7 thoughts on “Australia Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Forged Passports in Dubai Assassination – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I saw the interview with the Foreign Minister on the so-called 7.30 report (where recently both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have come to grief) and it struck me that he was ultra careful in his comments saying, inter alia, that he hoped that in the future the traditionally good relation with Israel would be restored etc. There will be a federal election this year and the electoral influence of the Jewish part of the population seems to be very real though, to my mind, it has never been satisfactorily explained from its numbers alone.

    Yet what also struck me was that Smith said that he, after the investigation by the Australian Federal Police and Australian intelligence agencies, was in no doubt that the Israeli government was involved in this. He was quite firm on this point.

  2. richard,

    why did you mislabel the pic?

    that pic is not labeled in the same fashion in the story

    1. Don’t be a dolt. I didn’t mislabel the photo. There were four Australian-Israeli citizens whose passports were forged one woman & three men. Undoubtedly, since the Age is a well-regarded Australian newspaper their photo editor found three of the four images from the forged Australian passports and displayed them.

  3. Hi Richard. I don’t know that taking months to act means much else but that there was a proper investigation carried out and the govt waited till it was concluded to take action. I think expelling a Mossad agent was the right thing to do, and I suspect that unless Tony Abbot and his gang get in at the next election and start slavering over Israel and begging them to commit more identity theft, there will be an effect on cooperation between Australia and Israel when it comes to security. What Israel did was a huge violation of trust and I read in the paper this morning that Stephen Smith said this wasn’t the first time this had happened, but there were no details given.

    Have you read the reaction of the Opposition here?


    Amongst all the hysteria, they’re complaining about how the govt is crawling to Arabs and how wrong it is for Australia to treat a friend like Israel this way. If I was a swing voter, I’d be wondering to myself why the Opposition seem to think it’s okay for Isreal to treat a friend like Australia the way it did and thinking about how that’s going to effect how I’d vote…

  4. Hey Sol, my use of the term ‘so-called’ was in no way meant to be denigratory. I just didn’t want to introduce the program name without further ado as if it was natural to assume that American readers would be familiar with it.

  5. The ABC did a great job reporting this, i was quite surprised they were so succinct for a govt funded channel re Israel. We Kiwi’s certainly weren’t impressed when Mossad tried to nick our passports in order to carry out “hits”. Even more surprised a few weeks back when 60 mins did a piece on settlers burrowing under Palestinian towns, that’s one way of doing it i suppose. Hoping like hell that the tide is changing for the better, slowly but surely.

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