18 thoughts on “Ron Kampeas Breaks Anat Kamm Story in Jewish MSM – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard: you misunderstood (or unaware of) the legal and practical context under which the Israeli military censor works in practice. Here is the root of your misunderstanding.

    The censor, while a military unit, is in many ways–legally and practically–a semi autonomous body in its security review. His decisions should reflect pure security considerations, not the organizational interests of any oif the security agencies. More specifically, and based on the 1989 Schnitzer ruling in the Suprme Court, the censor should ban only information that consitute “near certainty” of major damage to Israeli national security. Anything below this bar, including highly classified documents, should be clear, independently of their original high classification.

    1. Thanks for the corrections & clarifications & of course your knowledge of these matters is far better than my own. As for Supreme Court rulings, it would be wonderful if they were actually honored. We can see that this is often not the case.

  2. Also, as a matter of accuracy, my own harrassment was NOT committed by the GSS, General Security Service (what you call old fashionedly Shin Bet, this acronym is dead for decades), but rather by the MALMAB, מלמ”ב, the super secretive agency in charge of security and secrecy of the defense establishment (including the nuclear establishment). In fact, the GSS apparently opposed to the way MALMAB chief then, Yechiel Horev, ran his campaign against me.

  3. Tesler was never Anat Kamm’s boss or editor, in Walla or anywhere else. Nothing you couldn’t find out in a simple check.

    1. I was told he was by a knowledgeable Israeli. You haven’t provided any evidence otherwise. If you can show that what you claim is true I would be interested. But merely claiming something is true w/o providing any support for yr claim isn’t sufficient.

      UPDATE: I just checked Tesler’s bio and you appear to be right. He’s a Maariv editor and appears not to have been Kam’s editor (unless he moved to Maariv recently & worked previously at Walla). My confusion was caused by what was perhaps an error introduced in the first Hebrew report I read at Indymedia Israel which said this: ת קם, כתבת ערוץ “ברנז’ה” בוואלה, יוצאת לחופשה

      Tesler’s bio says this: עורך ערוצי nrg ברנז’ה
      (pardon the scrambled Hebrew above, my text editor doesn’t seem to understand which direction Hebrew words/characters should display)

      I assumed that ‘Branja’ was a single media outlet & that Tesler must’ve been Kam’s editor there. I didn’t realize that either Indymedia made a mistake in saying she worked for Branja, or that two media outlets could have departments w. the same name.

      At any rate, your criticism is misdirected. Instead of nitpicking over realtively small details, you might want to ask yrself why the Israeli press hasn’t had the balls to report this story & break the gag order or arrange for it to be broken by a foreign journalist earlier.

      1. “Branja” is a generic name for all the media covering sections. There’s one in NRG (which is the israeli newspaper Maariv’s website, where Tesler works), one in Walla (where Anat Kamm was working) and there are more sites of that kind.

        About your criticisim on my criticism: you have no idea what is going on in Israel. You may read hebrew, but you are not connected enough in order to learn all the details about this story. That’s why there are so many factual errors in all of your posts regarding Kamm’s matter. Maybe you should wait for the story to go public in Israel and stop speculating and inventing stuff.

        1. My strong gut feeling is that Kayla knows what she is talking about. I second what she said. Feel free Kayla to write me in privacy and it will remain private, via Facebook or otherwise. chag Sameach to all.

          1. My strong gut feeling is that Kayla is Anat Kam or a “friend” of hers. And if she is, then she has her own agenda I’m afraid. I would understand that except that again, if it is Anat, she’s not being transparent about any of this.

        2. Instead of being snippy, you might’ve conveyed the info about Branja w/o the extra attitude. As for not being connected or knowing the details of the story, if Israel were a true democracy and had a true free press you wouldn’t need people like me. Until that happens, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me. I’m not prepared to wait till hell freezes over or Israeli editors get balls to report this.

          I’m happy for you to point out any factual errors you find. A more reasonable, tempered person would understand that given the unwillingness of the Israeli press to do their job & the hostility of the victim in this case to disclosure that I’m doing the best that I can under less than ideal journalistic circumstances.

          What have I invented? Stop talking stupid. You actually write very like other intemperate statements I’ve read by Anat Kam & I wouldn’t be surprised if you were though your IP doesn’t match up w. previous ones you’ve used (which means very little).

  4. The 1st Israeli mainstream media to publish the story (quoting JTA) was Israel Radio Arabic Service on Sunday morning:
    Then it was circulated in several Palestinian websites, notably Maan news agency:
    And several websites in the Arab world, notably Bahrain’s news agency:
    I think that the story will be published on Monday morning in Arab newspapers.

  5. Of course Avner is more knowledgeable on censorship issues, but still there are many things censored in Israel that do not harm the security.
    I would say that the ruling of the Supreme Court is a theory that is sometimes implemented.
    I’ll give just one famous example. There are classified parts of the famous Agranat report on the Yom Kippur War. I don’t believe that any “national security” is endangered.
    Another example: In the Manbar case there are highly classified parts. I don’t believe that the issue at hand is “national security”.
    I think that sometimes the censorship is liberal and sometimes it isn’t.

    1. Shraga: The release of the Agranat Commission is not determined by the censor; it is a decision of a ministerial committee. After their decision, the censor takes a final look, but their role is limited. to the best of my knowledge, the Manbar case falls under gag order, tzav issur pirsum צו אסור פרסוםת not cenosr’s ruling. Apart of the nuclear issue, the censor is quite liberal on truly most issues. And this is the reason why on most legal issues, such as now the Anat Kam/Uri Blau affairs, the ban is not via the censor but rather a legal gag order.

  6. it would be a lot healthier instead of nit picking what arcane law Israel has to go about keeping terrorist alive, even when he shouldn’t, you reported something useful.

  7. Kamm is a young brine washed liberal. And as a soldier she committed the most inexcusable crime of betraying other soldiers, serving their country in very dangerous job.
    And your theoretical discussion can nor justify her behavior.
    Note, her country is in danger as no other country in the world.

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