13 thoughts on “Gary Bauer Launches Keep Israel Safe, Attacks Obama for ‘Coddling’ Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Tell the White House that keeping Israel safe helps keep America safe”

    That sound more like a threat than anything else.

  2. What a lot of hooey and heavy duty hasbara. Obviously the Republican attempt to sabotage midterm elections, painting Obama as wimpy. It’s got Dick Cheney and Co. written all over it.

    The announcer in the video should at least have pronounced “Mahmoud” properly.

    1. News for you, sweetie. I am adamantly opposed to Obama. He is not much more than an extension of George W. Bush’s hideous policies, with a few exceptions. And he is a Democrat, which I used to be until I discovered how many Zionists are members of the Democratic Party.

  3. Obama doesn’t need to be painted as “wimpy.” He IS wimpy! He doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. He is the least qualified President in the last 100 years or more. He ran on a platform of “hope and change” and, boy, are we getting a bunch of socialist change, but no real hope.

  4. I feel a combination of anger and sorrow reading this comments. I know this site is for those of a different persuasion, yet, I always feel compelled to read a wide scope of opinion on any given political issue. Coming here,
    and reading these comments, however, leaves me stunned.

    If you folks don’t see what is coming down the road all I can do is repeat the old AA adage about accepting what I can not change. How any Jew in their right mind can excuse Obama for the way he treated Israel’s P.M. is beyond my capacity. We have a very serious situation with Iran and the entire middle-east. As a Jew I am very grateful for Christian friends like Gary Bauer, who works tirelessly to Help Israel and the Jewish people . And he bravely advocates for Israel in spite of the nasty feedback he gets from people like you.

    Without a strong friendship with America’s Christians as well as Jews, Israel will surely perish. But that seems to be of no consequence to you people. It’s very clear to me, after reading your collective responses, that many Jews have not learned one blessed thing from W.W.II and the rise of a rabid strain of anti-Semitism in post Weimer Germany. Your level of ignorance, especially being ignorant of who you are, sets the stage for the next morbid chapters in Jewish history that are sure to follow.

    For the like-minded followers & fellow travelers of richardsilverstein.com; it’s time to light the Kaddish candles.

    1. “Your level of ignorance, especially being ignorant of who you are, sets the stage for the next morbid chapters in Jewish history that are sure to follow.”

      Scaremongering and fearmongering is the cornerstone of all Neocon ideology.

      Reading you post was a painful exercise for me. I’m allergic to Neocon blather. There’s not a rational thought in there, just loads of Aipac propaganda.

      Here’s a much wiser, saner interpretation of reality:


      1. Kalea, that is an interesting article that you cite, but there is nothing in it that proves the author’s assertions that the Iranians would not attack Israel with the bomb should they build it. There are no facts in that link. It is opinion. Unfortunately, I am not willing to concede the increased risk of thermonuclear war on mere opinion.

  5. When the dream-cloud settles and the phony peace future is exposed, the dream-weavers will kiss the feet of those of us who cling to reality and learn the lessons of history. You said nothing about the ad, just usual left wing dribble bowing to the Temple of Obama. Frosty7530 is right. If you don’t wake up to the reality of what is coming down the pipe you will sadly wake up one day on the wrong side of history.

  6. I certainly hope that what is coming down the road is a more balanced U.S. attitude to the Israel/Palestine situation. The status quo has been advantageous for Israel for far too long, for which the Palestinians have paid a heavy price. But the times they are a changin’, and America can no longer afford to stay on its reckless path vis-a-vis Israel. Israel continues to lose support worldwide, and for many who for decades bought into Israel’s claims of eternal victimhood, the blinders are finally coming off.

    And I, as an American (my religion being of no importance here) in my right mind, applaud Obama for letting Netanyahu know that giving the finger to our President has happened too often and is not acceptable.

  7. Why is it that for some people, “balance” means “pro-Israel”? And why do some believe that criticism of Israel’s policies equals being either an anti-Semite or a “bad Jew”?

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