6 thoughts on “Barak Cancels French Visit for Fear of Arrest Involving Gaza Flotilla Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israel wants to be ostracised. People here think
    the whole world is antisemitic, that israel is so powerful it doesn’t need anyone. This is now the majority, not the lunatic fringe. The day of the massacere people were saying its time we start a ‘gog and magog’ war vs the whole world. Its a nation with paranoid schizophrneia. sad thing is, this country is still standing only because our leaders have chosen responsibility over democracy.

  2. See:

    He is alleged to have abused a procedure allowing relatives of holocaust victims fast-track access to German passports.

    Mossad may think this appropriate, not many others will.

    Barak, meanwhile, may find that any EU state is equally risky, due to the new European Arrest Warrant. A legal instrument by which someone can be suddenly arrested in England or Denmark, say, and conveyed to Greece to serve a sentence after a second trial which they were never told about. (You can be acquitted, but the prosecution can appeal and the appeal court can convict you, without your own lawyer being told about the appeal hearing until afterwards, let alone being allowed to represent you or challenge whatever “evidence” is put up at the secret retrial. Medawar fears that Israeli government lawyers may drool with envy at this. Until it’s used on someone from their side. And the Greeks were significant contributors to the relief flotilla, so it might be. Medawar doesn’t wish the Greek legal system on anybody, not even Barak, but there’s a sort of natural justice where people reap what they sow…)

  3. The Israeli government is trying to bully the Polish government (have you ever tried to bully Poles? it does not work) into sending the arrested man to Israel and not Germany.

    The EU arrest warrant system simply does not have a clause in it which allows a government not to extradite the subject to the country which raised the warrant.

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