10 thoughts on “Israel Lobby: How to Stop Iran Nukes? Stop Using Oil – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The funny thing is that USA has deliver Israel the oil they need in time of crisis after the agreement made after peace with Egypt. So Israel and its “tentacles” in USA can bully how ever much they want, USA is obliged to take care of the consequences (and pay the bills). Israel is no good example in using environmental friendly energy despite their heavy propaganda and unjustified self bragging. Even with nuclear energy Israel uses it almost solely for weapon production. A real good “moral” example for the world.

    Israel has contributed much to the oil’s price peaks. Trouble Israel creates in the region has meant in the past and will mean in future more gold in the coffers of Arab and Iranian rulers and international oil companies. To build a non oil dependent new world “order” will take decades in the best case. The Jewish lobbies know that perfectly well but the continue repeating this stupid propaganda.

    Maybe Arab and Muslim lobbies should start a campaign
    “Help in making USA again a sovereign country and end religious apartheid in Holy Land. Stop eating mini tomatoes, stop using ecstasy and do not buy diamonds.”

  2. Nah, the govt. of Steve Harper ( who depends a lot on the pro-Israel Canadian lobby to get re-elected ) will open the gates to the US at the expense of its own citizens (sarcasm)

  3. The US gets most of its oil from the Alberta tar sands. Eastern Canada has to get its oil from the Middle East, including Iran.

    If the US quit all its Middle Eastern suppliers, it would have to get even more of its oil from the tar sands, forcing Canada to buy more from the Middle East.

    So where does that get us?

  4. RE: “…Then of course there’s Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. We’ve been sucking up his oil far too long…” – R. Silverstein
    MY COMMENT: Fear not, the “red Chinese” are coming to the rescue!
    SEE: Hugo Chavez moves to diversify sale of Venezuelan oil away from US refineries, By Dan Molinski and John Lyons (WSJ), The Australian, 04/19/10
    (excerpt)…CHINA has promised to lend $US20 billion ($21.6) to Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez said over the weekend, underscoring the Asian giant’s push to deepen ties with oil-rich nations in the developing world.
    The credit – which Mr Chavez said ranks among China’s biggest foreign loans ever – shows the growing importance of oil in China’s energy mix, and the lengths that the fast-growing nation is willing to go to secure it.
    Once a net oil exporter, China is now the world’s third biggest oil importer.
    Mr Chavez, an outspoken US adversary in Latin America, has long grumbled that the US remains the biggest buyer of Venezuelan crude. The loan is a boost to his efforts to diversify sales of the major oil exporter away from US refineries….
    ….Mr Chavez said the money will be used to build new power plants, highways and other projects and would be repaid with Venezuelan crude oil. The countries also formed a joint venture to develop an oil field in Venezuela’s eastern Orinoco region….
    ….The White House declined to comment on China’s loan to Venezuela and the State Department didn’t respond to requests for comment….
    SOURCE – http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/news/hugo-chavez-moves-to-diversify-sale-of-venezuelan-oil-away-from-us-refineries/story-e6frg90x-1225855441105

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this article! Does this mean Israel’s going to stop flying its F-16’s over Southern Lebanon and Gaza?

    After all, the war machine’s a real gas guzzler!

    1. Yeah! Maybe they’ll develop zero emission tanks & fighters? Planes running on solar power? Maybe they can develop Green missiles (not as in Muslim Green, but earth Green) fueled organically & sustainably!!

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