8 thoughts on “Shin Bet Claims Makhoul’s Hezbollah Spying Began in 2008, Yet Declared His Activism Legal in 2009 Interrogation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. http://liberalconspiracy.org/2010/05/29/israel-subverts-human-rights-for-a-key-critic/

    “In January 2009, Ameer Makhoul was briefly detained and interrogated by the Shin Bet, as Palestinians in Israel protested the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

    In a press release at the time, Ittijah described how one officer leading the questions said that “next time he will be pleased to see Makhoul imprisoned, that Makhoul’s file is ready”, and that Makhoul “will have to say goodbye to his family since he will leave them for a long time”.”

  2. I read your blog with pleasure but don’t have time commenting 🙂 The very beautiful song that you’ve posted is written by William Nassar and has been sung by various Palestinian and Arab artists such as Marcel Khelife. The hauting voice in your video belongs to Maka(a)di Nah(h)as and the title of the song in transcription is “ya thalaama el-sijni”. Sorry, I don’t have Arabic letters on my laptop.
    sanarjiu yawman !

  3. “Mr. [Ameer] Makhoul told the paper [the National, also quoted here in Antiwar.com] at the time that a Shin Bet officer “called me a rebel threatening the security of the state during time of war and said he would be happy to transfer me to Gaza.””

    Isn’t it funny how the Israeli propaganda machine constantly reiterates that things are not so bad in Gaza, and yet when they want to scare a detainee, they always threaten to transfer them to Gaza, as if Gaza is the worst godforsaken place, like a Siberian gulag or something? If it’s not so bad, why do they threaten Palestinians who don’t live there with banishment to Gaza?

    Answer: Because it IS like a gulag or open prison. Shame on Israel!! Shame on this pretentious, pathetic democracy for the crimes they’re committing and flaunting in the face of International Law!

  4. richard,

    you really need to stop misquoting news sources.

    ynet news restated the allegations of torture…you make it sound as if they were confirming them

    also, look at the pictures accompanying the story….do those pictures support the allegations of a man in constant pain?

    1. You’re skirting right on the edge of violating my comment rules. If you want to accuse me of the serious charge of misquoting material you’ll have to do a whole lot better job of proving this. Short of that do NOT make such claims w/o doing so or you risk further restrictions of yr privileges. I’m very serious about this. Follow the rules or you’re toast.

      I have stated multiple sources including Makhoul’s own family & attorneys about the charges of torture. And if you think a photograph will indicate whether someone has been tortured you’re beyond pathetic.

      1. richard,

        you are right…i shouldnt have used the term misquoted…i should have said, misrepresented.

        “Ynetnews reports in greater detail on the torture inflicted on Makhoul during his 12 days of intensive interrogation by the Shin Bet goons:”

        but that is not what the ynet news report says. it says clearly “According to his lawyers, attorneys Hassan Jabrin, Hussein Abu-Hussein and Orna Cohen from Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel…” then goes on to list the the attys allegations of torture.

        it is reporting on the “allegations” of torture. allegations are not facts.

  5. The lyrics to the song are actually a poem written by Syrian writer/journalist Najib el-Rayyes (1898-1952). I couldn’t find you any translation of the lyrics, but here’s the poem in Arabic (Ya Zalam al-Sijn/Oh the Darkness of Prison):


    Rayyes’s son, Riad, is the founder of the well-known publishing house Riad el-Rayyes Books.

    Rayyes supposedly wrote the poem in 1922 while in Arwad Prison during the French Mandate.

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