21 thoughts on “Israeli Chair of Gaza Flotilla Attack Investigation Doesn’t Believe It Should Exist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The “findings” of this investigation will be just as credible as Israel’s “findings” after “investigating” Rachel Corrie’s death.

  2. If I remember correctly, Trimble was suspected of being connected to one of the banned protestant paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland, a group involved in sectarian murder. There was a book to that affect, whose name now escapes me. Moreover, there is an Ulster protestants myth about being a lost tribe of Israel, hence the Israeli flags in Protestant areas of Belfast like the Shankill Road or at Glasgow Rangers Football games. Trimble is as neutral as Abe Foxman and as ethical as Chuck Schumer.

      1. Racists? What’s with your own remark about Erdogan being an Islamist if not making a religious remark?

        BTW, you need to proofread before you post.

        1. Sorry that English is not my mothertongue.
          You have to study the basics, it seems, since RACISM was never connected to a religion. A race cannot be choosen by a person and it has no influence on his values and culutre. Religion has!

          1. Keep the Islamophobic comments to yourself, then. You’re enough of an ass without them; do yourself a favor.

          2. Dear Mary, nice that you switch to curses and ugly language, but seemingly that is what you people do, when they can’t argue.
            BTW: It is NOT ‘islamophobic’ to call someone an ‘Islamist’, which is actually a term from the liberal left to destinguish between ‘nice’ Islam and radical Islam, which they call ‘Islamism’. So even when I use your language, you have a problem with it. BTW: Erdogan is against this distinction, since there is no difference between Islamists and Muslims according to him. What about cursing him a bit?

  3. My God, Mr. Becker, it’s really quite impossible to determine which is more inadequate, your thought processes or your use of English. You remind me of those pathetic creatures oil-slimed in the Gulf of Mexico. Obviously you’ve been slimed for what I take is many years in the Gulf of Israeli propaganda. Interestingly, though, I think what principally separates your conclusions from those of a Mr. Dershowitz, say, is that in expressing them he really is more adept in the use of English. Improve yours and you might eventually be hired by him or some other Likudnik. Be careful, though, you don’t want some well-intentioned rescuer to hose off all that slime; if that happened, you might not sink.

    1. Definitely my English is bad, but if someone cares for arguments and reasons he can talk and forget about the formalities. that’s the way we israelis are: we don’t give so much on etiquette like the europeans, but on reasons and arguments. 😉

      You are just pathetic, you don’t want to talk about arguments so you laugh about my English. Funny guy. Do you laugh about handicapped people, too?

      1. you don’t want to talk about arguments so you laugh about my English

        I don’t think it was right to criticize yr command of English. I wouldn’t want anyone not to comment here because they felt their English wasn’t good enough. But I’m frankly shocked by yr views. That is what bothers me, not yr English.

  4. Gaza Flotilla Pirates – Why Is Everyone So Afraid To Try Them At The Hague?

    The attack on the Turkish liner Marmara was an act of piracy, of that there is little doubt.

    Piracy however, while defined by Roget’s dictionary as ‘robbery or illegal violence at sea’, privateering, state-sponsored piracy authorized by national authorities, is another matter, which may be why a ‘self-investigation’ may be extremely harmful to a nation-state whose reputation is deservedly in tatters:

    And what indeed would appointing Jack the Ripper to investigate London prostitution or Jeffrey Dahmer to set the investigative body’s daily menu do to further such a reputation?

    Come, come! Surely there is some reason left in the world?

  5. Wonder if anyone has some info on Ken Watkin. His Wiki bio says he is a new convert to Judaism, at quite an old age. Anything on the circumstances ?
    An Israeli news outlet reports that he is a good friend of both Netanyahu and Shimon Peres…

    His career seems ok, but his personal and social nexus is interesting and nothing found on the net, like what is his Jewish affiliation (precise denomination, Rabbis, congregation) as of 2007 and in what circumstances he had befriended Peres.

    1. If he is a “good friend” of Netanyahu and Peres, how does anyone even pretend to believe any illusion of impartiality?

    2. He was the top Canadian military judge. Anyone affiliated with any military is suspect as an impartial judge in this case. There are too many top generals in countries like the U.S., Britain & Canada who think the IDF is honky dory & are apologists for it.

  6. Richard, here’s another reason to doubt the impartiality of David Trimble. He opposed the 2nd British inquiry into the Bloody Sunday massacre of 14 peaceful demonstrators in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, because it could expose the British officers and troops to prosecution. That report was just released and it fully exonerated the protesters. How likely is it that Trimble would recommend prosecution for the flotilla massacre if he opposed even the formation of another government inquiry because it could entail prosecution? Former British ambassador Craig Murray has the details http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2010/06/a_tale_of_two_i.html

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