51 thoughts on “Wanted: Israeli Amazons to Overpower Hezbollah Women – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. the idf needs to put ads in papers to recruit from its own forces?

    do you have a link to the paper this ad was placed in?

    sounds like a gag to me

    1. If you doubt my sources that’s your tough luck. Once again my source is impeccable & I received it fr. 2 separate people. I told you what newspaper it came from. You go find it. Actually, I’ll do yr homework for you. There’s been exactly the discussion you raised at Rotter & a member found the ad in several online locations which you can click to yr heart’s content. There’s also an e mail address to the Shin Bet if you or a loved one would like to apply.

      The problem w. Israel’s predicament is that it is so extreme, so bizarre that things which anywhere else would be a parody are the cold hard brutal truth there.

      1. a bit touchy arent we?

        but richard, according to your own rules, you dont allow news items without links

        i just wanted to see the direct link myself

        not a link to another bulletin board

        let us not forget what happened this purim…shall we?

        1. Guess you don’t know Hebrew. The link I provided should’ve taken you to a forum post with three separate links to online versions of the ad in Hebrew.

          Instead of spouting snark why don’t you either learn some Hebrew or trust my sources. It’s not my job to prove my bona fides to you.

      2. Interesting that you failed to supply the link and only implied that since this ad appeared in several places on the net it is therefore true.

        Are you unschooled, ignorant,oblivious or just plain dumb?

        If you have the link, supply it. If you don’t, admit it and go on but don’t imply that it is not your job as the writer if the illconceived article to back up your statements. As the originator of the story you should have had the proof on hand. Since you declined to supply it, I assume you are vicious silly prevaricator.

        Keep up the shoddy work. Make us all proud.

        1. I pointed out that the Rotter thread had links to several online instances of the ad display.

          I assume you are vicious silly prevaricator.

          Your comments will be moderated in future for a serious violation of my comment rules which I urge you to read before you try to comment again here.

  2. So this time there will be women commandos shooting female activists in the backs of their heads? Is this supposed to be an improvement?

  3. Surely this is a joke! I mean with the claim that Hezbollah is involved (surely they know better) and the request for untrained VOLUNTEERS instead of professionals (especially after the last disaster). What is the women’s military service for then?

    1. Hezbollah is an Islamic religious organization. There is no likelyhood that it would send women to do the work of its cowardly men.

      In the late 1960s and early 1970s Fatah had women operatives because it was being funded by the Soviets who insisted on equality for females. When Fatah shifted to Islamic funding women were relegated to position requiring they be prone, supine or motherly.

      1. No, Hezbollah is an Islamist POLITICAL organization. And a group of Lebanese women have organized a ship, the Miriam, to sail for Gaza. The ship & its passengers have nothing to do w. Hezbollah.

        I don’t mind people that argue with me or have divergent opinions. But you’re just makin’ it up as you go along. Almost everything you write is pure fiction. Not based on any historical truth or fact. I have very little patience for bulls(&t, so don’t try my patience.

  4. Well, Netanyahu himself declared that Al Qaeda was aboard the Mavi Marmara, so anything is possible. Of course they could very well be looking for untrained volunteers; it depends on what they will actually be doing. I doubt they would be rappelling down with firearms (the guys will do that), but they could be used as jail matrons when the unfortunate women are detained. Any rough treatment by the Israeli volunteers can be chalked up to “inexperience.”

    1. Maybe we should call that number (076-5400116) and find out what we hear! You or me perhaps Mary? At least we’ve got the right sex. (Don’t know if I fit the other requirements though.)

        1. No I don’t Mary, I was not being serious. But I can yell “Kol HaKavod” a few times, which will probably be enough to do the trick. The talkbacks in Israeli newspapers make clear that the expression almost equals: “Congratulations on killing some Arabs, let’s do it some more.” (I know this is not the real meaning of course, but sad as it is, I always see it used in this context.)
          But someone should make a call to volunteer to rappel down that slippery slope (if I may borrow Norman’s phrase), and see what reaction they get.

          1. I wasn’t, either, although it would be interesting to call the number and ask just what it is the volunteers would be expected to do. I would also love to see, as you pointed out, what kind of people would respond to this ad.

        2. You don’t need to speak Hebrew.

          There’s a recorded message in Hebrew asking for volunteer women and promising to get back to you “after the weekend” (the ad was published in the Friday weekend paper) and then a beep.

          Just speak after the beep.

      1. I called the number, I can verify it’s true. Too amusing.

        I’m pretty sure they are recruiting women volunteers (and not professional men) to avoid having men come in physical contact with women.

        Here’s what the voice message says:

        “Hello and thank you for your call. We are looking for women of all ages to aid in evacuation of peace activists from incoming flotillas. If you are in great shape, and are dissuaded by challenge, please leave your name and phone number, age and past experience if there is any. An office representative will get back to you at the beginning of the week.

        Thank you for your response to this important cause. Goodbye.”

        …Past experience? ehhh…

          1. Well, Avigdor Lieberman is a former nightclub bouncer. This could be someone’s big opportunity to move up in the world, right?

  5. Hell knows who’s behind it, but it’s a joke, or hoax, or something like that. In another verstion there was an email – bb@gmail.com, which isn’t even a valid email. no dot.gov.il, and the Shabak won’t use a VOB service (that’s 076-5) anyway – they have their own plethora of 03 and 02 numbers. Also, official ads usually don’t look anything like the abouve. Even if we ignore the fact that the whole idea is preposterous, and that its the business of the army and not the Shabak to board ships and boats, the ad is just a clear fake. Maybe someone looking for a right-wing amazon, or on the contrary – to mock or harass right-wing girls. Sorry to ruin a good story, but this thing’s FAKE.

        1. Actually, the threads which deal with my scoops haven’t exhibited anyone making such a claim. Though there have been lots of right wing venom. I think Rotter is an interesting & useful (though markedly right wing) site regardless of whatever claims you wish to make.

      1. I’m sure many disagree. If there’s an issue that you won’t find many Israelis disagreeing upon, let me know. Also, Rotter isn’t known to be a bastion of cool-headed discussion.
        However, let’s not forget that some of the pictures of the speedboats near the Maramra clearly show some female soldiers (the hair gives it out, some have facemask) and the fact that female soldiers were in the boats, ready to help to screen female activists was published in some Israeli newspaper (sorry, It didn’t seem to me important at the time, so I didn’t bother to keep it), the Idea of the Shabak (or at least we THINK it’s the Shabak) or some other Security organization would have to recruit volunteers when it has more than enough female soldiers in the Karakal light infantry battalion, Military police units etc. etc. etc., when the Shabak is not in the business of boarding ships at all, and when the only evidence is that ad that does not look like anything the Shabak puts on israeli papers and leads to a fake email and unidentifiable voicemail – well, Occam’s razor rules against it. It is tempting to belive it’s true only because the Israelis are, let’s say, mad enough to do it, but the logic of “we all know the israelis are mad, so it must be true” is not very convincing.

          1. Why don’t you do that? Because you’ve decided to assume it’s not a hoax by default? Because you have no incentive to do so?

          2. Because I’m satisfied w. my reporting. Proving that this ad is a hoax is not my highest priority. Since it is yours, I’d suggest you prove it by doing the research. I”m more committed to trying preserve the liberty of Israelis under the cloud of secret police suspicion in Israel. I consider that a higher priority for spending my time.

          3. I’ve seen reportage on this ad in several places, and I have to assume that at least one of these sources verified the authenticity of it. Israel keeps repeating its ridiculous assertion that the ship Mariam is carrying Hizbullah members, or is affiliated with Hizbullah, so I have concluded that the alternate universe in which Israel dwells includes such advertisements for musclebound women who are willing to commit assault on Catholic nuns.

          4. To prove it’s a hoax, I’ll have to find WHO owns that voicemail. Unfortunately, my hacking skills are not THAT good. But still, as I said, when nothing support the claim that it’s real, and when it doesn’t look real, doesn’t sound real, and the idea anyway isn’t all that reasonable anyway – then, I think, one cannot assume it is true.

          5. nothing support the claim that it’s real

            Nothing? Except, you mean, what the ad in fact states, and the voice mail confirms, & what those who have called the phone number confirm? You could easily find a female friend to leave her particulars and ask for a call back and find out what happens. YOu can give her specific questions to ask to test the veracity & authenticity of the ad. But why do you need me to tell you what you yrself should be able to figure out??

            This is the last time I want to discuss this issue. Don’t reply unless you can come up with new, convincing information confirming the ad isn’t genuine. And I expect you to honor this request.

          6. Also, saying “Proving that this ad is a hoax is not my highest priority” and assuming ipso facto that it’s not, does not add to the credibility of the claim.

          7. I haven’t “assumed” anything. I’ve read closely what Israelis have said about the ad on Rotter & here in this thread. Even those on the Israeli right have been forced to admit that it appears kosher. No one has come up with any convincing evidence or argument that it is fake. And I renew my offer to you to do so. I’ll publish it here if you can do it.

          8. I actually called few minutes ago, and got NO message in the voicemail, just the standard “This number is not available”.

          9. That’s because they are full. After Chris, Pat and Terry dropped out, they put out the ad in order to get three replacemetns. When I called, they told me I was too late; the vacancies had already been filled.

          10. Richard, it’s a gag. You want proof? Here you go. It was set up by an Israeli TV comedy show called Moadon Layla (“Night Club”). This has been confirmed by people who were present at this week’s taping, where they played funny messages left on the fake Net voice mailbox. Here’s a link to a facebook group where this was exposed: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=13233032&id=486521720724 (hebrew only)
            Now seriously man – why insist so much that this is no hoax until proven otherwise? why be so touchy when readers point out to you that stating out, as a fact, that this is an official recruitment ad for the Shin Bet, is going a little bit too far? You had absolutely no proof that this ad is genuine – besides internet chatter on rotter.net, a haven for conspiracy theorists and right-wing wierdos – but you went ahead with your “scoop” nevertheless.
            I think an updated post is in place here…

          11. Yes, I heard this morning that this was a a gag for a pilot Israeli TV show.

            There’s nothing whatsoever to explain or defend. I made clear when I wrote things like “IF this ad is not a hoax” and the like that while it appeared to be genuine there was always a chance it was not. Others atttempted to argue w/o any proof whatsoever that it was a hoax. Now, that we have proof, it’s clear that it was a hoax. All I asked for was proof & your side didn’t provide it. If you want to play gotcha be my guest. I’m right far more than you are about these things. If you don’t believe it go back & look at my record. If I were a baseball player my batting average would earn me a place on a Major League roster, if not the Hall of Fame.

            Finally, what is most sad about this ad it was so credible to so many, indicating the absolute bankruptcy of Israeli policy toward the flotillas and Gaza siege.

          12. I’m not playing gotcha and I don’t know what “side” it is I’m supposed to be on. All I’m asking for is fair and honest reporting – regardless of what “side” anybody is on.

            Your original post did not include anything like “IF this ad is not a hoax” statement as you claim, rather the contrary – you stated as a fact that this ad was put up by the Shin Bet. You quite aggressivly brushed off anybody trying to claim otherwise in the comments and sent them off to find proof that it is not.

            This is not how this works. If you were so sure this was an official ad – you were the one who should have proved it. talkbacks or discussion threads from Rotter.net are NOT proof. Had you presented this ad as it is and raised both possibilities – it being real and it being a hoax – then everything would be ok. But you didn’t. Do you really think there’s nothing whatsover to explain or to defend?

            It has nothing to do with your “record”. One needs to be able to admit his mistakes.

          13. You’re right. On reviewing the post I thought I had given myself an “out” in case it was a hoax, which I should’ve done.

            I challenged those who claimed it was a hoax to prove that it was & offered suggestions as to how they might do it. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.

            Don’t tell me how things work. I don’t need lectures fr you. I do as much due diligence as I can before publishing material esp. considering I’m writing from Seattle mostly about events happening in Israel. Every reporter & blogger gets things wrong sometimes. That’s the nature of sticking your neck out and writing on these subjects. You go by yr gut instincts and sometimes they’re wrong.

            And btw, according to a story in today’s Yediot by Yossi Yehoshua, apparently the Israeli Border Police have the same idea as the satirists from Channel 2 as they’ve trained 20 female officers to do battle with the Lebanese women sailing to Gaza. The only diff. bet. the 2 stories is that in the true one Israel is turning to women already in miltary-police service. But the goal is the same, which is to exploit women in the guise of avoiding the bad PR that accrued fr. the murders on the Mavi Marmara.

    1. Average Joe, on occasion I am logical, and therefore I really do agree with your assessment. HOWEVER, on the other hand, logic also leads me to declare that Israel seems ever more capable of committing deeds beyond outrageous, and so why not this possible tribute to female muscularity, or something, in the pursuit of national banditry?

  6. to the best of my knowledge most israeli security “iron axe ladies” end up as US citizens, some of them become realtors or friendly PTA members in your neighborhoods… only few opt to retire in Israel and become “head of opposition parties” :).
    It reminds me, actually, of John Le Carre’s description of American intel agents (it’s where I picked up the iron axe ladies…), the Israeli women are not really even assertive, given the macho culture here, even among “liberals”. Its more of a false identity shield that easily falls apart. But yes, it is manipulated to the benefit of the masters of patriarchal militarism as long as it lasts. Ladies, americans in particular, show some compassion to your sisters.

  7. Israel already has 200 fully armed Amazons in a secured facility in the Negev. We used to work there, but couldn’t retain muscle tone. Don’t expect confirmation – Israel maintains a policy of Amazon ambiguity.

    If anyone can extract the truth, it’ll be circusisrael.blogspot.com.

  8. A well done hoax, worked on just about everybody, which is revealing as to how Israel’s image has pretty much bottomed out since the flotilla massacre.

    1. Hey Mary, millions of people believe that the mossad took down the twin towers and that jews make matzos from the blood of kidnapped children, which is revealing as to how Israel’s image pretty much bottomed out since… well…

      1. millions of people believe that the mossad took down the twin towers and that jews make matzos from the blood of kidnapped children

        And a good number of Israeli Jews believe the worst possible things about Arabs, views which are equally asinine. Which proves what exactly?

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