2 thoughts on “Morgenstern Claims Forward Publisher Interceded to Soften Zeek Coverage of Hagee – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. there is positively nothing untoward about a journalist giving those upon whom they report an opportunity to affirm, deny or clarify charges made against them. that is ethical journalism. the issue for zeek is that they have, up until now, perceived of themselves not as a journalistic enterprise, but as a literary journal, which has far more creative freedom than say a news magazine.

    their merger with the forward has now backed them into the corner of having to act with the same level of journalistic integrity expected of a newspaper. and therefore, hagee/cufi and anyone else is fully within their rights to request the right of rebuttal when claims are being made against them.

    i would expect that were you to feel yourself misrepresented by a journalist who did not ask for your input to their story (the jt news piece about your beef with rachel neuwirth comes to mind) that you would complain that you had no opportunity to explain yourself. just because you find hagee’s views abhorrent does not mean that you have a right to deny him those rights which you would expect for yourself.

    in fact, i would argue that this is a great thing for zeek in so far as it gives more credibility to their operation. i suspect that four years ago, if zeek had called up cufi looking for a quote, no one would have given them the time of day. that cufi is going out of their way to demand zeek give them a chance to clarify themselves suggests that zeek has arrived.

    1. You didn’t read Morgenstern’s comment carefully. Norich forced Zeek to agree to consult CUFI ANY TIME it published anything about Hagee, CUFI or Christian Zionism. This was an “opportunity’ to consult CUFI. It was a demand that it do so. And this is unprecedented among serious newspapers. No one agrees a priori to consult a source every time an article is written about him or her. Being forced to consult such a source is not a sign of journalistic integrity. It is a sign of journalistic blackmail.

      I am often misrepresented in the Jewish media. It’s the price you pay. I can’t tell you how many hit pieces have been written about me in the Jerusalem Post. They never consult me before they write the trash they do. I wouldn’t mind if they at least characterized my views accurately & quoted me accurately which they almost never do.

      Rachel Tabachnick NEVER misquotes Hagee & never misconstrues what CUFI & Hagee themselves say. What Morgenstern is pissed about is Tabachnick’s interpretation or critique of Hagee’s theology. I’d have no problem with someone slamming my work if they got my original arguments right as Tabachnick always does w. Hagee.

      Zeek has NOT gained credibility through any of this. Davke l’hefech. Why do you think Joel Schalit left?

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