobia, but not directly related to Gaza. If you wish to find out about future events in Seattle, let me know.

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