10 thoughts on “Burning Obama – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. first time i have ever heard of this custom

    the only thing i have done on lag b’omer around the bon fire was to drink beer…for it is a happy time…when rabbi akiva’s students stopped dying.

    i really dont know of anyone else who participates in the burning of anyone in effigy, despite what the guy in the above referenced article says.

  2. Richard, did you report abuse on facebook? What are your thoughts on this?

    As for Jewish sensitivity, I agree. Not to mention there’s no equating Barack Obama , whatever your opinion of him may be (I personally think he’s a refreshing change after dubya), with Hitler. You just can’t compare an American President with Hitler. And yes, hate kills.

  3. “Today the enemy of Israel, even though he does not pretend to be an enemy of Israel, is Barack Hussein Obama.”

    So what they are saying is that although Obama does not act in a way intended to make people believe he is an enemy of Israel, that he is in fact an enemy of Israel.

    Is that some convoluted thinking or what?

  4. In my opinion Obama has not made any groundbreaking moves in order to rein in Israel on the occupation and illegal activities thwarting peace. Even H.W. Bush attempted to go further than Obama, had he not been embroiled in the Gulf War.

    That’s why I think depicting Obama as the enemy of Israel is merely a strategy meant to box in Obama and curtail his momentum on this issue, and because Obama is in a precarious first term, he won’t dare stray too far from the norm and risk losing a second term.

    The truth is that no President since John F. Kennedy has had the political will or courage to confront Israel. Jimmy Carter tried to get an effort going but unfortunately we all know what happened on the Israeli side with Rabin.

    I believe Palestinians are on their own. This is why BDS is so important. What else have they got? They’re certainly not going to get to far with protests where dozens get arrested, and many are injured and even killed. It helps to have Israeli Jews and foreigners in those protests though. Palestinians need everyone’s support and help to push for a world-wide movement because I doubt this Administration will get very far with their present initiative which is pretty lukewarm.

    Of course trying to swing American public opinion into the Palestinians’ corner will help Obama risk adopting a tougher policy towards Israel, but time is of the essence in this regard.

  5. I don’t know how big or small a minority they are in Israel but the fact that they exist is scary enough.

    What are the trends? What role will they play in the political system and how will their overall influence develop in society in the future? Will they still be just a small minority in a few years from now, considering their efforts to ‘educate’ children?

    1. Their birth rate is huge & far surpasses secular Israelis. Plus the latter are more likely to emigrate than the former. Israel, I’m sorry to say is becoming a more right wing, more religious society demographically & politically.

  6. I suggest you qualify Rino Tzror for being a top left-wing journalist personality and not just the generic ‘correspondant’. A couple of weeks ago, he went after the Haredim as well ans painted a skewed picture that 33% of them were lying about studying in the kollels.

    1. Did Rio Tzror force the Kahanist he interviewed to say the horrific things he did? Did the Kahanist say them only because Tzror is a leftist? Did Tzror lie about anything the interviewee said? Puh-leeze. Gimme a break.

  7. “I would’ve thought Jews, of all people, might be a bit more sensitive to the idea of burning people (even in effigy) given our history.”

    Oh. come on, that was the old Jew. Israel’s New Jew is ready to stand toe-to-toe with the whole world and duke it out. Listen Gentiles, has your two-bit, one-horse, no-account denomination got atomic bombs with crosses on them? I didn’t think so you three-time losers! But just look over there and see those bombs with the Star-O’-David on ’em? Get the picture? That’s right, baby, us National Hebrews is playin’ in the big leagues now!

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