9 thoughts on “EEOC Finds Bias in NYC Firing Arab School Principal, Almontaser – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, if you recall, the Jewish community not only remained silent but one of them, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, actually was a force in closing down the school, claiming it would foment terrorism or some such nonsense. Sadly, no one stepped forward to silence his hate speech.

    Congratulations to Debbie Almontaser for her victory.

  2. "the department had discriminated against Ms. Almontaser, a Muslim of Yemeni descent, “on account of her race, religion and national origin."

    Gee – ya THINK?! And does anyone REALLY believe that it was mere coincidence that the city chose to replace her with an Ashkenazi Jew who has no connection and no knowledge whatsoever of Arabic language, Arabic history, or Arabic culture?

    And just to clarify a few things:

    Madrasa , مدرسة, which is NOT pronounced muDRAAAAAASuh, but MEDrasa, is nothing more and nothing less than the Arabic word for – get ready for it! – school. All over the Arab world children go to madrasa every day where they learn reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, history, science – exactly the same stuff children learn in madaris مدارس – plural of madrasa – all over the world. Christian children go to madrasa, Jewish children go to madrasa, Yezidi and Sabaean, Zoroastrian, and even atheist children go to madrasa. There are state run and private secular madaris, Christian madaris, Jewish madaris, and yes, there are also Muslim madaris.

    So, when the bigots shouted "stop the madrasa", what they were saying was "stop the school".

    Kahlik Gibran, for whom the school is named, was not a Muslim. He was, in fact, a Catholic from the Maronite sect. Maronite Catholics are found mainly in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine (most of the Palestinian Maronites were expelled or fled in 1948 and the years following). This fact and its significance seem to have been lost on the racists and bigots who forced Debbie Almontaser out of the school she conceived and founded.

    Intifada is a perfectly respectable Arabic word, and her explanation was spot on.

  3. "The democratic system worked."

    I wouldn't go that far. This is a victory for decency, but only after she was forced out of her job because the local political establishment caved in to racists and jerks (apparently including the head of the teacher's union). The system failed miserably–it will redeem itself if she is reinstated or receives a massive wad of cash in compensation, or preferably both.

  4. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc9zj9_bill-mahe

    And Shirin, your comments are funny. Yeshiva basically means "house of study" as well in Hebrew. Connotations are what connotations are, regardless of your (thoroughly amusing) far-left create-discrimination-where-there-is-none fury.

    Additionally, if the school is just about the Arabic LANGUAGE, then it shouldn't matter whether the person in charge is a hijab-wearer or not.

    I wouldn't call victory just yet – let's see how the court reacts. Best case scenario, she gets compensation for her previous loss – I wouldn't call that victory by a long shot.

    1. if the school is just about the Arabic LANGUAGE, then it shouldn’t matter whether the person in charge is a hijab-wearer or not.

      So let’s see…you think it’s a fine idea to have an Ashkenazi Jew as principal of a school that teaches Arabic langugage and culture. While you say it’s fine to fire the Arab woman who founded the school. The fact that you focus on the fact that she wore a hijab as if that was the only thing important about her is racist, offensive & shows your bad faith. BTW, would you advocate an Arab w. no specific knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish identity become principal of a Jewish/Hebrew/Israel-focused public charter school like Steinhardt in NY or the one in Florida? The day you say you’ll publicly advocate for that will be the day I’ll stop calling you a hypocrite.

      I wouldn’t call that victory by a long shot.

      When the EEOC rules in yr favor in a clear, unvarnished way as this opinion proves, you have won a BIG victory. She will use this ruling to advance a civil case against the district which will be forced to compromise. I’m betting she also wins her job back. I know it would annoy the hell out of you, which is only one of many reasons I’m rooting for her.

    2. Ah, Shira, it is so cute and clever the way you try to insult while showing yourself to be an ignorant clown.

      Whatever Yeshiva “basically” means, a Yeshiva is, in fact, an Orthodox Jewish virtually exclusively male institution of religious study usually undertaken in preparation for the rabbinate. That is not a “connotation”, that is what it actually is. Madrasa, on the other hand, does not “basically” mean “school”, it actually means school and a madrasa actually IS a school, as in the place children go to learn secular academic subjects such as language, mathematics, history, science, and so on. It has no other “connotation” except in the minds of ignorant bigots like you.

      Your fascination with Islamic fashion and hijab in particular is adorable. Do you really think this is about hijab, or were you just trying to show off that you know that word? More to the point, if the school is about Arabic LANGUAGE, don’t you think it should matter whether or not the principal, faculty, and staff actually know Arabic LANGUAGE? And by the way, it is not JUST about Arabic LANGUAGE, but also about Arabic culture and history. And as I pointed out before, the school is named after a Christian Arab.

      And since you have shown such an interest in Islamic fashion, you can fashion THIS, and THIS. Oh – and you might consider sharing these links with your co-bigot, Bill Mahr.

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