12 thoughts on “Near-Lynching of Israeli Palestinian Knesset Member in Knesset (the Sequel) – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. quick question

    does parliamentary immunity involve acts and deeds or only words?

    pretty amazing that israel grants immunity for acts to its knesset members

  2. When you call this a “near lynching” are you trying to be funny? Are you making reference and belittling the near lynching that took place on the Marmara, you know the one where the IDF soldiers survived with a fractured skull, stab wounds to the stomach and broken limbs?

    1. Oh I don’t find it funny at all when male Israeli MKs accuse an Israeli Palestinian MK of murder and rage at her ominously clearly indicating they would kill her w. their bare hands if given half a chance. Not funny at all.

      As for the IDF soldiers: I seem to recall they arrived at the party uninvited. They didn’t even bring a gift for the host or a bottle of wine for the guests. And you don’t usually arrive at parties fully armed. Do you think the passengers should’ve invited them for tea, put on some White Stripes & had a dance party? I’m not justifying beating the crap out of them. But they clearly had aggressive intentions & neither you, they nor Israel have any right to complain about the outcome. The fact that you do so indicates how pathetic yr perspective is.

        1. i guess than that the fractured skull of the soldier you mentioned is not an outcome? you dont complain about that? would it be possible than that you are complaining about the 10 dead peaple instead? no chance since they dont bother you. 10 dead people is not a lynch but 2 wounded soldiers are.
          israelies are developing a language and rules of their own. their own world.
          all the best

  3. Balad MK Hanin Zoabi is a remarkable woman. Well educated, well spoken and dedicated to her cause. While the spectacle shown here is appalling, I doubt even Zoabi would characterize it as a “near-lynching!” These sorts of dust ups are actually quite common in the Knesset. Very little has changed in that respect from the days when Charlie Bitton and Meir Kahane used to go at each other in the 80s. I would urge you to consider thinking about your sensationalistic characterizations as they only detract from your posts.

    1. I doubt even Zoabi would characterize it as a “near-lynching!” These sorts of dust ups are actually quite common in the Knesset.

      It really gets me steamed when Jews attempt to insert themselves into the minds of Arabs. By what right do you presume to know what Zoabi did or did not feel? Did you not see in the TV news segment that she cried after returning to her seat?? No you didn’t note that. Would you cry in the middle of the Knesset in the midst of your fiercest political enemies if you hadn’t felt deeply shaken & threatened? I’m sorry but yr comment disgusts me because it is so offensive & presumptuous.

      Further, the TV news show which featured this clip called it unprecedented as have other Israelis who have commented. THere certainly is argument & denunciation within the Knesset. But this went far beyond.

      And stop telling me what or how I should write i the guise of telling me how I improve my blog. I have absolutely no interest in yr advice.

      1. I didn’t presume anything. All I said was that I doubted she would call it a “near-lynching.” That’s my opinion and of course I am open to being shown otherwise. The tear she shed when seated was extremely touching, yet throughout the ordeal Zoabi conducted herself with tact and decorum. I’ve had occasion to meet Zoabi and she is a classy lady, she never struck me as one who would rely on bombast or exaggeration. A near-lynching implies that given the opportunity, the MKs involved would have strung her up right there on the spot. That’s extreme exaggeration and not something I have ever associated with her. That’s just my 2 cents though. Do with it what you please.

        1. A near-lynching implies that given the opportunity, the MKs involved would have strung her up right there on the spot.

          I have absolutely no doubt that is the case. Hence the title of my post was no “exagerration.” In your case, Paul Simon’s lyrics are apt: “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

  4. Thanks very much for your post Richard and for linking to our article. Surely Haneen was shaken up and continues to be shaken up by all the moves that followed; for example, the Knesset House Committee voted 7-1 to strip her of three of her diplomatic privileges. For participating in a humanitarian aid convoy and giving the Israeli Parliament a first hand account of what happened on the ship. It is outrageous!

    Do you know that she also announced in a press conference she held that she saw two activists bleed to death? Surely she has been terrorized by the whole affair.

  5. I find it interesting that everyone in the West states how Israel is just like us. what a democracy it is. I think it’s all a farce. It’s not a democracy. It is an apartheid state. even the ethiopian jews are not treated as equal citizens.

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