16 thoughts on “Israeli Border Police Summarily Execute Palestinian Hit and Run Driver – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. richard,

    there was a terror attack on police this past sunday that killed one


    it was even condemned by abbas


    and im sorry, but the witness reports dont pass the smell test

    he struck the officers but kept on driving? why? hit and run is much more serious than a simple accident.

    not only that, but this la times blog gives a totally different story


    so…did he drive into an alley, or an open area?

    and where is the coroner report, which would confirm where he was shot and in what position the shooting came from

    of course there should be an investigation…all officer related shootings need to be investigated

    but i like to wait till the investigation is complete before condemnation

    1. Did you bother to even read the article. There are 2 perfectly plausible reasons mentioned why the accident occurred. Do me a favor & read the article before you talk. It’s just a waste of time if you don’t do yr homework.

      You like to wait for Israeli investigations which ALWAYS exonerate the officer? Do you understand you’re dealing with the Border Police & not NYPD or wherever you live???

      1. This kind of thing happens to Palestinians all the time, but it takes an Israeli journalist to bring it to the public’s attention.

        Would they have shot an Israeli driver for an alleged hit and run? That’s the real question here, uncle joe.

      2. richard,

        did you bother to read the post that i left that gives a different story (not the officer’s view)

        in that version, he didnt go into an alley, he ended up in an open area

        but in both versions, he drove from the scene of the accident…not a capital offense, but when you strike an officer with a vehicle, the vehicle is then considered a deadly weapon and the officer is allowed to use deadly force

        and yes, i like to wait for the official reports

        there have been incidents like this in the states, which is why most highway patrol and troopers now have their cars outfitted with camera’s on the dash.

        maybe the pd’s in israel should do the same

        and you shouldnt use nypd as an example….few years back, a bunch of officers were exonerated from shooting a driver who was leaving a club….they all insisted he tried to assault them with the car…witnesses stated just the opposite

        many tried to say the shooting was racial, as the driver was black….problem was, so were a few of the officers

        yes…things like this happen all the time in a democracy

        1. In the NYPD incident, the driver wasn’t executed point blank range after being down on the ground and wounded. The NY driver was shot while driving his vehicle at the officers who felt their lives were in danger. Try again. Maybe yr luck will improve.

          An officer is NOT allowed to execute a suspect no matter what has preceeded the incident.

        2. They probably have it all recorded but of course they won’t show it. FYI the videos from most of the stores around the area were confiscated by the policemen. The ones that were salvaged were from somebody that was up the hill with a perfect view and several cell phone footages from the people around the area. The truth shall come out but mark my words, they will indicate that that soldier was crazy to get him off the hook. But this was not just a one policeman act, the whole group that was with him and did nothing have to pay too…..

    2. Although I usually try to err on the side of “free speech”, I’m in favor of banning a ‘screen name’ (not the individual) like “unclejoemccarthy”. The 1950’s witch-hunts and blacklists were one of the uglier periods in this country’s history. Someone should not be allowed to use a screen name to legitimize Joe McCarthy’s tactics. Frankly, I feel a bit ill whenever I even see the name Joe McCarthy.
      P.S. If someone wants to say something substantive in support of Joe McCarthy and his minions (not just use the ‘screen name’), I certainly have no problem with that.

      1. I told the guy I hated his screen name & found it insulting & in poor taste. It’s practically imbecilic. But if he thinks it’s witty & wants readers here to think he’s a moron, who am I to stand in his path?

    3. Just FYI we are launching a full investigation to show the true brutality my brother faced. Pictures and videos will show the whole thing. Just to clarify, and please read the details, my brother was shot in his car initially as soon as allegedly his hit a policeman. The police started firing at him and did not ask him to stop. When he realized he has been shot at of course he is going to keep driving to avoid more bullets. He was already shot in the arm and some say belly when he got to the little alley where my uncle lives and started to walk limping toward my uncle’s house. He only walked a few steps where he was shot again and fell to the ground. Witnesses and footage show that he was face down on the floor with his arms up showing that he was surrendering. But that was not enough, one outraged policeman came close and kicked my brother in the head and aimed the gun on his head and shot him twice in the head and another in the body. The shots in the head have 2 entrance wounds and 2 exit wounds and I have nightmares from seeing those pictures.you can tell they are close range since the exit wounds took most of his left side of the head. And since you are in doubt Mr I would like you to see these horrific pictures so you would not be able to sleep either. My nieces and my sister in law could not see him and could not say goodbye due to the disfigurment of his face. I wish I could post these pictures here for you so you can see but I would be more than happy to send it to you if you provide your e-mail.

  2. Richard, are you aware that the masada site is not only back up but they have you featured as the evil joker in the pack of playing cards?

  3. “That’s the notorious Israeli “kill shot”many have written about which is normally used in counter-terror operations and regular IDF patrols when soldiers are commanded to execute wounded Palestinians.”

    How can this kind of murderous behavior ever be justified?

  4. The look that the Palestinian teenager described broke my heart. How many Palestinians have that look on their face as they are about to be murdered by Israel?

    Let’s hope that Israel doesn’t decide to use one of those kill shots on Amira Haas, I fear for people like her. Such courage in a cesspool of hate and injustice.

  5. One of these days, high-quality, unambiguous video of one of these events is going to hit the web.

    It’s happened to the LAPD several times, it probably only has to happen to the Israeli police once.

    Webcams accessed from another country, do not need to be brave.

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