19 thoughts on “Daily Telegraph Breaks Case of Mr. X – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Good job, Richard. Now, we need the guy’s name and the reason he’s been disappeared. In other words, we need to re-appear him, don’t you think? Both the disappearance, and the gag order, are inexcusable.

    1. Yes, I agree. The problem is I’ve taken it as far as I can from here. We really need someone to find out whether this is an Israeli Jew or Palestinian, and who & from where. And I haven’t gotten any leads on that. But who knows what the day might bring?

  2. You are such an important man, you do such wonderful work, you are a latter-day hero. Even the Daily Telegraph melts for you. Your place in Eternal Life can be in no doubt.

    1. I’ve never heard of a newspaper “melting” for anyone. The very thought of it is nigh unto preposterous. Thanks for the snark. It only makes me stronger so keep it up.

      Not too concerned about Eternal Life either. I just want to achieve a good reputation in this life first. With you snarking about that shouldn’t be too hard.

  3. I’ve read the story about Mr. X first on Ynet, but I certainly have been kept updated by you, so good job, and thanks for that.

    I don’t think much else can be done at this point. I’m hoping for a Kamm-esque revelation, with censored blackened lines in the newspaper soon.

    1. Yediot will run a story tomorrow featuring the Facebook group created by Ari Remez devoted to Mr. X. I’m a co-admin of the group. I’m waiting to see what they report though they’re still bound by the gag & the Telegraph story didn’t add much in the way of new info.

  4. check the name Shahram Amiri and there is another high rank Iranian (connected to their nuclear program) that disappear by 2006. i am almost sure that this is one of them.
    don’t ask me why…

  5. Congratulations for this new coup!

    In my understanding Mr. or Mrs. X isn’t necessarily a Israeli Citizen or a Palestinian? He/She can hold any nationality as long as no one ask for him/her…

  6. East Germans also had to rely on foreign journalists to report on domestic issues, or any other issues for that matter, for reasons of national security.

  7. Glad to see you getting well-deserved recognition.

    Hope there’s a leak and we get a clue to this person’s identity.

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