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  1. How can you claim “a team of 20 police and security agents ransacked his premises and stole cell phones, documents, computers and maps, including the research project of his teenage daughter.”,
    when one sentence later you also write “the police carried a warrant”.

    Another clear case of demagogue writing, twisting of facts and misleading the public.

    I bet you didn’t try riding a bus in Jerusalem a few years ago, when they were all exploding around us….

    Wake up, the arabs are not innocent children being murdered by nazi jews.
    Stop being a demagogue.

    1. Do you call a piece of paper which does not specify a charge or justification for a search as a “search warrant?” I call it tissue paper passing for a legal document.

      Wake up, the arabs are not innocent children being murdered by nazi jews.

      I never said that. You did. But certainly lots of Arabs are being killed, murdered however you want to call it by the IDF. You’d just prefer to look the other way.

  2. Is there (by now) a SINGLE KEYWORD for bloggers to use to identify a text which reveals Israeli gag stuff? Is there a title,
    like “Israeli Gag” which would help a Google search find ALL of this stuff? If not, maybe you can start one.

  3. You continue your crusade against the truth…

    The guy was arrested for espionage. He was an agent of Hezbollah. I assume no other country would arrest a spy? I assume every other county would rush to publicize the arrest of a spy and undermine the investigation?

    Stop spreading your lies and hatred. You look pathetic.

    1. Is an arrest the same as a conviction? Apparently in your far right Arab hating universe. For all you know, he had a cup of coffee with someone & they talked about the whether. The fact that the person w. whom he shared a cup of coffee had some affiliation w. some forbidden organization means Makhoul can be charged w. espionage. Puh-leeze. Is that what passes for justice by you?

      It’s you are not only look, but are pathetic.

      1. You should really see a shrink about that hate disorder that you have.
        You believe that the more leftist you are, the more you hate the evil rightists, the smarter it’ll make you, but that’s obviously false.
        You keep on denying the facts, hating everyone bringing them up and making up your own ones. Your coffee hypothesis is obviously as wrong as calling me a far right Arab hater.
        You keep jumping into idiotic conclusions (that you wish to be true, in order to hate someone), you keep failing, but you just keep going anyway and never learn. The definition of pathetic.
        Go see that shrink.

        1. Don’t tell me what I believe since you don’t have a clue. But I do know that you’re not very smart. You don’t even make any substantive statements at all about anything. Talk about the definition of pathetic. You’re someone who can’t even make a coherent argument.

  4. the gag order has already been lifted in Israel. Two people were arrested for suspicion of spying for the Huzballa. Last time that happend (MK Azmi Bshara) it turned out to be true and he escaped to an another country.

    1. The Shin Bet never proved anything regarding Azmi Bishara and he was driven into involuntary exile. He didn’t “escape.” The Shin Bet allowed him to leave. Get yr facts straight, man!

  5. I just find out that this person is a spy and works for terrorist organisation of Hizbulla.
    Is that enough for you?
    Democracy need to defend itself against traitors!
    Are you blind or anything?
    What is wrong with you?

    1. “I just find out that this person is a spy and works for terrorist organisation of Hizbulla.”

      YOU found that out?!

      Please share the details with us, so that we can be convinced by your discovery.

      1. Elisabeth,

        Why do you think we should convince you otherwise?
        Why do you think we should give any evidence to you?
        This is a matter of homeland security and when they decide to share more info , you will know about it.

        1. So what is the evidence then that convinced you that “this person is a spy and works for terrorist organisation of Hizbulla”? You offer no proof, and say that it is not anyone’s business to ask for proof either. Please don’t claim you have “found out” something when you haven’t.

  6. These guys are Hizbullah spies, they should be executed

    I don’t think there is one single Israeli Arab that is loyal to the state of Israel…

  7. This is not really a comment but I don’t know how to contact you. When I try to access your site from my home computer I am prevented from doing so, claiming that spam has been sent from my IP number before. Do you have any idea what the problem is?
    I have once before left a comment on your website but that was not spam, not abusive and not even critical. I do enjoy your site and would very much like to get access to it again.

  8. No, we don’t know the charges. We have been allowed only a small and a very general glimpse into them. Like I don’t know what the weather will be in Israel in three months from now, but I can tell it will be hot.
    “Espionage” is a complicated thing. It can refer to handing out sensitive security info to the guys at God’s Party (though where would Makhoul get such info?), as well as to having a cup of coffee together with a Hizbullah man somewhere in Amman and speaking with him in general terms about the Arabs in Israel (“Arabs 48,” for those who wish to call them so) and about what they think of different things. And of course, it can be yet another bluff by the Shabak (Tali Fahima, anyone?).
    I’m not saying we should demand the Shabak to issue a communiquet specifying all the details of the case. I’m saying we shoud be sceptical to what the Shabak tells us, pending further information. And of course, preventing Makhoul from consulting a lawyer is a violation of basic human rights, which is unjustified regardless of the charges.

    1. We have been allowed only a small and a very general glimpse into them.

      You haven’t even been offered a glimpse. You’ve been offered nothing other than what the Shin Bet has spoonfed you. If you believe the idea that these men are spies just as surely as the weather will be hot in summer, then you’re a poor excuse for reasonable fair person.

      I’m saying we shoud be sceptical to what the Shabak tells us, pending further information.

      We agree on this.

      1. You misunderstood me (and I should have probably made the comparison more detailed). “Hot” can signify different things, though it is admittedly a less complicated term than “espionage.” And sometimes, in Jerusalem, where I live, there are really nice days in August. So, I’m sure it will be over 20 degrees centigrade here in three months from now, but whether it will be around 25 or 40 degrees — well, it’s kinda difference. Similarly, I’m quite sure that the state prosecution will press espionage charges against Makhoul and Sa’id — after all the drumming of this case on their part, they would simply lose their face if they don’t. But the specific character of those charges may be anything from really serious to almost absurd (like a coffee talk with a Hizbullah man), and that’s what will make the real difference. One shouldn’t be pissed off by the mere term “espionage.”

  9. Just to bad that Israel has already lifted the gag order, so you can’t go on for too long drawing a bad, bad, undemocratic Israel.
    Too bad that the two Hisb’Allah friends Arabs are so much less ‘sexy’ than your Anat Kamm.
    Tell me something: Is that fun? Have you nothing to do? Ever thought about writing against the Iranian press suppression as a change?

      1. First of all I guess you do support censorship since you seemingly censored already two comments by me that were rightist and critical of your site. Against censorship and censoring yourself? Double standards?

        From your answer I can only understand that you don’t trust the State of Israel at all. But still, Israel is a democratic state and when it’s security agency thinks it should withhold certein informations from the public and a idenpendet court agrees to that, I see no problem with that whatsoever. The contrary: I am happy there are still some people not infected with that selfdestructing virus that has taken over your blog, and protects us from Israel’s enemies.
        Do you really don’t get it that certain publications could endanger the security of Israel of its people?
        Let’s say the police catches a member of a terrorist organization that have kidnapped 10 Israelis. The moment they would know that their friend is catchec (publication) they would kill all their hostages. So what’s so wrong about forbidding the press to go public with the arrest in this example case? Can you explain?

        1. Are you suggesting Makhoul kidnapped 10 Israelis or something? If not, just get out of here with your imaginary ‘examples’. You are just trying to divert the discussion to your fantasies.

          1. Nope, you seemingly just don’t know how you make universal arguments. Mr. Sivlerstein here on this blog seems to claim that always Israel issued some kind of gag order, it is a bad thing and a democracy should not do such things, where is the freedom of press etc. etc. A very absolutist standpoint, knowing no exceptions just a universal: ‘Gag orders are always bad.’ Maybe that’s not really the way Mr. Silverstein thinks, but this kind of spirit lives in his articles. So I challenged such an absolutist standpoint with an extreme example that would let a total argument of ‘Gag order always bad’ look silly in order to get his reaction.
            I do NOT suggest that ‘nice’ Mr. Makhoul has done that, but he also can endanger Israel or Israelis in other ways that ask for a gag order.

    1. Richard just hate the state of Israel and no matter what happen he will write hate post against it.
      I never saw a post about Iran regime or Lebanon or even Hamas.

      He is pure racist.

      1. Menash, your ‘never’ apparently means something like ‘ since yesterday’. You are obviously very new here. Please search the archives.

        1. Search archives?
          You kidding right? Take a look at past few months posts and find one post pro Israel.
          Nothing right?

          He has one side only. Against Israel.
          It doesn’t matter that Palestinians educate their kids to kill Jews.
          It doesn’t matter that Muslims in Eygpt or Lebanon are educated that Jews are less then dogs.
          It doesn’t matter that Hizbulla TV show and happy when Israelis are being murdered.
          It doesn’t matter that Iran wants to do a second holocust to the Jews.

          Where are the posts about those issues?

          Israel is not innocent, but what would the US do if Mexico start shooting rockets to LA everyday?

          One terror action in NYC back in 2001 send the US to a war in Afganistan. Look at the mirror first!

          1. I am not going to search the archives for you. You could learn a lot by reading through the past posts yourself.
            As to the example of Mexico shooting rockets to LA: Maybe Mexico would, if 70% of their population descended from people who had been thrown out LA 60 years ago (70% of Gazans descend from people who were thrown out of Israel, did you know?), or if the US had built a wall on Mexico’s territory. Even though I (and Richard too) condemn these attacks, it is important to understand that they do have a historical background.

            I do not need to look in the mirror. I am not American but most importantly: I thought (as many Americans do) that the US war on Afghanistan was wrong. Some people criticize their own country. To tell such people to look in the mirror is totally unnecessary.

    2. Mr. Becker,
      I totally agree with you.
      Richard motivation is driven from hate.
      I’m feeling sorry about him. Hammas should recruit this guy to their troops, he might consider being a suicide bomber and kill some Israelis.

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